What Does the Star Mean on Apple Music? (Explained)

what does the star mean on apple music

With a number of features that enable it simple to listen to and find new iTunes, Apple Music is among the most well-known streaming services offered nowadays. Star ratings are among the characteristics that distinguish Apple Music from many other streaming sites. We shall examine “what does the star mean on Apple music” in this post.

What is Apple Music?

Like Spotify, Apple Music is a paid streaming service for music, including over 90,000,000 pieces of music available. After Apple purchased Beats Electronics in 2014, which also had the now-defunct Beats Music monthly subscription, Apple Music was released in 2015.

You can view all of existing music—whether it was bought from iTunes, duplicated from such a CD, or accessed online in one location and on all different devices with the help of the Apple Music streaming service, which also lets you listen to every tune out from iTunes collection anywhere at the time. It has several functions, such as offline listening for times that you are not available, but it collects all of the songs in one location.

What Does the Star Mean on Apple Music?

The purpose of the ratings in Apple Music is to promote well-liked songs and new albums because users can stay up to date with the latest offerings. There may be a gray mark beside some tracks’ names in collections and streams.

The quantity of evaluations music has earned its reputation. When a listener is listening to that record for the initial time as well as wishes to start with the greatest or highest-rated tracks, the diamond is a helpful visual cue.

You may rate each track when you are using the music and iTunes application, are indeed an Apple Music member, or listening to any music downloads on those platforms. Based on the amount you loved a song, you may give it a rating from just one to 5-star.

Following that, Apple Music provides this information to its computers, which choose what to suggest to you in the future depending on the sound experience and musical preferences. After combining each of the rating system information, Apple determines the most famous tunes ever along a variety of albums as well as categories.

How to Star Songs on Apple Music?

You’ll find five star-shaped symbols here to correct a download option when you access the track on Apple Music. Select the desired star by clicking it. Your selection would be immediately saved, allowing you to alter it at a later point in time. Nothing is permanent.

What Makes a Song Popular on Apple Music?

The main descriptions are used by Apple Song to gauge the effectiveness of the music.


Whenever a user starts a song playing on Apple Music for further than thirty seconds, a play is logged. They give a comprehensive overview of every Play, which includes those from Apple Music broadcast stations.

Regular Daily Listeners

This average amount of distinct everyday listeners throughout the given time period is known as the average number of daily users.


Whenever a user buys any record or album from iTunes Store, purchases are registered.


Every time any Shazam application or it’s companion applications that employ Shazam technologies recognizes your music, a Shazam is logged.


Accomplishments are a collection of facts and all-time favorites for the tracks and albums that showcase Top Plays, Top Shazams, as well as the times you’ve been included in Apple Music creative playlists.

Viewed Videos

Whenever anyone listens to your video clip on Apple Music for a further over thirty seconds, a movie view is registered.

How Many Plays to Get a Star on Apple Music?

Due to their popularity, several tracks here on Apple Music player receive stars. This is subject to frequent modification, as Apple withholds the number of plays music needs to receive a star. Depending on fans’ ratings, albums can now have a maximum of five stars.

The best-known songs are among those with stars next to them within the application. The Top 25 tracks may be viewed on Apple Music anywhere at the moment and sometimes even played through as a list. However, this ranking is constantly updating.

To discover how numerous occasions their songs have already been viewed and obtain a rough estimate of the number of hits it takes to become a diamond, musicians may visit Apple Music for Musicians. Additionally, this could change depending on Apple’s statistics and may alter for each user or track.

Black Star Ratings vs Red Star Ratings

Users may rank songs and albums on a level ranging from 1 to 5-star ratings in Apple Music using the black rating system. If a track or record gets a black star review, the fan has given it a rank, but it holds no particular significance.

Red star ratings on Apple Music represent the user’s “passion” for a particular song or album. Users can utilize this to designate their favorites, whether they be songs or albums. A track or band’s rating system becomes red whenever a user press the heart icon next to it, signifying that they “love” the item.

Users can assess a recording or an album using the black star system, which ranges from one to 5-star ratings. The opposite is true if a track or record receives a red star review, which means the user “loves” it. The red star rating system signifies that a way or record is a preference, whereas black star reviews are used to score songs or albums numerically.

Albums With the Most Stars on Apple Music

Highly regarded and popular songs by well-known musicians like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Adele, and Drake, as well as the Weeknd, amongst many others, are likely to have significant ratings on Apple Music.

Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny remained the most popular album on Apple Music from November 1, 2021, until October 21, 2022, giving them the very first Latin musician to dominate the top slot. The most popular song on streaming sites worldwide in 2021 was “STAY” by Kid Laroi featuring Justin Bieber.

Remember that customer ratings are the foundation of the rating system. Its most critically acclaimed albums may only sometimes be the best-selling or even most successful ones in terms of sales.

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