Why Is Paramount Plus Not Working On Samsung TV And How To Fix It

Paramount Plus Not Working On Samsung TV

Samsung TV is a device many people purchase as it performs well. Paramount plus is a video streaming service that you can also use on your Samsung TV to watch several movies and episodes. If you own a Samsung TV, you may have encountered several problems. One of the most common issues people come across is paramount plus not working on Samsung TV.

If you are trying to use paramount plus in your Samsung TV and encountering problems, you do not have to panic. Although you might face it for the first time, this is a common issue. By reading the article, you will be able to figure out the methods by which you can sort out this problem. 

If you purchase a Samsung TV, you will find the the latest version of paramount plus as default. If you don’t have this on your Samsung TV, you can also get paramount plus to watch your favorite movies and TV series. Using paramount plus will help you watch various movies and episodes, which may help entertain you during your leisure time.

If you are already using the paramount plus, and in case you detect any issues when trying to open the app, there are several reasons for this problem. Continue reading the article to know why and solutions for paramount plus not working on Samsung TV. 

Why Is Paramount Plus Not Working On Samsung TV?

There are many reasons why the paramount app will not work on your Samsung TV. One of the common issues is when you have a poor internet connection. As you need a proper internet connection to log into the paramount plus app, you must ensure a stable connection. If there is any malfunction in the paramount plus app, you may witness problems like paramount plus not working on Samsung TV.

Another reason is that if you have any issue with your Samsung TV, you experience such issues. You will encounter this problem if you are still using the older version of the paramount plus without updating the latest version.

Also, you might have several other apps on your Samsung TV, which will consume the storage, and if you don’t have enough storage capacity to download paramount plus, then you may feel difficult to download the app. 

What Are The Reasons For Paramount Plus Not Working On Samsung Tv

  • Paramount App Is Down

If you are encountering an issue because the paramount app is down, then it is not in your hand to fix it instead, you must wait until the technical team of paramount plus to fix the issue. Fixing this problem will not take long. Sooner, you will be able to enjoy using paramount plus.

  • Unstable Internet Connection

When you encounter paramount plus not working on Samsung TV, check whether you have an unstable internet connection as all the video streaming apps will require a stable connection.

You must use at least 4 Mbps to run this app perfectly without any issues. In comparison, a video streaming app like Netflix will only require 1 Mbps. Since this app will only provide HD video streaming, it will not work properly if you don’t have the necessary internet connection.

Try unplugging both the modem and the router, and then after a minute, connect it back and check whether this will help to improve the connection. 

  • Issue With Your Samsung TV

You may also encounter this problem if there is an issue with your Samsung TV. You must close the paramount plus and open another app to detect the situation on the TV. If that is also not working, then the fault is in your TV.

You might have to power cycle the Samsung TV to use any app. When you press the power and hold it, your TV will turn off and then on again. This way, you can power cycle using the remote. T

here is another method to power cycle your TV. When you have switched on your TV, unplug the cable, press the power button, and hold it for a few seconds until the power drains.

Wait for about 30 seconds, and you can again plug in the cable. This way, you can power cycle your Samsung TV as this will help to fix issues like paramount plus not working on Samsung TV. 

  • Pending Updates In Your Paramount Plus App

You may encounter several issues if you have any pending updates in your paramount plus app. Update the app with the latest version to fix this. You can update by going to the setting and turning on the Auto Update option. Since paramount plus came in 2021, it sends new updates by modifying the app while reducing the glitches, so you must make sure that you update the app. 

How To Fix Paramount Plus Not Working On Samsung Tv

  • Use Paramount Plus With A New Profile

There is a simple hack that you can use to fix issues like paramount plus not working on Samsung TV. You must create another profile and use paramount plus with the new one. To create a new profile, you can add the profile present in this app and create another profile. 

Now try using the paramount plus with your new profile. Many users use this hack to fix any issue related to the paramount plus app, which will help you solve the problem quickly. This app will allow you to create up to 6 profiles. 

  • Reinstalling The App

If you are still encountering the same problem, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again, as this may help fix the issue. You can go to the app on the Samsung TV home screen, then click on the app and go to settings.

You will see all the apps you have from that select paramount plus and click delete and confirm, this is the way to uninstall the app. Wait for about 10 minutes. After that, you can reinstall the app, which will fix the issue.

  • By resetting the smart hub in your Samsung TV, you will also be able to fix paramount plus not working on the Samsung TV issue. 
  • If none of the solutions is not working, contact customer service and get their support to fix the issue.

We hope this article on paramount plus not working on Samsung TV was helpful to learn some methods in which you can fix such problem. 

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