Why Can’t I Vote On Instagram Polls? – Let’s Sort Out The Issue

Why Can't I Vote On Instagram

Instagram is one of the widely used social media platforms which you can use to share posts, stories, and many more. The latest update of Instagram provides many exciting features. In this article, you will learn why can’t you vote on Instagram. If you are using Instagram and searching, why can’t I vote on Instagram? By reading this article, you can gain some knowledge on it.

Like many social media networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Instagram is also an application that will allow you to socialize with people worldwide. By staying active on Instagram, you can grow your followers, through which you can get to know many people.

In this busy life schedule, we don’t get enough time to make phone calls and speak to many people. But thanks to these social media platforms, you will come across different posts which you can like and comment your view. This way you will be in contact with your friends and make several new friends. 

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When your friend and family can vote on Instagram, why can’t you vote on Instagram? If you need to know the reason and method to solve this problem, continue reading. As technology is developing daily and coming up with different trends to improve the devices and apps, Instagram also has brought several updates, which will have many new features compared to the older version.

Apart from the regular stuff you can perform on Instagram, you might have heard of Instagram polls which came in 2017. Through this poll, you can ask your followers questions and get their responses which will be pretty interesting.

Have you noticed a recent poll and found an issue when you tried to vote? Then this article will discuss the reasons why you could not vote. Read along to find the answer for why can’t I vote on Instagram. 

How To Make An Instagram Poll?

If you plan to make an Instagram poll to get the votes of your followers, then use the method given below.

  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Then go to add story and select an image or video from your gallery that you plan to display in the background.
  • Now you can see a few options in the top right corner. From that select the smiley icon. Among several stickers and other options, you can find a poll. Select poll and then type your question. 

Why Can’t I Vote On Instagram?

Sometimes you cannot reply to the polls as most people encounter such problems and often search, “why can’t I vote on Instagram.” You might know about some exciting features that Instagram provides, such as reposting a story of another account, tagging someone on your story or post, un-sending messages, creating IGTV videos, and many more.

Instagram also includes polls where you can post any question and collect the responses of your followers. Some people will not be able to reply to these types of polls. There are a few reasons why you are encountering such issues.

If you aren’t using the latest updated version of Instagram, you may encounter such a problem. If you are using the newest version and still find it difficult to reply, then you might be checking in the wrong place to find the poll sticker. Follow the steps mentioned above in the article to find the poll sticker.

Why Can’t You Vote On Instagram Polls?

  • First, check if you have any pending updates. If so, try updating your Instagram app and then try to vote. This method may fix the issue. One of the most common reasons why you can’t vote on Instagram is that you are not up-to-date. After updating the latest version, check whether you can post Instagram polls and reply to the polls of your friends. Hopefully, you will be able to do them without any problem.
  • Even if you have the latest version and if you can’t vote for Instagram polls or post your poll, then there are possibilities that you don’t have a proper internet connection. You may encounter such a problem when you have a very poor internet connection, so make sure you have a stable connection.
  • If the issue persists, try signing out of your account and then signing in again after a few seconds. This method will also help to fix the issue.
  • After trying the above methods, if you still experience this issue, try to use Instagram on another device. If the poll is working on the other device, get the help of the Instagram support team to fix the issue on your device. The support team will be able to detect the problem and fix the issue for you.

How To Participate In A Poll On Instagram?

When you know that someone is conducting a poll, you can view it by going to their account and checking the story. If someone you are following is conducting a poll, then you will get in the recent stories when you log in to your account.

You must search and check the story if you aren’t following the particular account. If a private account user is conducting a poll, you must follow the account to participate in the poll, as the story won’t be visible to those who don’t follow.

How To Participate In A Poll On Instagram?

Can You Delete The Response In A Poll on Instagram?

When you are checking your followers’ recent stories, you come across a poll. By mistakenly, you click on an option, and then you start to read the question and notice that you need to change the option.

Will you be able to change or delete your response in an Instagram poll? No, Instagram does not allow this option, so you can’t change it once you vote. Hence you must make sure you choose the correct option before voting.


We hope this article on why can’t I vote on Instagram helped you learn about  Instagram polls, why you can’t vote on Instagram polls and how to fix the issue. 

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