TVs With 4 HDMI Ports – Top 7 Picks To Choose Before You Buy

TVs With 4 HDMI Ports

Just try connecting a new device while having to unhook an existing one every time. It’s a pain, isn’t it? This is what occurs whenever your TV will only have either one or 2 HDMI inputs. So what are the TVs with 4 HDMI ports that you can buy?

Consumers frequently concentrate on getting the biggest screen size possible when purchasing a new television. As technology advances, many companies are beginning to provide TVs with four HDMI connections rather than the conventional two. Customers may now link their TVs to various devices without additional HDMI connections. They can also connect their TV to loudspeakers or a home entertainment setup without changing the television’s options.

We’ll be examining the top TVs with 4 HDMI ports throughout this article.

What Is HDMI?

The HD television receives multimedia signals transmitted at an incredibly high velocity and without compression via the High-Definition Media Interface (HDMI). The ideal way to attach to the HDTV is via HDMI. When choosing the perfect TV to suit personal requirements, it’s essential to consider the specific quantity of HDMI connections.

Even though you have the opportunity to purchase an HDMI divider, nothing compares to owning a TV that already has a sufficient number of HDMI ports to suit your needs.

What Are The Versions Of HDMI?

You should consider the supported HDMI types and the HDTV’s overall number of HDMI inputs. HDTVs featuring HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and HDMI 2.1 are standard. 

What Are The Top Picks For TVs With 4 HDMI Ports?

These TVs, which include 4 HDMI connections, are among those we hand-picked after thoroughly scouring the TV market.


This LG C2 OLED TV is more slim and elegant than ever. Still, it also offers spectacular graphics and cutting-edge techniques designed to turn your house into an ideal theater, create the perfect gameplay setting, and much more.

The C2 series’ OLED Evo software means more luminance, a livelier visual with outstanding contrasts, and other benefits that take entertainment to the next level. The LG C1 OLED & LG G2 OLED both have four HDMI inputs. 

2. Samsung Neo QLED QN90A

These are of the most excellent TV screens you’ve ever seen. The Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV, which blends Samsung’s fully advanced quantum dot technologies only with precise movements of mini-LED illumination. Performance is excellent because of the brilliant hue and unparalleled luminance. In addition, Samsung offers many intelligent TV capabilities and truly clever functions.

Additional Neo QLED Series devices, including the QN900A, QN800A, QN85A, and QN80A, all have comparable characteristics with minor variations in their primary upgrade characteristics. Four HDMI inputs are also included with each of these items.

3. Sony X90J

As a premium 4K LED-LCD TV, this Sony Bravia X90J has almost all the features might need. It offers a realistic spectator experience, exceptional image quality, and many intelligent functions. Additionally, each TV set has the Bravia Central streaming, which Sony exclusively makes available on a limited number of tvs.

Take it into consideration as a supplement to your present selection of streaming options for big-budget movies. Sony offers a variety of image settings to help you enhance the visuals for the greatest film experience. Whenever playing, think about reclining in front of the TV because the X90J’s viewing angles are not the best. Unexpectedly, the sound department is where the X90J excels.

4. Roku TCL 6-Series

This TCL 6-Series Roku Television provides excellent quality products reasonably, providing exceptional, intelligent TV functionality and superior pixel density for a lot lower than the current competitors. Featuring mini-LED illumination in combination with QLED, the R635—TCL’s greatest commercial smart TV—raises the bar. The outcome features stunning contrast and brightness with a few of the greatest HDR capabilities.

One of the most excellent gameplay TVs accessible is the 6-Series, thanks to its THX Certified Play Mode. This TCL 6-Series R635 would be the greatest low-cost 4K TV because of its intelligent design features and consistently excellent Roku TV platform.

5. OLED By Vizio

This same OLED technology’s unrivaled quality has never been more affordable than it is with the Vizio QLED TV. In addition to providing superior image quality at a price far lower than the competitors, the Vizio OLED also produces excellent audio with deeper bottom than the norm. 

That is one of the year’s finest 4K TV deals because of an obvious choice among reasonably priced OLED TVs. Any environment is transformed by the amazingly OLED design’s limitless splendor and meticulous attention to every aspect.

6. Philips UHD Android

Using this Philips 4K Android, every excitement bursts off the display. HDR material looks fantastic, and Ambilight helps videogames, films, and television shows seem larger and much more realistic. Dolby Atmos provides excellent audio to go along with the stunning visuals.

Every situation feels more intimate via Philips Ambilight. This TV’s edge is surrounded by intelligent LEDs that react to the activity on display by emitting a hypnotic light. If you already have it, you’ll start to wonder how you could have watched TV without that. You’ll take pleasure in a visual that faithfully conveys the producer’s intended goals and a soundscape that is both expansive and richly detailed.

Every leading HDR standard, notably Dolby Vision, is supported by any Philips 4K UHD TV. The newest connection is available on the Philips Screen, and then when customers begin playing these games on the controller, the TV adapts to a low bandwidth preset.


Through the Hisense AE7400F, you can immerse yourself in a realm of realistic detail. With Dolby VisionTM compatibility, 4K HDR Certification produces stunning image quality with richer brightness and darker blacks.

For a complete stadium atmosphere, from the view to the audio, Sports Mode identifies once you are viewing sporting. Hisense’s 4K UHD quality offers spectacular image quality and razor-sharp precision with four times as many pixels as conventional Full HD.

Similar characteristics are present inside the AE7000F, U7QF, and U8QF Hisense 4K UHD Series models, with minor variations in their core phasing capabilities. Four HDMI inputs are also included in each of these items.

Comparison Of TVs with HDMI Ports

Brand Model Resolution USB Ports HDMI Ports HDMI Port version
LG C2 OLED 4K 3 4 HDMI 2.1
Samsung Neo QLED QN90 Series 4K 2 4 HDMI 2.1
Sony X90J 4K 2 4 HDMI 2.1
TCL 6-Series Roku 4K 3 4 HDMI 2.1
Vizio OLED 4K 1 4 HDMI 2.1
Philips UHD Android TV 4K 2 4 HDMI 2.0
HISENSE AE7400F 4K 2 4 HDMI 2.0


Many sizes, types, and manufacturers of TVs are available today. These things may make it challenging to pick the ideal TV for suit requirements. Learning how to start your hunt with several possibilities might be challenging. This post has shed some light on the many characteristics of TVs with 4 HDMI ports, plus things to consider before buying one.

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