Oura Ring Too Loose – Fixing a Loose Oura Ring!

oura ring too loose

Choosing the correct Oura ring size for your fingers is vital because, unlike smartwatches or health fitness bands, the Oura ring cannot be adjusted to track your health metrics. Thus, it is essential the Oura ring sits nicely on your fingers; however, you might wonder what happens if my Oura ring does not fit your anymore. You may have lost or gained weight, making it impossible for the Oura ring to track your health metric. The most concerning issue is when the Oura ring too loose because even with weight gain, there is the probability of wearing the ring by changing fingers. But it becomes concerning that your Oura ring needs to be fixed, but we have the ideal solution for you in this article. Thus, keep reading the article until the end to find out all about Oura ring too loose.

Why is My Oura Ring Too Loose?

The Oura rings are not adjustable accessories like other fitness watches or bands. Thus, it becomes concerning when the Oura ring does not fit your finger. Though the most common reason for the Oura ring too loose is influenced by excessive weight loss, there are also different reasons why your Oura ring gets loose. Below are some possible causes of your Oura ring being too loose.

  • Weight Loss

Though the Oura ring initially fit you when you first bought it, it will be too loose for your finger with a significant weight loss. Weight loss will influence to slip down your fingers, making the Oura ring too big for you.

  • Purchasing the Wrong Ring Size

Another possible reason for your Oura ring to be too loose could be that you had failed to purchase the correct ring size for your finger. Customers mainly need help purchasing through online Oura stores because it becomes challenging to determine the right size.

  • Rings Worn Out

If you have been wearing the Oura ring for too long, it is normal to expect the Oura ring to wear and tear over time. The material used to manufacture the Oura ring might expand because of the flexibility and may wear down. As a result, your Oura ring will not fit your finger properly.

  • Purchasing from the Wrong Store

Many physical stores and online sites sell copies or replica products of Oura rings. These fake products are much cheaper than the original price, and the sizes differ from the original Oura ring size chart. Hence, if you had purchased from a fake store, it might be why your Oura ring is too loose, as the size chart is inaccurate. Though counterfeit trademarks might look identical to the original, it is mindful to inspect them carefully. Ensure to double-check with the products and confirm the originality before purchasing.

  • The Shape of the Finger and Ring Style

The shapes of our fingers differ for each person. Thus, the standard Oura ring size chart may not tally with the different types of fingers. The size chart of the Oura rings will also change with each ring style because the surfaces, thickness, and materials used to design the Oura rings differ.

Can I Return My Oura Ring If it is Too Loose?

Several factors influence the answer if you consider returning your Oura ring because it is too loose.

We recommend you go through the Oura return and refund policy before you return your Oura ring because it is too loose. However, the return and refund policy may also differ with the retailer.

According to the general terms and conditions, you can return the  Oura ring 30 days after the purchase; thus, if the Oura ring is too loose, you can exchange it before 30 days. But, if the period has exceeded, the chances are rear for you to return a loose Oura ring.

What is the Best Finger for Our Oura Ring

What is the Best Finger for Our Oura Ring?

Though you can wear the Oura ring on any of your fingers according to your preference and comfort, it is generally recommended to wear the Oura ring on your middle or index finger to track your health metrics effectively.

Wearing the Oura ring on the index or middle finger is also more secure than wearing it on the other finger, but you can also wear the Oura ring on your ring finger according to your comfort.

There are only a few rare chances people choose to wear the Oura ring on the thumb or little finger, but they might need to be more effective and track your health metrics.

How to Choose the Right Oura Ring Size for Me?

One of the most vital parts when purchasing an Oura ring is determining the correct size, but it might not be clear to most. Thus, below are a few tips on how to choose the right Oura ring size for me.

  1. First, choose the finger you prefer to wear the ring and determine the size of the particular finger.
  2. If you are at an Oura physical store, try the sizing kit made of plastic from 6 to 13.
  3. Once you select the size, purchase the Oura ring. When wearing, the sensors must face your palms. Wear the Oura ring for 24 hours to check if they are comfortable.

If the purchased Oura ring feels too tight or loose, you can re-size it by the same store before the day.

What If My Oura Ring does Not Fit Me Anymore?

If your Oura ring no longer fits you due to weight loss or gain, you can try switching to another finger to find the perfect one.

You can still contact the customer care service for assistance if you have no option. But most of the time, you will only have alternative options to return if the return days have stayed the same.

Thus, if the Oura ring no longer fits you, purchasing a new one that fits your finger is recommended.

Should there be a Gap Between the Ring and the Finger?

There should be a considerable gap between your ring and finger to wear it comfortably and remove it when needed. But ensure the gap is not too much between the finger making it too loose; the ring should seat properly because you want to keep an expensive ring.

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