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left jabra earbud not working

The entertainment industry is full of new advanced technologies and devices through which the modern mundane has discovered the world of amusement. Thus one of those devices that takes the mundane world into another realm of happiness is the pair of Jabra earbuds. However, as the world’s normality, every component has faulty issues, including the Jabra earbuds. Thus the users of the Jabra earbuds have experienced the left Jabra earbud not working too. We will discover solutions through this article, beginning by discussing the possible causes of this complication.

Why is the Left Earbud of My Jabra Not Working?

There can be millions of reasons you could list why your left Jabra earbud is not working. However, it is vital to know the possible reasons behind this complication with your Jabra ear pods so the user can follow the necessary solutions for the malfunction.

When the topic is on the software of the Jabra earbuds, there might be a complication in the software leading to the left Jabra earbud not working.

Your earbuds might need to be updated to the latest version, which could be a primary reason for this problem.

Moreover, there could be complications with the earbud charging case, which will make the earbuds not charge accurately, which will then reach its faults in the left earbuds not work at their optimal self.

Furthermore, if your earbuds are not leaned after your purchase, there could be accumulated dust and debris in the earbuds that will make the left earbud malfunction.

Then there could be problems with the charging cables and the charging ports as well. These could also be done due to overexposure to terrible humidity and temperature. Moreover, if there is accumulated dust and debris on the ports and the cables, it will also make sense for the modern complications of the left earbud.

How to Fix the Left Jabra Earbud Not Working?

As we have discovered the possible and potential reasons behind the left earbud not working, it is now the time to rewind everything and find a solution to get the functionality of the left earbud back to its optimal form. Thus in this section, we will be paying attention to the solutions we could follow for the issue.

First of all, clean the earbuds, including the earbuds case as well. You could take some cotton to clean this equipment and swiftly wipe off any dust or debris on the earbuds and the case.

Moreover, make sure to clean the charging ports and the cables as well. Make sure you do not put any liquid into the interior parts of the charging parts.

Then moving on, ensure you have charged both earbuds to the fullest before jumping into any judgments. Thus after a full charging session, check whether the situation is the same, and if so, move on to the next solutions.

Moreover, you must update the Jabra earbuds as the expired software versions will cause some complications to arise in the long run. Thus make sure you update the earbuds to the latest software version.

Further, another solution is to ensure you have set the audio balance properly. Here is how you make the properties of the audio precise. First of all, open “settings”>> “accessibility”>>Audio/Visual>> MONO audio and ensure that you turn off the mono audio option.

If the earbud still has not come to their conscience, try connecting the earbuds to another device after disconnecting them from the previous one.

Thence, at the end of following these guidelines precisely, you might have sobbed the problem. However, if it is not the case, you should meet up with a technician.

How to Charge the Left Jabra Earbud

How to Charge the Left Jabra Earbud?

Now in this segment, we will discuss the exact way to chagrin your earbuds properly, which will be another solution for the complication we are currently facing.

First, ensure that you have properly placed the earbuds on the case and closed the lid.

Then connect the charging case to the given charging cables and wait for the red LED to flash that portrays the charging in action inside the charging case.

However, if you are charging them without closing the case, you will see different LED colors (red, green, blue or yellow) indicating different charging values.

Thus the overall charging time for the Jabra earbuds is about 2 hours to charge fully. Thence, we recommend fully charging the earbud to prevent other complications.

Why is My Jabra Left Earbud Not Holding a Charge?

There can be many reasons why your left earbud is not charging. Therefore one must find out what those reasons are so that one can find solace in discovering the right solutions for these newly discovered causes behind their left earbud not working.

First of all, one of the prominent reasons why the earbud is not charging can be because of a connectivity failure. Thus ensure that you have plugged the ear pods into their charging ports inside the earbud case and that the earbud case is plugged into the already given charging cable.

Once that is done, if the problem still resides, there could be an issue with the charging ports and cables you are using. One of the main reasons this could occur is the accumulated dust and debris on the ports.

Moreover, if you have a faulty charging case that doesn’t charge and hand out the power to the earbuds, it is also a reason behind the malfunction of your left earbud.

How to Protect Jabra Earbuds from Getting Damaged?

Prevention is always better than precaution, as we always mention. Therefore instead of scrolling through hundreds of articles on how to get your left earbud to work again? You can prevent such a malfunction by following our guidelines precisely.

Thus, first, make sure that you take proper care of the Jabra earbuds from the beginning.

The caring staring from dusting off all the dust, debris and ear particles that will be accumulated after use daily.

Moreover, you should avoid exposing the earbuds to extreme nature and temperature changes.

Furthermore, ensure that you are charging the earbuds correctly, which means you should not keep charging them even after they have reached 100% battery.

Moreover, when charging the earbuds, use the original cables on the Jabra packages. Thus it will decrease the amount of future complications as well.

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