How to Remove License Verification on Android Without Root?

remove license verification on android without root

Every app you install on your android or iOS smart device has a license verification to ensure safety. However, license verification can also be an issue when you want to reinstall the same app. License verification is used to check if the license is valid in your Android application. When installing apps on your smart device, you sometimes have the paid or premium version, which follows strict license verification to increase security. But when you want to download the paid app using google play on another device, there might be a license verification error, not allowing you to reinstall the app. Hence, you are bound to ask how to remove license verification on Android without root.

What is License Verification in Android?

Most of us are unfamiliar with license verification if we are not in the tech field. You will only cross the term if you face any issues with license verification in the Android app. But since you are unsure what license verification is before you solve the issue, people ask what license verification is in Android.

Accordingly, license verification, as previously stated, is the process that is used to ensure the license is valid in an app. The license verification helps to secure your app, ensuring the safety of your android device.

What is the Purpose of License Verification?

After you had got a basic idea of what license verification on android is, we are forced to research more about the topic. The next most probable question asked is the purpose of license verification. It is normal for you to throw questions about license verification because you might still be new to the term.

As previously stated, the primary purpose of license verification is to ensure safety in the android application, which helps to remove viruses, malware, and bugs entering your device. If your android application does not have a license verification, your smart device will not be safe and can even be easily hacked. You can secure your personal and bank details on the phone with license verification.

What Does it Mean to License an App?

Even though the license in an app is to verify the safety of the Android application, licensing an app is also known as a legal contract. Licensing an app is the legal contract between the software developer and the person installing the app through Google Play. The agreement in the license is created by the software developer in an Android application and will protect the purchaser’s rights.

Thus, licensing an app is the legal agreement between the creator of the software and the person using it. The deal will include how the application should be used and the restrictions when using the app.

Can you Skip License Verification?

Since license verification is the security system of the Android application, you might need clarification on whether you can skip license verification. Most of the time, software developers create strict restrictions to skip license verification. If you can skip the license verification in an app, it means the security system is very low, in an app that has a robust security system will not allow you to skip the license verification.

Though you cannot skip the license verification in an app, you can remove the license verification on Android without root. In the following, we have given you the steps to be followed. Ensure you read and follow the step properly to avoid any legal inconvenience.

How to Remove License Verification on Android Without Root?

It can be not very pleasant if you can’t reinstall the premium paid version of an Android app you installed on  Google Play. The issue often occurs when a license verification does not allow you to use the app, giving you a message that the license cannot be verified.

When this happens, it is natural to feel frustrated and annoyed, stressing you out while retrieving your account. But you don’t have to worry because we have good news for you. We will teach you how to remove license verification on Android without root and reinstall your android app without any complications. The instructions are given below, and ensure you follow them correctly.

  1. First, you must install a software application called the Lucky Patcher.
  2. Once the application is installed, open the app to see your Android app listed.
  3. When you tap on the app you want to remove the license verification, a few options are listed below. Select the launch option to check if the app is license verified, and a message will pop up on the screen saying the license cannot be verified.
  4. Go back to the list of options and select Open Menu of patches.
  5. Next, click Remove license verification from the option list and select the auto mode.
  6. From the following menu, the list selects the “Auto Mode (Inversed)”, “Other Patches (Extreme Mode)”, “Remove Dependies”, and  “Apply Patch to Dalvik-cache” boxes.
  7. After selecting the following checkboxes, click on to Apply bar at the bottom of the list.
  8. The pop-up will run on the screen with a loading symbol, Patching and analyzing results.
  9. The patch results will pop on the screen with a list. Next, select the Launch bar at the bottom.
  10. Finally, you will have the Superuser rights for the application.


A license verification in Android is the legal contract between the software developer of the application and the user. The software developer creates the agreement to protect the app’s copyrights, ensuring the application’s security. The license verification will include how to use the app and the restrictions to be followed in the app.

However, when you have the paid and premium versions of an android application, the limitation and security level will be high to protect the app’s data. But you have to face complications when reinstalling the paid app. Due to the increased security level, you might get a message saying the license needs to be verified. When this happens, you must remove the license verification on Android with root.

Thus, in the article on removing license verification on Android without root, we first contemplated what license verification is and its purpose. The article also discusses the steps to remove the license verification on Android with root.

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