Input Signal Not Found HP Monitor – Troubleshoot and Resolve!

input signal not found hp monitor

Input signal not found hp monitor is a common problem the HP monitor users could have, generating frustration and confusion. This warning shows the monitor fails to receive any input signal from the connected device, like a computer or gaming console, when it appears on the screen. Numerous factors, like faulty graphics cards, loose cable connections, or wrong display settings, might cause this problem. This article will examine various reasons for the ‘Input Signal Not Found’ error and provide detailed troubleshooting instructions to help users resolve the problem.

What does Input Signal Not Found Mean On an HP Monitor?

An HP monitor displays the error message ‘Input Signal Not Found’ and isn’t getting a video signal from the attached PC or input source.

The PC might be off or in power-saving mode when this occurs, or there might be a problem with the connection between the device and the monitor.

The error notice ‘Input Signal Out of Range’ further indicates that the input signal being delivered to the monitor is beyond its acceptable frequency range.

It may occur if the computer CPU sends the monitor’s maximum resolution. For example, the monitor will display this error message because it cannot handle the input signal.

If the monitor’s maximum resolution is 1280×720 and the CPU delivers a higher resolution. Users should check their connection, double-check their input signal settings, and change the resolution to fix these problems.

What Causes the Input Signal Not to be Found on a HP Monitor?

Several things can lead to the ‘Input Signal Not Found’ issue on an HP monitor.

  • No Signal from the Computer – The error message will appear if your computer or other device is off or not sending a video signal to the monitor. It might occur if the computer runs in power-saving mode, is not properly booted, or has hardware problems.
  • Improper Connection – A loose or damaged connection between the computer and the display may cause an error message. Make sure that the video cable is firmly plugged into the computer and the monitor (HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, etc.).
  • Issues with the Graphics Card or Its Drivers – The monitor may not get the correct signal if there are issues with the graphics card or its drivers. Outdated or broken graphics drivers can bring on compatibility problems and errors.
  • Faulty Monitor – A faulty or damaged monitor may not accurately detect the input signal and display the error message. It could need to be repaired or replaced.

Troubleshooting procedures include verifying the computer’s power and connection, upgrading the graphics drivers, attempting an alternative video cable, and testing the monitor on a separate device to identify the underlying source of the problem.

How to Fix the Input Signal Not Found on the HP Monitor

How to Fix the Input Signal Not Found on the HP Monitor?

Several things can lead to the ‘Input Signal Not Found’ issue on an HP display. Take the following actions to evaluate and resolve this problem.

  • Lack of signal transmission by the computer-
  • Verify that your PC is turned on. It won’t send a signal to the monitor if it is off.
  • Check to make sure the monitor cable is firmly connected to the computer and the monitor. Rock it back and forth to check if the cable is secure.
  • Replace the cable if any of the pins are bent or damaged. Cables on some older monitors might not be removable.
  • Incorrect input selected- 
  • Verify you have the proper input chosen on the monitor before continuing.
  • Use the monitor’s front or bottom edge buttons to access the monitor settings. Then select the proper connector (VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort).
  • faulty hardware
  • Depending on the connections, the problem may be with the video card or display. If the monitor is not working, connect a different monitor to your computer to find out what is wrong with it.
  • In the case where the display works on another computer, then video card may be the problem. If it has onboard video, consider changing the motherboard or video card.
  • The computer will not post-
  • Check to see if your machine starts up after the POST procedure. The motherboard may have a problem if it fails, which would explain the ‘No input signal’ statement.
  • Overheating on a monitor or computer-
  • The display may be overheated if it functions for a while before losing the signal. The computer may stop delivering signals and shut down due to overheating. Replace a monitor that is too hot.
  • Make sure your computer’s fans are spinning by checking them. If not, they need to be replaced. Use software diagnostic tools like HWMonitor to monitor their RPM if they are spinning to ensure they operate properly.

Careful investigation is necessary to identify the exact reason for the ‘Input Signal Not Found’ error before it can be fixed. These methods will help you locate the issue and take the necessary action to fix it so your HP monitor displays a steady and clear input signal.

How to Check the Connection Between your Computer and HP Monitor?

Follow these steps to check the connection between your computer and the HP monitor.

  • Use a VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort cable to connect the monitor to the computer.
  • Turn on the monitor and ensure it receives power.
  • Activate the computer.
  • Windows will use the Plug and Play method to detect the display automatically.
  • Right-click anywhere on the desktop when detection is finished. Then choose ‘Screen Resolution’ to open display Properties.
  • You can ensure that your computer and HP monitor are connected properly, and Windows should show the correct resolution and monitor settings by following these procedures.

How to Prevent Input Signal Not Found Errors in the Future?

In the future, you can take the following actions to avoid the ‘input signal not found’ issue.

  • Ensure Computer Power – Ensure your computer is powered on and not always in a power-saving mode. The error message will show if the computer is off or in sleep mode since it won’t transfer a video signal to the monitor.
  • Correct Monitor Connection – Make sure the monitor cable is firmly attached to the computer’s back and the back of the monitor. Verify that all the pins are in place and the cable is not intact.
  • Select the Correct Input – Check that you have chosen the correct input source on your monitor if you have a more recent monitor with several input options (VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort). Use the monitor’s front or bottom edge buttons to access the monitor settings and choose the proper connector.
  • These procedures and proper connections will help you avoid future occurrences of the ‘input signal not found’ issue and guarantee a steady and dependable connection between your computer and display.

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