How To Sell Stuff On Roblox? Full Process Explained

How to sell stuff on Roblox

The world is in great excitement about the high tide that Roblox created as it spreads over 43 million daily users who are from every part of the world. It is not only a platform to play games and create games but also a marketplace. How to sell stuff on Roblox? This is a question someone would be wondering if they are unfamiliar with the platform or a newcomer to the world of Roblox.

What is Roblox?

Of course, there is nothing to introduce about the website to daily login consumers who are here to know about the trade within it. But as per the concern of a stranger or a willing-to-be member, we have added a small intro here.

Roblox is not a game but a platform owned by Roblox corporation. The platform allows users to create games via their game creation system for free and to play for free.

Can You Sell Stuff on Roblox?

Yes, the site is doing sales, starting from items you bought for your avatar to self-designed stuff. Although the games are free to play, you must purchase the Premium membership to earn from Roblox. Simply select the Premium membership option to proceed with the membership. According to your preferences, you can choose between the plans included there.

Once you become a premium member along with the permission to sell, you will be given access to buy special tools for the avatar in the shop with discounts. 

How to Sell Stuff on Roblox?

Roblox allows users to sell stuff. The official website declares that there are over 2 million users who earned Robux, according to the data in June 2022. Some players earn $1 million within a year.

There are two particular ways in Roblox sales. The first one is, adding rare items that you have on sale. Players sell T-shirts, shirts, and pants made by them as the second way. First, a player must have obtained a premium account to sell clothes, but virtual items can be sold without a premium account.

There are three types of premium accounts costing $ 4.99, $9.99, and $ 19.99, respectively.

We will check out these two methods with steps individually.

Note: to perform a sale, you must have a minimum of 10 Robux remaining with you in the personal accounts.

When you perform a sale, 30% of it will be deducted from Roblox company. You can withdraw your sum when it is completed in 30 days. The pending amount can be seen when you go to My transactions. 

How to Sell Rare Items on Roblox?

The mandatory fulfilment in this way is that the item is rare. It may be something you bought yourself a while ago, such as a unique costume, a hammer, a hoodie, or various gears. Be sure that you are a premium member before starting a sale. 

Go to the inventory in your account. First, check whether there are items of Limited or Limited U categories. Limited items are the items which were sold by Roblox once and never be on sale again. Limited Unique items are sold until the end of the stock. 

Then the users are informed to go to its details.

Next, click the three dots above the price box.

After that, you should select sell from the list popping up.

Enter the price you need to sell your limited or limited U item. Please remember that once confirmed, prices cannot be changed again if another user buys the item. (Low-priced items will sell within seconds)

How to Sell Your Own Created Stuff on Roblox?

You must first upload the created shirt or pants to your Roblox account. Ensure the image has a width of 585 pixels and a height of 559 pixels.

When you have uploaded the sale item, click on the menu and select the Avatar icon.

Then from the menu displayed under recent, choose All. Then you will be shown all the items you have got so far.

Next, click on the selected item. It will direct you to the description and details of the product. Give a click to the three dots that appear on the top right and select configure.

You can also add a description to the product according to your preferences here.

Go to sales and turn it on. Secondly, enter the price that you want it to be sold for and save it.

When you do the steps correctly, your piece will be displayed on the sale list. See, how to sell stuff in Roblox has got an easy way answer. Isn’t it?

The minimum price for a shirt or a pair of pants that are going to be sold is 5 Robux. The amount is 2 Robux for T-shirts. Any item is not allowed for free sale. 

How to Make a Shirt on Roblox?

If you want to create a shirt to apply to your avatar, follow these simple steps.

  • You must have a downloaded template.
  • You can design the shirt with an image editing app.
  • Shirts in Roblox are created with square images. Make sure you are creating a square image.
  • Upload it to the account via Asset Manager. 
  • Now, you can check the shirt by applying it to your avatar or sell it as per the ways we explained previously.
  • There are websites that present Roblox cloth templates. 
  • You can follow the same method for pants and T-shirts too.


The website, which has won millions of kids’ hearts, is also an excellent platform for developers who have started their carer lately to learn and grow. Not only as a way of fun, but the site also provides a way for its users to earn money through sales. Thus, Roblox sales have become a new trend in entrepreneurship. 

We have covered the area of how to sell stuff on Roblox in this article. We hope this will be a hand for the new sellers who wants to start it on Roblox.

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