Is Ring Doorbell Waterproof? [How to Protect It]

is ring doorbell waterproof

Everyone wants a long-lasting doorbell that does not go blank in the snowfall. Is Ring doorbell waterproof? This is a question that everyone pays attention to when investing in a video doorbell from this popular brand. We are going to help you to find the exact answer.

Ring LLC, owned by Amazon, is a company that has a rising popularity in smart home appliances. It was founded in 2012. Video doorbells powered by both battery and electricity, cameras designed for both interior and exterior spaces, lighting, and related accessories are the main streams on which the company focuses.

Among this collection of products, video doorbells have occupied a reputable place in the market with flawless video quality.

Communication via the doorbell is also trouble-free as per the high audio quality. The easier of finding parts and accessories are two other features that make them identical to other competitive brands in the industry. 

Is Ring Doorbell Waterproof?

There are many aspects you need to consider when purchasing a video doorbell, as it is directly bound to the security of your house and the family members. The resolution of the camera and the night vision ability are two important features to consider.

The compatibility of identifying the people and communicating with them with no issues are essentially needed to be included in your selection. You will have to check whether it detects motion and has cloud storage to make sure everything is recorded when you are out of the station.

Most importantly, if you plan to place it outdoors, it must withstand weather changes throughout the year. 

Is Ring doorbell waterproof? This is one of the wisest questions to search on prior to the purchase. You have got a positive answer here, which satisfies your necessity. Ring doorbells are manufactured with water-resistance technology. 

Water resistance and waterproofing are two different measures. Water resistance devices can protect the circuits from water, moisture, and dust to a certain extent. Waterproofing is the quality of not being subjected to any damage even when submerged in water. This means the material is completely impermeable. 

All the Ring doorbells originally worked crystal clear between -5°F-120°F. This means there is no issue when there is mild snowfall or rain. It is clearly stated on their official website too. But you need not lose hope in the product by considering this fact.

Whether it is heavy rainfall or a blizzard, your ring doorbell will function the same if you include a quality waterproof covering in the installation. You also need to avoid directing high-pressure water streams to your doorbell.

This way, you can get the maximum benefit from ultra-smooth video and audio quality. If you refer to Amazon, you will find a collective of protective Ring doorbell covers called faceplates, all at affordable prices. It has 

Can You Change Ring Faceplate?

The faceplate is secured with a screw, and you can change the faceplate if you need to match it with your wall colors. Faceplates are produced in 4 colors. 

You have got good news here! You can get a coupon for a free faceplate if you purchase Ring doorbell 4 or Pro 2. 

Can You Change Ring Faceplate?

What Happens If You Leave Ring Doorbell in Cold?

Ring uses lithium-ion batteries. When these are exposed to minor temperatures, the stored charge tends to drop soon. Further, if you kept it for a long time, the battery will be entirely dead. 

If your doorbell has accidentally been exposed to rain before you cover it, you should take it home and keep it in an air-tightened bag. The water inside the bell will evaporate and form moisture on the plastic bag. 

How Do I Replace My Old Ring Doorbell with a New One?

Follow this guide when you need a replacement as an upgrade or to remove a broken one. It is crucial to install the Ring app before you do any installation.

  • We suggest you get the assistance of a skilled technician if you do not have enough experience to handle electrical installations. It is important to check the law prevailing in your area regarding handling electric work. 
  • First, make sure you have disconnected the power supply. Follow the safety measures when handling electric wires. 
  • Remove the button by disconnecting the wires connected.
  • Now you have to use the level tool and place the mounting brackets in a leveled position. 
  • Then mark the holes and drill on the marked places to insert screws. After that, you can take out the level tool. 
  • Next comes the connection of the electrical wires. Connect those without contacting any wire with another. If it is a digital doorbell, you must install the diode here.
  • Now you can place the newly bought bell on the mounting bracket. With a little pressure, you could easily do this.
  • Finally, secure your Ring doorbell with the screws. 

How Often Does Ring Doorbell Need to be Recharged?

If you have a model from the latest Ring doorbells, it has a battery life of approximately 10 months. Sometimes it could extend to 12 months even. If you have a somewhat older model, it will probably need a recharge between 6-12 months. 

Batteries needed to be recharged before they completely died. You can check the battery level from the Ring App. If you are unable to do so, you will need to purchase new batteries that match your model.

You can visit Amazon for the batteries. The company provides a free battery if the batteries have been out of use for shorter than a year. It is mentioned in their warranty.

When charging, you do not have to keep an eye on the overcharging. There is no effect of overcharging for the latest batteries.

It is essential to charge your batteries to the full. If you install the batteries without charging completely, you have a possibility of facing functioning issues. 


Is Ring doorbell waterproof? This article carries the explained answer to this question. By reading to the end, you will also get to know several important facts about using a Ring doorbell.

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