What is Ecobee Eco+? Understanding Ecobee Eco+!

what is ecobee eco+

You might have witnessed a message if you use an ecobee-connected thermostat encouraging you to configure a new function called eco+. What is Ecobee Eco+?

This essay will go through how Ecobee Eco+ works and why you ought to utilize it. Learn about the functions of Ecobee Eco+ as well as how to install it. Discover which smart home gadgets work with ecobee eco+.

What is Ecobee Eco+?

Ecobee eco+ is a cost-effective and ecologically beneficial software feature that uses clean energy throughout peak times to maintain your house at a pleasant temperature.

Eco+ includes five functions that aid in this endeavor: Feels Like, Schedule Assistant, Smart Home & Away, Time of Use, and Community Energy Savings (CES).

Eco+ is a set of clever functions designed to assist ecobee intelligent thermostat customers in saving energy. According to the company, Eco+ will enhance your energy savings while improving comfort by utilizing data that includes the household’s timetable, comparative interior levels of humidity, as well as local energy consumption.

How does Ecobee Eco+ Work?

Eco+ represents one of Ecobee’s latest smart features that will assist consumers in conserving energy that is tailored to their specific needs.

  • The temperature should be adjusted. With eco+, you may change temperature settings to account for humidity.
  • Keep track of the thermostat’s frequency. Schedule Companion will assist you keep track of your thermostat’s routine.
  • Increase the efficiency of your home. The Smart Home & Away function assesses the fact that you are at home.
  • You will save both time and money. Enabling the Time of Use function can assist you in conserving cash on the price of electricity.
  • Take into account energy savings. During times of substantial demand, the Community Energy Savings (CES) function makes minor modifications to the thermostat in your home.

Why you should Use Ecobee Eco+?

Ecobee promises that activating eco+ would increase interior comfort while also maximizing savings on electricity in the following ways.

Energy Efficiency

When you have time-of-use power tariffs in your location, eco+ could precool or warm your house while prices are low. An innovative monitoring device will capture pictures of your home consumption of energy to track where it relates to other ecobee customers. You may receive monthly power reports that include useful advice.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

HVAC systems use more than half of the yearly energy usage of the average home. The majority of the grid’s electricity is still generated by fossil fuels. The less energy you use, the lower your carbon impact. Lowering your energy use can also assist in relieving the load on the area’s energy infrastructure and lessen the likelihood of blackouts as well as power outages.

What are the Features of Ecobee Eco+?

There are five main aspects of Eco+. The initial offering is Smart Home & Away, which was created prior to Eco+. It now works as part of Eco+, which makes it even quicker to identify when you’re away from home and regulates the temperature to conserve energy.

When analyzing your current schedule, Schedule Assistant connects it to occupancy trends. Ecobee thermostats use sensors to determine when occupants are present. Eco+ can map out trends whenever individuals stay at home thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

Feels Like it gauges the amount of humidity in your house and modifies your climate settings appropriately. Your house is precooled or warmed at times of abundant clean energy or when power is less expensive.

When it’s busy, an icon appears on the Ecobee dashboard to indicate if your utility provider charges by the hour. When to use energy-consuming equipment like a washer and dryer or dishwashing may then be decided.

Last but not least, Community Energy Savings is available to users of partnering utilities. During periods when the community’s usage of energy is at its highest, the option makes minor changes.

How to Set Up Ecobee Eco+

How to Set Up Ecobee Eco+?

Most eco+ members can now upgrade for no charge to Eco+.

The latest available firmware for your suitable Ecobee intelligent thermostat is required to enable eco+; this should be acquired by the software on your device immediately. You’ll get an alert when it’s prepared to set up once it’s finished.

Simply follow the instructions on your app. You will be required to supply details on your energy consumption, such as time-of-use prices. The ecobee thermostat will start improving the air conditioning system after it is finished.

Visit ecobee customer service to request that they “push” the latest version to the gadget if you are still not receiving a message.

Setting up may be accomplished by lowering the set point slightly while the electricity schedule is off-peak. It is going to be able to get warm up a little later as a result, which will be beneficial for it to be able to do so independently without taking the weather into account.

What Types of Smart Home Devices are Compatible with Ecobee Eco+?

Using the Ecobee application, you can manage your Ecobee gadgets from both Android and iOS smartphones. By logging onto the ecobee online site, you may also remotely operate your thermostat as well as view real-time statistics.

These smart home connections can be used with them as well.

Eco+ integrates into Ecobee3, Ecobee3 Lite, and Ecobee4, plus the Ecobee smart thermostat featuring voice commands. The functionality will instantly be added to every one of the above Eco+ devices that are compatible so they may begin using it.

Does Ecobee Eco+ Offer Energy Usage Reports and Insights?

Ecobee users may reduce their total energy use for climate control and heating by using capabilities including Enhanced Smart Away and Schedule Assistant, including changing thermostats for moisture.

To guarantee that customers’ homes consistently experience the temperature they selected via the thermostat, modifying the thermostat for moisture takes into account variations in interior humidity. Because of this, their house remains cozy and environmentally friendly even when the humidity is extremely high or low.

The randomized encouragement design (RED) is used by eco+ thermostats. Alongside the exception of the RED’s opt-in part, the RED is comparable to a randomized controlled trial (RCT), which is frequently employed with environmental conservation efforts, including Home Energy Reports.

Is Ecobee Eco+ Compatible with Voice Assistants?

Thermostats made by Ecobee are among the most functional and simple-to-use intelligent thermostats available today. Their eco+ technology allows for energy cost reductions.

The recently released Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium, which doubles as an audio assistant, respiratory monitor, plus security screen, is particularly well-liked by consumers.

If the thermostat stands centrally positioned, it includes two built-in voice commands (Alexa as well as Siri) and can additionally play Spotify tracks.

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