Wiz Light Stuck on Initiating Connection – Troubleshoot Your Wiz Light!

wiz light stuck on initiating connection

A straightforward and practical entry point into the smart lighting market is Philips Wiz bulbs. These bulbs are simple to set up using the Wiz app because they don’t need a hue bridge, as well as are immediately linked to your residence’s Wi-Fi network. But occasionally, things fail to function as planned, and you could run into the “Wiz light stuck on initiating connection” problem.

You may learn about the causes of this problem and solutions in this post. Discover the procedure for resetting all of the Wiz lights, and you’re done.

Can you Use WiZ Lights without WiFi?

Yes. Since Wi-Fi is required to set up the lights, after they are all put correctly, you can still operate them outside it.

The application for mobile devices may communicate with adjacent Wiz Lights using Bluetooth, although the range is relatively constrained because the signals generated by Bluetooth do not have that much range.

In order to be able to manage all of the Wiz Lights regardless of whether the Wi-Fi is downward, you may optionally buy the optional powered batteries Wiz Remote.

Most of the time, smart lights continue to function even without Wi-Fi. Along with being connected to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity allows bulbs to interact with your mobile device’s app.

The protocol used for communication is the method through which they communicate. Therefore, protocols include Wi-Fi, Zigbee (hub), as well as Bluetooth systems. As a result, if Wi-Fi or Zigbee prove inoperable, Bluetooth protocol provides an additional choice.

Why is Wiz Light Stuck on Initiating Connection?

The following are a few causes of Wiz lights failing to connect. 

A Network-related Problem Exists

The Wiz lamp can have problems joining your computer’s network when the signal from your wireless router is poor, or your link to the internet is unreliable.

The Issue with Outdated or Upgraded Hardware

Two instances are involved. One of them has out-of-date firmware that hasn’t been updated. After you’ve upgraded the firmware, there’s still a problem. You might either have to wait for an upgrade to address the problem or go return to the prior version in this situation.

Hardware Malfunctions with Lights

After you try ways to solve the problems, the Wiz lights frequently start working again. They may, however, fail under specific circumstances. They could be defective, and that might be the cause.

How to Fix Wiz Light Stuck on Initiating Connection?

Disconnect the Wiz lighting out of the Wiz app, restart the illumination bulb, and then attempt to rejoin the internet to solve the problem. To add devices successfully, make sure that your wireless connection is strong and steady.

  • Choose the light with the app.
  • Locate the “Delete” button by scrolling downward and clicking it.
  • To authorize your activity, select “Ok”.
  • To remove all the light bulbs, continue the procedure.

When you have your lights arranged by rooms, enter the room, pick a light, and then scroll downwards to eliminate it.

We may then reset the lights and link them through your house’s network after removing the device from the app. Try syncing the bulb with the Wiz app now.

The only way to repair the problem and rejoin the Wiz lighting is to perform a complete reset and manually enter the pairing state once it becomes stuck on starting connection throughout pairing.

How to Fix Wiz Lights Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

How to Fix Wiz Lights Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Properly Connect WiZ Lights

  • Go to “Add Room” on your mobile device and press it.
  • Set a title for the setup and select the space type.
  • Select “Lights” for the gadget’s type.
  • Watch for the lightbulb to be found after entering your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Test by connecting to the lightbulb.

Let’s try a different strategy in case your WiZ light is still incapable of connecting.

Bring WiZ Nearer the Router

Move the WiZ light fixture closer to the internet-connected device and try connecting the two devices again. Twelve to fifteen meters is the optimum distance between your light and the router. Verify once more that the bulbs are appropriately inserted into the newly created light slot.

  • Switch off and on the network router.
  • Head over to the router for your network.
  • Determine the location of the device’s power adaptor.
  • The power supply should be cut off from the adaptor.
  • To fully discharge the gadget, wait 5 minutes while it is on standby.
  • Connect your network router’s connection again.
  • Verify that the problem has been resolved.

Install WiZ App Again

Access the storage container on your mobile device.

  • Search for the WiZ program using the application section’s search function.
  • Once you’ve found the app, click “Info” or “App settings”, depending on the platform you’re using.
  • Select “Uninstall” from the menu, then wait for the program to be removed.
  • Then launch your device’s Google Play or App Store application.
  • Enter “WiZ” into the search bar.
  • Click “search” and save the first result that appears on your monitor.
  • Try it.

WiZ Lights Complete Reset

There’s one more approach to try before we finish up if none of our ideas have been able to assist you thus far; the factory reset.

You will need to link the bulb once more when the reset is finished, just like when you download the app anew. So, the first step in fixing WiZ lights that won’t connect is to set things up correctly.

When they aren’t going to connect, try moving the lights towards your router’s network connection and checking to see if there isn’t a persistent internet issue. To fix the issue, reinstall the WiZ program.

How to Hard Reset Wiz Lights?

All you have to do to restore it to its original state is take it out of the program and perform a few power cycles. The gadget can be associated with the smartphone app once again after being reset.

All you have to do is take the smartphone out of the mobile app. Reset the bulbs by turning them on and off five times following that. Be cautious to give the lights a couple of seconds to fully dim before switching them back on.

The WiZ lights need to commence to pulse with a bluer glow once you turn them on five times in the ideal scenario. You can link the gadget with your mobile device once again once this indicates that its firmware has been reset.

Contacting a WiZ support specialist is an excellent option if, for whatever reason, you’re still having parking issues.

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