Why Does My Music Stop When I Open Facebook? [SOLVED]

Why does my music stop when I open facebook

Sometimes you feel like scrolling through your wall listening to your best-loved lyrics and rhythms after a busy day at work. But have you realized that it won’t work? Why does my music stop when I open Facebook? Have you ever looked for answers to this irritating question?

We will continue the article by giving you a complete guide on the reasons why your phone stops music whenever you try to log in to Facebook. We all know the pain when our phone does not want to support our desire. The reason may be on the hand of your phone or else on the side of the Facebook app that you are going to open.

What Happens When You Open Facebook App While Playing Your Playlist?

The Facebook app presents videos, and it needs sound access. As the microphone controls are permitted for the Facebook app, when you try to log in to a piece of playing music, it will lower the sound or stop completely, making you so annoyed. 

Not only facebook any app that has sounds will act as a barrier to your ultimate relaxation or me-time. If you are using an apple phone, you could have experienced this several times, and maybe now you have given up the mission. If so, it is time to cheer up because you have finally found the solution for the matter that drives you bonkers!

Why Does My Music Stop When I Open Facebook?

A facebook time after finishing the lot you had on your plate surely should be everyone’s favorite re-energizing. You will admit that sometimes a lovely song within your taste is also such a calming energizer. What if these two combined? It will be a heaven-like feel when you are lying down on your couch enjoying a cup of coffee.

Don’t lose hope if you are an apple user. Both Apple Music and facebook have high capacities of data, and when trying to perform actions on both at the same time, it will cause lagging in your phone sometimes. 

Here are some tips we can use to improve the relationship between your apple phone’s music and the Facebook app. Try the following if your music lowers the sound when using the FB app on your iPhone.

Reinstalling the Facebook app

  • Uninstall the Facebook app on your phone.
  • Reinstall it. The intention of this step is to make sure that you are with the latest updates from the developer.
  • Don’t panic, buddies! This uninstallation will not delete your FB account and erase all the data there.
  • The updated version may present the solutions for your issue.
  • You can delete the app by going to the settings and choosing it from the list that appears in the application manager. Give the uninstall command.
  • Restart the phone before you install the app again.
  • Once you are done, clear up your Facebook cache too. 
  • Go to the settings and then to the apps and notifications. Select Facebook from all apps and go to storage and cache. Give the command, clear cache.
  • As an early precaution, you can keep your Facebook app always updated with the latest version from the play store on your android or the app store of your iPhones. 

Refreshing the Background Apps

There may be system errors that block the use of Facebook and your music at once. This may be due to opening up several apps at once. Therefore, touch on the home button, and you can find the recent tabs you opened there. Close all the apps that are unwanted for the procedure. Reopen the FB app and try playing music.

Changing the Sound Settings of Facebook

  • Go to the settings of the Facebook app. Follow the three horizontal line marks on the top right or the bottom of your screen for that.
  • Touch on the account settings and go to sounds. 
  • There you could see in app-sound.
  • You have to turn off in app-sound now.
  • Play music on your phone and try searching on Facebook again.

Restarting the Phone

Sometimes a simple restart will do! This is the first step you can follow before all these reinstallations and refreshing. You can do this as the first step, and if it does not work, then go for the rest.

Why Does Music Stop Playing When I open Facebook on iPhone?

There may be various reasons, like having an older version and the use of many apps that are not closed completely. When the in-app permission is in on your phone’s sound, and the sound of the app overlaps, the Facebook app itself has control over your microphone and sounds.

We have discussed all those issues together with the things you can do to overcome those issues in this article. You can simply follow the steps given here and adjust the same time playing while using Facebook.

How Do You Stop Facebook From Pausing Music?

You can go to settings in your Facebook app. Select account settings and go to sounds from the menu that will be popped up. There you will see that the in-app sound is turned on. Could you turn it off? Now it is alright. You can continue listening to your beloved songs or music while engaging with your Facebook activities.

If this does not work, you can try out the other methods. We have mentioned some other options and the procedure here in this article. 

 The Closure

Social engagement is a perfect me-time activity, and using Facebook for that will strengthen your bonds and common sense on things happening around you. Facebook searching has been a free time activity for a lot of people now. If you feel like hearing your favorite rhythms while you are in your profile, sometimes it may be impossible due to the overlapping that occurs.

We have described in this article why your phone does not allow those activities at one time and present several methods to overcome it. These methods are simple. So, you will not need to go to a technician and fix it. Do it by yourself, following up the correct steps that we have described.

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