Is 165hz Better Than 144hz? Let’s Find Out

is 165hz better than 144hz

Every gamer’s dream is smooth play with clear and sharp images. The market is with a wide range of monitors, and if you are going to invest in a new one, then you probably must have a question about the selection. Is 165hz better than 144hz? Have you come across the matter of refresh rate? We are going to help you handle the situation. 

The refresh rate is the number of times your monitor can refresh the image. The screens with a higher refresh rate value are also easier to look at, and this is why it becomes an enormous fact to be considered in gameplay. Generally, at least the refresh rate should be 120hz for comfortable eyestrain.

The fps value, known as the frames per second, is directly bounded by the smoothness of the image you see through a screen. It represents the number of images formed by GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) within a period of one second.

If the fps rate is at a lower value, the images tend to be shaky and improper, making a hard time for a gamer. On the contrary, when the frames produced within a second increase, the image becomes more stable and shows quick movements. 

Is 165hz Better Than 144hz?

165hz gaming monitors tend to be used widely in the latest models. A graphic card that runs 144hz could also be used in the functioning of a 165hz without any issue. If your monitor is 144hz, then it displays 144 frames per second.

The question is, Is 165hz better than 144hz? has the answer there itself! Now you know what is denoted by “Hz”. As the 165hz has a higher refresh rate, it will perform better than any monitor with a lesser refresh rate. For further explanation, a 165hz monitor presents 21 figures more than that of a 144hz per second.

This means that the characters or the images of your video game will appear without shaking and will be clearer. Therefore, the gaming experience would be more realistic and entertaining. 

But no change could be seen whether you replaced your monitor for a higher refresh rate value if your computer only renders a smaller number of frames per second. 

What Should You Add When You Get a New 165hz Monitor?

If your target is a high-performance rate, these hardware versions we have explained below should be present together with a monitor with a higher refresh rate. 

Graphic Card 

Graphic card is the component that is responsible for powering the frames you receive per second. Simply a graphic card takes data and combines it with the gaming software which you installed to identify the places where the graphic card must create images on the monitor screen.

What GPU do I need to run 165hz? This is the next question for everyone who reads this article. We would like to answer that; RTX 3060, RX6700, RTX 270 or RX 580 will fulfil your necessity. Check whether your GPU supports the new replacement when purchasing a monitor. Otherwise, it will be a useless expense. 


Central Processing Unit is the part that is responsible for all the input, processing, and output of data. A powerful CPU will provide you with the background for steady and stable figures, which gives a huge efficiency in playing. 


Whether this is not an essential component that especially needs to be replaced, still faster RAM will increase the performance of your gameplay. A RAM of 16GB memory will be enough for better performance. If needed, you also can go for 32GB RAM, whether it is not too much needed. More memory will never be a drawback in a good play. 

Does RAM speed affect gameplay? If you have this question now, you know that the speed of the RAM has an indirect connection with the frames per second value. It is evident that this impact may differ from one game to another. This means that some games will increase the performance with a speeder RAM, but on the contrary, you will not be able to see any change in some. 

Hard Drive

Sometimes, if you try to install a game on an older computer, you will experience trouble with launching, as it is time-consuming work. If your computer uses a Solid State Drive, which replaces the hard drive of older versions, then it will consume less time when introducing a new game or when you log in every time. Apart from that advantage, there is no impact of SSDs on the fps value or refresh rate.

What Should You Add When You Get a New 165hz Monitor?

Is 165hz Good for a Gaming Monitor? 

Recently, we could see the demand for the 165hz has risen up to this mid-range monitor. Relatively, the 165hz screen displays sharper and more quick images than the images formed on a 144hz monitor. 165hz monitor presents with a higher value of refresh rate which makes their images less jerky and blurred. The responses are also quick in higher refresh rate values. 

Therefore, it would be best if you upgrade your monitor to 165hz if you need more excitement and better performance.

Can 165hz Run 240fps?

Running a 240fps game on a 165hz monitor will end in screen tearing. Screen tearing happens when the used monitor’s refresh rate is not equal to or higher than the fps value of the game. You can adjust both values by the graphic settings of the game.

The game’s frames per second must sync with the refresh rate of the monitor. If not, the image will present vertical or horizontal lines in various places. 

Can 165hz Run 120fps?

There is no issue in this case. You could run a 120fps game on a 165hz monitor. If you want to check the connection between the monitor’s refresh rate and the fps value of a game, you can refer to the above passages of this article.


Many game lovers hesitate in the question, is 165hz better than 144hz? As we have explained with the reasons in this article, a monitor with a higher refresh rate is the better selection for smooth gameplay.

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