How to Uninstall CM Launcher on Android? Do You Really Want it?

uninstall CM Launcher on android

The CM Launcher comes with various helpful features for the android interface. But some of you may no longer be a fan of it due to its unnecessary interference on the device. This discussion will focus on how to uninstall the CM Launcher on android so you will be able to fulfill the task within a few clicks.

What is CM Launcher?

Basically, a launcher is a software tool to create interactions with the user interface, and there are two categories of them ‘smart’ and ‘design’. CM Launcher is a custom android launcher that contains the features of both categories and backs up the users to maintain an organized interface.

And it is easy to navigate since you will be shown some on-screen tips. This lightweight launcher can be easily downloaded for free. If you like, you can apply the in-app purchases. Then you will be able to access advanced features beyond the basics. The CM Launcher is already installed on some devices as a built-in app.

Is CM Launcher Harmful to Android?

Although the CM Launcher is good at organizing your apps and documents, there is an issue with this software. The reason why, it can act as an intermediary between your device and some harmful malware, adware, etc. therefore, you will be repeatedly asked to download some unnecessary file managers, battery savers and so on.

If you allow installing such applications, you will be unable to uninstall them if you do not root the device. And also, there is a chance that the launcher may indirectly gather the details of the users. Thus, most people do not recommend using the CM Launcher for android devices.

Despite being harmful, there are some other issues with the CM Launcher, which are common in most applications. The launcher can consume the background data without a limitation as well as the battery life of your phone.

Why is CM Browser Removed From the Play Store?

CM Launcher is software from Cheetah Mobile, China, and Chromium is its base browser. The application was first released in 2012 with the license of freeware. But it was introduced for android and iOS in 2013.

However, a security researcher, Gabriel Cirlig, published a report regarding the applications of Cheetah Mobile. Based on that, Forbes revealed that the applications of this company act as spies on the devices of its users. Thus, all the applications from Cheetah Mobile were removed from the Play Store in the month of February 2020 since they could be a threat to the personal life of users.

According to the report, Chinese servers are received encrypted data from the CM browser. Moreover, it has exfiltrated URLs and sold them to some third parties. Due to this case, the government of India has also fully banned this application and some other apps from Chinese companies.

How to Uninstall CM Launcher on Android? 

If you yourself installed the CM Launcher on your phone, it is quite easy to uninstall the app; the process is the same when you uninstall any other app. The only thing you need to do is keep pressing on the application. Then you will see a prompt called ‘Uninstall’. Click on it to uninstall the CM Launcher.

In contrast, when the CM Launcher is already on your device as a built-in app, you should follow this method.

  • On your android phone, you should open the settings first. Then choose the CM Launcher from the app list and tap on it. Then you will see all the information in the app. If you uninstall the CM Launcher on the computer, go to the home screen or app drawer. Keep pressing on the application until the inductor appears called ‘App Info’.
  • After that, two options will be appeared to choose ‘Disable’ or ‘Force Stop.’ Sometimes, you will see ‘Uninstall’ instead of ‘Disable.’
  • You need to tap on ‘Disable’ or ‘Uninstall’ to remove the app. Never click on ‘Force Stop’ because it can be harmful to the phone. Now the task is done, you can go through your android screen to check if the application has been removed.

Do Launchers Slow Down your Android? 

The applications directly affect the speed of your android phone. So, if you have installed a launcher, it might slow down the operation of your phone too. Even though you have not applied advanced features, sometimes default settings are enough to slow your android phone, especially if you have purchased a low-budged launcher from a third party.

Thus, if you are a gamer, you probably face a lack of speed on your phone because those launchers can lag the overall operation.

Does Launcher Affect Phone? 

The direct answer to this question is yes; launchers can affect the performance of the phone in a bad way. As we mentioned earlier, the phone might run slower due to a launcher. Apart from that, some kind of launchers can use the RAM (Random Access Memory) of your phone.

However, this case is only related to some low-quality launchers. If you use a high-quality built-in app, such as a BlackBerry Launcher, or Samsung Themes, you will not have to face such problems. If you use a third-party launcher, this case will surely arise because there is a chance to rob the RAM, battery life and system lags of your phone.

Therefore, it would always be better to use the default launcher that comes with the phone itself. Or else, purchase a launcher from a reliable party that is suitable for the model of your android phone.

Which is the Number 1 Launcher for Android? 

So, now you know that choosing a launcher is somewhat tricky. But do not worry; we are going to reveal the top-rated launchers for android phones.

Nova Launcher is considered the number one launcher for android phones since it is incredibly customizable. The most important thing is it does not slow down the phone; lets you manage the interface in a delicate manner without interfering with the performance of the phone.

There are a bunch of options you can go for, such as vivid themes, icon packs, scrollable docks, etc. And free downloads are available, but if you like to try more advanced features, you can transfer the launcher to its advanced version, Nova Launcher Prime by paying its fee.

Apart from the aforesaid one, there are some other launchers with positive feedback, such as Niagara Launcher, Smart Launcher 5, AIO Launcher, Hyperion Launcher, etc.

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