My Ecobee Screen is Black – (Common Causes and Solutions)

my ecobee screen is black

If you’re here, it’s likely that you’re panicking as you stare at that empty screen of your Ecobee computer. Do not panic just yet. Many factors might contribute to the reason why ‘My Ecobee screen is black.’

This post will explain why the Ecobee display is black, as well as how to remedy it. Learn how to reset your Ecobee as well as what to do if the display on your Ecobee is still not working. Lastly, find out how to get in touch with Ecobee customer service.

Why is My Ecobee Screen Black?

Insufficient power being delivered to the thermostat is typically the single most likely cause for an Ecobee thermostat’s blank display.

There isn’t a need to worry since there are various ways to resolve an Ecobee thermostat that is showing a black screen because Ecobee gets its power via the furnace. However, since the power supply is dependent on the furnace, any disturbance will end up resulting in an interruption of power to the thermostats.

The Ecobee’s brightness may have been decreased instead of being unable to display anything at all. In some circumstances, the Ecobee computer is programmed to shut off remotely.

Similar to when Ecobee overheats, excessive dampness in the room may cause your Ecobee thermostat to shut off in order to prevent potential harm. If other appliances seem to be without power, this may indicate that there was a general power outage in your house rather than an issue related to the Ecobee.

The Ecobee thermostat’s inability to function might also be caused by the fact that it is unplugged. Your Ecobee thermostat could be broken or malfunctioning if it suddenly displays a black screen, even though the display has never functioned.

How to Fix Ecobee Black Screen

How to Fix Ecobee Black Screen?

Restart your thermostat first. If it doesn’t function, appropriate troubleshooting is necessary to find the solution.

For a very long period, the Ecobee thermostat was not functioning.

Examining the Breaker Plus the Electrical Switch for the Heater

  • The flip of your breaker should be checked. Activate your thermostat by pushing your switch again if it has been flipped.
  • Adjusting the electrical settings will allow you to verify that your thermostat is operating properly.

The Heater is Too Hot or Has Tripped

  • Each heater is known to have a sensor that alerts the user when the appliance becomes too hot. It trips, though, if the parameters you analyze are broken.

Fusible Furnace

  • The furnace is protected from surges in electricity by the fuse. Verify if it is defective.
  • Switch off the entire gadget.
  • To inspect the fuse, remove the furnace box.
  • Check the wiring to make sure that this doesn’t cause the issue.
  • There’s a possibility the fuse is blowing if it’s dark.
  • Analyze the fuse’s amp rating.
  • Any defective parts should be replaced right away.

There is a Problem with Condensate Leakage

  • Find the drainage pan next.
  • If you discover the pan is full, empty it.
  • Examine the drainage for obstructions as you scrub the pan.
  • Debris caused the switch that controls the float to be turned off; put it back on.
  • In the event that you have trouble finding the float change, detach the safety board.

The Ecobee Thermostat has Just been Set Up

First, inspect the power cable.

  • Check to discover whether there’s an unfastened link by gently pulling these wires.

The Wire C

  • With the gadget, there needs to be an additional C wire. When necessary, be sure to change those cables right away.

Verify the Device’s Positioning on the Backplate

  • Relocation frequently causes problems with the thermostat’s overall operation.

Is There a Reset Button on Ecobee?

On the thermostat’s upper left, look for a hardware reset key. The thermostat must be reset by holding down the button for 5 seconds.

Alternatively, you may reset the temperature and adjust various preferences, including settings directly on the thermostats display, but you’ll require a password if one is currently active to do so.

How to Reset Ecobee?

You may carry out each of the next stages using the display on the thermostat on its own, the Ecobee smartphone application, or the Ecobee webpage.

  1. Pick the Main Menu item on the screen.
  2. Choose Settings from the menu.
  3. Choose the Reset option on the Settings page.
  4. Choose the “Reset All” button.

Now that it has been reset, your ecobee will return to its initial configuration.

  1. Locate the Main Menu choice using the capacious touchscreen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. The Reset option may be accessed from this window.
  4. Decide to Reset Settings and Calendar.

Now that these parameters have been reset, the ecobee may be customized as needed.

  1. Pick the Main Menu item from the interface that appears.
  2. Find the Settings menu by navigating.
  3. Select Reset from the menu.
  4. To retrieve your login information or password, choose Reset Membership and adhere to the on-screen directions.

This selection ought to be utilized to reset account data such as passwords or emails without actually erasing the account itself or any additional preferences saved by the thermostats.

What Do I do If My Ecobee’s Screen Still does Not Work?

The most suitable course of action after trying the aforementioned cures for your Ecobee thermostat’s broken screen is to get in touch with customer service. Perhaps the customer care agent can identify and fix your unique problems.

You might need to consider getting it repaired or fixed if no one, not even the customer support agent, can figure out what to do to remedy the issue. When the heating system is still covered by warranty, the process—whether you get the device replaced or repaired—may end up being less painful.

A warranty normally covers problems for a period of twelve months and only applies when a fault rather than a human mistake is to blame. On the other hand, if you purchased a longer guarantee, you might be able to increase the warranty’s coverage of certain types of harm or lengthen its duration.

How to Contact Ecobee Customer Support for Assistance?

Utilize the ecobee visitor center to get answers to commonly asked questions, setup instructions, and guidance on troubleshooting which will enable you to quickly and effectively resolve your issue.

The simplest way to receive an answer to your query from ecobee within business hours is through messaging. It is quicker than making a call. To guarantee quick service, ensure that the serial number of your Ecobee gadget on available.

Call the courteous customer service department at 1-877-932-6233. Call 1-647-428-2220 if you reside outside of North America. Additionally, its corporate offices are situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at 25 Dockside Drive, Suite 700.

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