Can You Use Visa Gift Cards On Venmo? Answered

Can you use Visa gift cards on Venmo

Venmo comes to mind when discussing a convenient and friendly app for receiving and sending money. Many Venmo users are curious whether they ‘Can you use Visa gift cards on Venmo,’ even though connecting a bank card to their accounts is a piece of cake.

Quick Response

Can you use Visa gift cards on Venmo? Yes, that is the response.


With the press of a fingertip and right from the phone, Venmo, among the popular payment processing applications for iOS and Android, can quickly send money to pals and seek their assistance. The application must be connected to a checking account, bank card, or direct debit in order for this to function, of necessity.

Simply put, Venmo is a network for transactions that enables real-time money transfers between Venmo members. The role of Venmo would be to function as a middleman for the money transfer. Venmo offers a social component in addition to being a P2P payments app. To give Venmo payments a more distinctive feel, you may specifically customize your payments with words and emoticons.

How Do You Use Venmo?

Venmo is straightforward to establish and utilize in real life. You may rapidly register for a Venmo account, after which you can transfer and receive cash from many other users.

This contactless software does, to its credit, make an effort to reduce or remove Venmo costs. Online orders, account creation, and monthly upkeep are all free of charge. For transferring money to someone through credit card transactions, there is a set cost, nevertheless.

Venmo costs for depositing cash into your account are avoided when you finance your transactions with a prepaid debit card. Except for digital Instant Transfers withdrawals, which have a minor fee associated with them, transferring money out of your account is cost-free.

Additionally, there are no charges for real-time notifications, financial records, or activity rejects because of inadequate income, real-time customer assistance, live agent support, or any other related services.

What Is A Redeemable Prepaid Card?

In terms of money, a redeemable prepaid card profile is a valuable substitute for a credit or debit card, direct debit, or bank card that is linked to your checking account. Without generating loans, interest charges, or the requirement for a checking account, prepaid debit cards act as a cash replacement for transactions.

As there is no credit associated when using a prepaid card profile, prepaid cards do not assist in improving your credit rating.

What Is A Gift Card?

Typically, the gift card would be a prepaid card once per user only that could or might not be connected to a checking account.

Can You Use Visa Gift Cards on Venmo?

According to the Venmo homepage, Venmo may connect to a variety of cards, some of which are prepaid cards. American Express, Discover, MasterCard, as well as Visa are all recognized by Venmo as valid paid or prepaid gift cards. As a result, you may add gift cards from any of the following companies to your account.

There are several restrictions upon it, as the site for Venmo makes clear. Due to a lack of money or to prevent fraud, cardholders may be refused by the card company or Venmo. Your zip code can also be necessary for some credit cards to connect to the account.

You might be able to use some gift cards exclusively at particular stores. They could object to being included as a mode of payment on Venmo. These are hence the likely causes if inserting a prepaid card will not succeed.

Certain gift cards could function flawlessly with Venmo. However, with one another, there can be complications. Now let’s get into the specifics of adding a gift card to Venmo.

How to Add a Gift Card to Venmo?

A gift card seems to be more complicated to connect to any Venmo profile than a direct bank debit, which can be linked to it relatively quickly. This is due to the wide range of gift cards that are offered in the marketplace.

Step 1 – Establish a Venmo account

Create a Venmo profile first before learning how and when to add Visa gift cards.

How to Create a Venmo Profile Using the Mobile Application?

Please read the following if users have not yet created a Venmo profile. You may use the mobile phone app with said aid of these instructions.

  1. Get the Venmo application for any Android or iPhone. It is available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.
  2. Launch Venmo from your phone.
  3. Make your setup decision.
  4. Fill up any required information about yourself and establish a password.
  5. Text and mail yourself a security code.
  6. Type in the validation codes.

How to Create a Venmo Profile On PC?

On your PC, you may also create a Venmo profile, as shown below.

  1. Start by entering into the browser on your PC.
  2. Press “Get Venmo.”
  3. Select “Personal” and then “Get Started.”
  4. Type in your cellphone number and click “Send Code.”
  5. Enter the code to confirm the data you have entered.
  6. Fill out the “Welcome to Venmo” page after entering your personal information.

Step 2 – Give the Venmo account a Visa gift card

Following the creation of the account, you may find out how to add prepaid cards to Venmo. Finish this procedure on a desktop computer or even the Venmo application.

How to Check a Prepaid Card is Compatible With Venmo Using the Venmo application?

Utilizing a smartphone app, you may check whether prepaid cards are compatible with Venmo. Use the instructions below to link any gift card.

  1. Launch the Venmo application on any Android or iPhone.
  2. To open the menus, tap on the three diagonal lines inside the bottom left corner.
  3. Click on “Settings.”
  4. Locate the “Preferences” tab and choose “Payment Methods.”
  5. Select “Add Bank / Card.”
  6. Hold out for the options to appear. Click “Card.”
  7. Type in the information on the gift card. As another option, you may scan it by clicking the camera.
  8. Select “Add.”

How to Check a Prepaid Card is Compatible With Venmo on Pc?

Try out Venmo’s card payment acceptance on any browser window by following the instructions below.

  1. Open a computer browser and navigate to
  2. Click “Sign In” after entering your password and your user
  3. Submit the necessary verification information.
  4. Input the code that you were sent by text or email.
  5. Select “Your Account.”
  6. Click “Edit Payment Methods.”
  7. Select “Add Debit or Credit Card.”
  8. Type in the information related to your payment method.
  9. Select “Add.”


Can you use visa gift cards on Venmo? Venmo offers several different ways to pay. Proper payment methods include banking, card payments, gift cards, Electronic cash, and prepaid cards that are suitable.

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