What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Android Text?

What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Android Text

What does the blue dot mean on android text? We could clarify the blue dot, regardless of whether you have seen that one or have discovered it today.

Brief answer : What does the blue dot mean on Android text? When others are utilizing Samsung messaging, a blue dot appears on their messages. You may use this to discover who has seen your message and is now writing to us.

When connectivity first began, the Android texting app was less complicated. Because additional aspects have been integrated, it is very distinct now. One of these can be seen as a blue dot on select contacts symbols inside the standard app’s SMS or contact details list.

Especially relevant here are Samsung product customers. If a blue dot occasionally appears upon that text messaging app symbol for a username, you could be confused about its meaning.

What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Android Text?

Although you’d be correct in thinking that it shows whenever a person seems to be using the messaging app, that isn’t the complete picture. The dot is a visual cue that someone is currently using their messaging app.

This blue dot on this Android text application indicates that the form of contact or text writer can also transmit messages using the default messaging software on his Android device.

What Is Android RCS Chat?

RCS is a newer version designed to improve texting on Android handsets (Rich Communication Service). The Android equivalent of the well-liked iPhone or WhatsApp applications that provide consumers extra communication alternatives is RCS, sometimes referred to as Chat.

Whenever the Messaging service is not accessible, Android handsets will go back to basic texting. The blue dot would appear on a user’s contact symbol data when the connection is service-compatible. The blue dot won’t appear on contacts who don’t have the RCS Messaging platform.

The Blue Dot And RCS

A blue dot beside a user’s name denotes the presence of an RCS-compatible smartphone at some of the most basic levels. When you communicate with someone, their contact details will have a blue dot beside them when both smartphones are connected to an RCS communications infrastructure.

RCS has features including a greater character limit, the capacity to transmit and receive images and video assets with improved resolution, and check confirmations. The messaging app looks through your connections and establishes a connection to your service’s system to count the number of people in your contact list who have RCS-compatible smartphones and RCS networks.

If connections have satisfied the conditions for exchanging messages in conversation format, a blue dot is displayed next to their names. You could still message another without RCS, but you’ll only have access to the most fundamental functionalities. You could therefore do much more than transfer data ordinary messages when you see the blue dot beside connections on such a Smartphone and any other Android smartphone.

For example, it’s conceivable that account linking is allowed and the dot showing since both your online updates if another individual has a Samsung phone. When the dot displays updates from the internet, this is the situation. When another person sees the texts and then when somebody types, we would be able to stay focused on that.

How To Enable The Blue Dot  In Android Texting Contact Symbols?

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi or cellular internet on the device since the conversation & blue dot functions cannot function without an ongoing connection.
  2. Use the icon for the Android Texts application on the main screen to open it.
  3. Click the three dots symbol.
  4. Select Settings from the pop-up box.
  5. Look at the Chat options under the Messaging options.
  6. When navigating toward the Chat options page, be careful to move the switch for Talk capabilities towards the right.
  7. Select the Default communication format.

If you rarely favor messages over conversations, choose Chat.

If you want the conversation to be only utilized while you are available, choose Automatic.

  1. To let the connection know when you’ve seen their messages and information and when they’ve read your own, drag the Read notifications lever to the side.

It’s done now! You now understand more than just the blue dot on Android text. The functionality may even be toggled as often as you like.

How To Remove A Blue Dot In A Texting App?

You may remove the blue dot from the symbol of the connection on any Samsung cellphone.

  1. Select the triple dots in the text messaging application.
  2. After that, deactivate advanced messaging by selecting them. Before turning that function off, this should notify you of its advantages and disadvantages.

Once deactivated, the blue dot beside the connections should disappear.

Alternately, adhere to the instructions below.

  1. Go to Messaging.
  2. Touch on the triple straight dots in the top right corner.
  3. Choose Setting.
  4. Choose Settings for Chat.
  5. Turn off the chat features.
  6. Next, pick Default Message Type by scrolling down.
  7. Pick either text or multimedia.

What Causes Certain Messages To Be Green And Several Other Blue?

Those texts in green are periodic messages that might have been sent and retrieved without internet access. On the other side, those blue notes are conversation texts; you must be online to utilize this function fully.

Here on the Android texting messaging app, a blue messaging bubble indicates that a conversation message has been sent. It is a terrific approach to be sure the content you typed was a chat reply. The communication is an SMS if you see green or another texting-specific hue.


RCS or Chat is a new messaging system available on Android handsets with many excellent innovative capabilities. Some texting applications have indeed been upgraded to take advantage of the service, and most new Android handsets are now functional.

What does the blue dot mean on Android text? It is only a sign that indicates that another user may use Samsung messaging, and it can be found on Samsung cellphones as that of the blue dot.

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