What is Samsung Android Dialer? – All You Need To Know 

What is Samsung Android Dialer?

One of the things android users today are freaked out by is the com Samsung android dialer application on their mobile phones. There are plenty of questions, misconceptions, confusion, and reservations in the community about this attention-grabbing app. So what is the Samsung android dialer? What exactly does it do, and what is its purpose?

Com Samsung android dialer is a pre-installed application that comes in android phones. It is the default phone call app.

The app is responsible for making and receiving calls, managing contacts, and all other procedures related to communication. 

The app was introduced by none other than the Samsung Company, which has been around for years and has an unshakable brand reputation worldwide.

Yet the Samsung dialer default app is surrounded by many conspiracy theories and misconceptions, and people are literally in a dilemma about the legitimacy of the application.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will clarify all your concerns and doubts related to the Samsung dialer app. we will discuss the app, its legitimacy, and more topics awaiting an answer.

Keep reading to find out all the information you need about the app that is creating quite chaos among people.

What is Samsung Android Dialer? 

As you are already aware, it is Samsung android’s default phone call application. Without it, you will not be able to perform any calls. Let us go through what you can do using the Samsung android dialer app.

  • Making calls
  • Browsing, creating, and accessing contacts
  • Voice calling and Bluetooth calling
  • Reject or accept incoming calls
  • Access call log information (received, missed, and dialed calls)
  • Conference call
  • Merge or swap call
  • Recording incoming call
  • Hold call
  • Find caller

Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

The Samsung android caller is one of the primary applications in the phone, given its functions, and works hand in hand with the Samsung android incallui app.

Why? Because the incallui app acts as a user interface, allowing you to perform actions such as bringing up the keypad, ending a call, switching on the speaker mode, putting a call on hold, etc.

As crucial as the Samsung android dialer is, it also consumes a lot of memory space and computing resources to actively function. However, it does not take up excess space more than what is needed. 

Getting rid of the app isn’t a simple thing, either. The decision should be revised twice or thrice as it can restrict your phone activity and delete some of your data you will not want to be deleted.

Is Samsung Android Dialer Safe? 

Even though the com Samsung dialer app is default and pre-installed, people are still suspicious about the safety of their data.

It is understandable since we live in the 21st century, and cyber security is threatened more than anything else.

But the company has issued a reassurance statement that the app is very safe and legitimate. They do not share your data with any third-party resources, and the company has no access to your personal data. It is private to only the user.

This applies to the incallui apk package as well. As per Samsung’s protection policies, it highly values the privacy of its users, and no threats are posed/ found in the app.

Why has My Samsung Dialer App Stopped Working? 

Many users have freaked out when finding the Samsung android dialer app stopped functioning out of the blue.

It is not something worthy of being freaked out as the occurrence is pretty common in many applications.

What could be the possible causes of this sudden stop in functioning?

  • It can be because the application is overloaded. It can lead to corruption. Check the cache data and clear it. Leaving cache data to collect can overload the application and affect smooth and proper performance.
  • Another likely reason can be that you are on an outdated version. If the firmware is old, the functioning can get chaotic and frustrating. Look for new versions and update to get back to smooth functioning.
  • Using a third-party firmware instead of the manufacturer firmware canal can lead to such outcome in the app. opt for the stock firmware to access proper working out of the android dialer app.
  • Internal issues in the app can also hinder smooth functioning.

How to Fix My Stopped Samsung Android Dialer App? 

“Unfortunately Samsung dialer has stopped”

If that error message pops up again, here’s how you can fix it,

  • Check for pending updates and initiate updating in case of one. Un-updated apps can acct up.
  • Factory reset your device to remove any internal issues. Make sure to back up your data if you do now want to lose them. (you can back up to the galaxy cloud or Google drive)
  • Force stop the Samsung dialer app and clear all the data to remove any problem.

Your Samsung android dialer app should work fine after all these resolutions. 

If it doesn’t (which is most unlikely) or if you do not wish to use the application (even when it is confirmed to be safe and secure), you can go for a third-party application.

You can download a third-party dialing app and proceed to use that instead of the default app. 

However, beware of the safety and opt for a legitimate and secure app. by downloading and giving the app required permissions, you will be able to actively use it in place of the Samsung android dialer app.

Can I Uninstall Samsung Android Dialer App? 

Yes, you can if you want to.

You can use the system application removal tool to remove/ delete default apps from your device. Read your device’s Android Guide to learn how you can do it.


Samsung android dialer is the default dialer application on your mobile phone. It allows you to perform many functions in addition to receiving and making calls. The application is also confirmed to be safe and secure with Samsung’s strict privacy policies. With the great range of services it provides, it’s one of the best default dialer apps. 

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