What Happens When Someone Calls You On Airplane Mode?

what happens when someone calls you on airplane mode

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What Is Airplane Mode on Mobiles?

Cell phone technology has evolved significantly during the previous two decades. These days, mobile phones include a variety of radios and functions that let you connect to a variety of gadgets. You may now access 4G & 5G networks in addition to regular calling features, for example. Furthermore, all gadgets come equipped with Wi-Fi as standard.

It can be challenging to control every radio in one go. All modern mobile phones are equipped with only an “Airplane Mode” to simplify processes and make it simple for the customer to turn on or off together all radios.

Easily by flipping a button, the airplane mode disables GPS, Bluetooth, plus Wi-Fi in addition to the mobile radio. Essentially, a tap upon that screen turns off any wireless communication features.

What Functions Does Airplane Mode Disable on a Smartphone?

The following list of features that Airplane Mode disables:

Mobile radio

Instantaneously, the link to the cellphone towers would be severed.


Once you activate Airplane Mode, the smartphone will stop searching for local Wi-Fi connections and will also cease looking for Wi-Fi connections.


Whenever you activate Airplane Mode, the smartphone’s GPS receiving capabilities also become turned off.

Why Is It Necessary To Activate Airplane Mode During Flying?

Your mobile phone is a capable handheld gadget. It releases radio signals, including electromagnetic interference (EMI), which can interact with the communications equipment on an airplane. Additionally, nobody wants a jet that can’t interact with certain systems, like air traffic management at the airport where you’re going.

Additionally, it has been discovered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that mobile towers beneath may get overrun by signal transmission from airplanes, disrupting service. Countless millions of individuals fly each day. Therefore, that would cause a significant amount of tower congestion.

Regardless of the causes or your feelings towards them, it is advisable to activate airplane mode while you are in the air as well as to heed the flight assistant’s directions.

Why Is It Necessary To Activate Airplane Mode During Flying?

What Happens When Someone Calls You on Airplane Mode?

If you are in flight mode and then someone tries to call you, your connection never connects, and it seems as though your device is off. The following will occur if you are trying to make a call while the phone is in flight mode.

  • The cell phone may sound when someone calls, and they might assume you can respond.
  • Although you won’t hear the ringtone, the client can get a message indicating you won’t be accessible.
  • Once you switch off flight mode, you will receive any voicemails that the caller has left.
  • You won’t know if someone tried to call you, whereas if the caller doesn’t have any voicemail.

To put it another way, there really is no method by that you can know that a call attempt has been made since your mobile phone’s mobile data plus Wi-Fi really aren’t operational.

The Responses You Receive When Someone’s Phone is On Airflight Mode

Whenever you attempt to reach someone, whose cellphone is in flight mode, you may receive any of the below replies.

  1. “The number you are calling is either unreachable or switched off at the moment. Please try again later.”

Whenever the SIM can’t pick up signals, this will be the default answer.

  1. “The number you are trying to reach is switched off at the moment.”

In the event that the cell phone is turned off, the caller will hear a pre-recorded message informing them of the situation.

  1. “The person you are calling is unreachable at the moment.”

Whenever the bell repeatedly rings for a long time without anyone answering, this occurs.

  1. “The person you are trying to reach is busy at the moment.”

This message could appear if the phone line is down or the individual you are attempting to reach ends the conversation.

  1. “The person you are trying to reach is on another call. Please wait, or try again later.”

If another party’s device is set to allow calls, this is feasible.

Being Contacted When On Airplane Mode

The reality that communications and texts cannot be made or received while your smartphone is in airplane mode because it restricts cellular network access doesn’t always indicate that you can’t.

In actuality, even in airplane mode, users can still get texts and calls, but you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection to do it. One would need to use one of the instant communications to take calls in order to do this.

As soon as there is an operational Wi-Fi network nearby, you may use online messaging applications without worrying about your cellular network going into flight mode. Therefore, if you’re concerned about getting calls and texts, all you need to do is ask your loved ones to reach up to you.

Recall that Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi, are still functional even in flight mode on a smartphone. To use them, turn them on directly in the phone’s settings.

Activating airplane mode in the smartphone has both benefits and drawbacks.

While the phone has been in Airplane Mode, users are not permitted to perform the following

  • Calls placed or received via a cell connection are impossible when the device is in airplane mode.
  • You cannot send or get texts via a cell connection while your phone is in flight mode.
  • While the smartphone has been in airplane mode, users cannot access the internet using mobile service.

The following activities can be performed while your phone is in airplane mode.

  • While the phone is in flight mode, users can activate the Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth.
  • You may play music by pairing any Bluetooth device with an exterior speaker.
  • Applications that make use of Wi-Fi can contact you and send you information.
  • Although if you’re playing an online platform, you may require Wi-Fi, you could still enjoy games on your mobile device with aircraft mode ON.


What happens when someone calls you on airplane mode? Said you won’t receive any calls when in flight mode. If your smartphone is in flight mode, it won’t ring.

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