Whoop vs Amazon Halo – Choosing the Best Fitness Tracker!

whoop vs amazon halo

Whoop and Amazon Halo should be the ideal choices if you are looking for the perfect fitness band to track your health metrics. Both fitness bands help to analyze your stress management, heart rate, and movements effectively and track your activity with calories and the number of steps. As most of the features are equal in both, the fitness bands come with equal designs, styles, and a  convenient app to view your health metrics on the screen, so selecting one becomes a tough choice. However, figuring out the differences between the Whoop and Amazon Halo will make choosing the correct one for you easier. Thus, we will discuss Whoop vs. Amazon Halo by comparing their features and specifications in this article.

What is Whoop?

The Whoop is a fitness band to analyze your health metrics; it helps to track your heart rate, stress management, and movements, to record the number of calories burned.

The fitness band will track the calories burned through the intensity of your workout, making it convenient for fitness freaks and individuals to reduce weight. Thus, the Whoop is useful for maintaining a healthier, wholesome, and disease-free lifestyle.

The Whoop fitness band is designed with an adjustable strap and thick fabric, providing comfort when training outside. You can wear the whoop band anywhere on your arm, including the biceps or your wrists.

What is Amazon Halo?

The Amazon Halo is also a fitness band, like the Whoop, that helps track your health metrics and lead a healthy lifestyle free from diseases.

The Amazon halo is a lightweight fitness band with knitted fabric and texture and comes with a minimal slender design, suitable for both genders.

What is Amazon Halo

The band is also comfortable to wear throughout the day, sweat and water-resistant. Thus, you can wear it even while showering or swimming.

Whoop vs Amazon Halo

As stated above, most of the features and styles in Amazon Halo and Whoop are similar, making selecting one challenging. But you do not have to worry anymore because, in the following, we have compared the features between Whoop vs. Amazon Halo to find out what makes the two fitness bands different.

  • Features

The features of a fitness band have a huge influence when selecting the right one for you. Both Whoop and Amazon Halo can track your health metrics, including heart rate, movements, and sleep analysis. But the Whoop does a better job as it is designed with more features to track your fitness level.

As stated, the Whoop fitness band has more advanced features than the Amazon Halo, as it can accurately track biometric data, heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation levels, breathing rates, and sleeping REM cycles. Whoop also has features to efficiently estimate your skin temperature by recording the strain levels, recovery, and sleep scores.

The Amazon Halo, in contrast, can determine your body fat percentage through the app using the phone camera, which helps to measure the BMI more accurately. The Amazon Halo also has an insightful app providing users with more enlightening fitness tips, including healthy recipes and menus.

Though the Amazon Halo tracks your movements according to the intensity, steps, and heart rate, they do not have features to calculate advanced healthy metrics like  HRV (Heart Rate Variabilities), respiratory rates, or blood oxygen saturation levels.

Thus, the Whoop is ideal if you are looking for a fitness band for serious weight loss or health issues because it has advanced features. In comparison, the Amazon halo is ideal for maintaining a healthy and disease-free lifestyle.

  • Battery Life

Since both Amazon Halo and Whoop are rechargeable fitness bands powered through a battery pack, it is essential to find out how long they last. Fitness bands are made to wear throughout the day and track your movements, so battery life is an important feature to consider.

The Whoop and Amazon Halo can run up to a week after being fully charged, but the usage also determines the battery life. Hence, when you turn on the Tone Analysis feature, the Amazon Halo lasts only two days maximum. 

The significant battery feature in the two fitness bands is that the Amazon Halo takes less than 90 minutes to charge completely, while the Whoop comes with a water-resistant battery pack.

  • Water Resistance

If you are a person who engages in water sports like swimming, you will need to find the ideal fitness band that is water-resistant. Thus, when comparing Amazon Halo and Whoop, both are water resistant, but the resistance levels differ. Because the Amazon Halo can water resist up to 5 ATM, but the maximum resistance of the whoop is only 10 ATM maximum.

  • Membership

If you want to access the premium features in the two fitness bands, they include extra charges for the membership. When comparing the two fitness bands,  Amazon Halo offers the user a 12-month free trial plan and will charge $3.99 monthly after the free trial. While the Whoop fitness band is free, when you subscribe to a premium account, you will have to pay $30 per month; if you get a 12-month subscription, you can save $5 each month, and a 24-month subscription will only cost $480.

  • Design

The Amazon Halo and Whoop come in knitted strap styles and are comfortable fitness bands throughout the day. Since both are adjustable bands, it fits your wrist well, even during an intense workout. However, the Whoop has a thicker fabric, while the Amazon halo is lightweight, slender, and minimal unisex.

  •  Price

The budget also impacts when buying a fitness band to find out if they are worth the cost and fit the budget. Thus, comparing both fitness bands, the Whoop costs between $25 to $50, while Amazon Halo costs up to $34.

Whoop vs Amazon Halo: What to Choose?

Considering the compared features, differences, and similarities between the two fitness bands, it makes it evident that both are effective fitness trackers in different ways.

The Whoop is an ideal fitness track if you are focused on finding more detailed and accurate health metrics for serious health issues and improving your health drastically.

While the Amazon Halo is a regular fitness band with standard features tracking your health metrics to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thus, what to choose between Whoop vs. Amazon Halo depends on the individual’s preferences and needs.

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