How to Use Copier Machine? Some Easy Steps To Follow

how to use copier machine

Although operating a photocopier is often simple, the precise processes may differ based on the brand and type of the device. We’ll give a broad summary of “how to use copier machine” throughout this post. In order to utilize a photocopier safely and effectively, we will also go over some basic safety tips.

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How to Use Copier Machine?

  1. Activate the copier.Give the copier some time to heat up.
  2. You should copy the documents.
  3. Choose the number of copies.
  4. Choose your preferred color.
  5. Choose the paper size.
  6. Select “Copy” from the menu.

What Exactly is a Copy Machine?

A copying machine, usually referred to as a photocopy or just a copier, would be a tool for making copies of papers, photographs, and other items. Using a technique known as xerography, copiers reproduce an image out of paper or even other sources upon a blank sheet of paper or another media.

The majority of copiers contain a glossy coating where the original report is put, as well as a control center from which the operator may choose the required copy choices, including the number of copies, style, and direction. The entire document is scanned by the copier, which therefore makes the desired amount of copies and ejects them through a print head.

Copiers come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, from tight personal copy machines to enormous, considerable commercial copiers.

Papers, photos, artwork, and other types of objects can all be copied with a copier. Printers are a crucial tool for corporations, educational institutions, as well as other institutions that require reproducing written content for marketing or tracking.

What is the Operation of a Copier?

This broad description of a copier’s operation follows.

  1. Inside the paper feeding slot or onto the copier’s glass plate, the original report is put down on the bed.
  2. To scan the paper and produce a digital picture of it, the copier requires a flashlight, like a lamp, and a laser.
  3. The picture is transferred onto a sheet of paper or another media by the photocopier using a drum, or any other is, therefore.
  4. The picture is transferred to the sheet by the copier using toner, a tiny powder consisting of pigments and glue. The toner forms the image by adhering to the electrode surface where it is drawn and adheres.
  5. In order to permanently replicate the actual document, the copier presses and heats the ink onto the paper.
  6. The duplicates are ejected by the photocopier and placed in an output tray for the customer to retrieve.

Although various copier models could employ somewhat different coping techniques, the underlying ideas remain the same.

What is the Operation of a Copier?

So, how to use copier machine?

How to Use Copier Machine?

Although operating copier equipment is often simple, the precise processes may differ based on the brand and type of the device. An overview of using a copier machine is provided below.

  • Activate the Copier

You may start the copier with the power button being pressed. Be patient as the equipment warms up and gets ready to go.

  • Set the Document Down

The document should be placed head down here on the copier’s glass screen. Placing the paper in the feeding trays is necessary if we utilize a paper feeder.

  • Choose the Number of Copies

To choose how many copies you wish to produce, use the control center on the photocopier.

  • Select a Copy Option

You can produce duplicates in a variety of ways, based on the photocopier, including size, position, and paper kind, as well as any extra capabilities like duplex printing. To choose the appropriate choices, use the control center just on a photocopier.

  • Start Making Copies

After making all the appropriate selections, click “Start” or “Copy” to start duplicating. The paper would be scanned by the copier, which will then make the required quantity of copies.

  • Take the Copies Back

Copies are ejected into the paper tray by the photocopier once the copying is finished. The duplicates are piled in the trays if you’re using a paper feeder.

  • Stop Using the Photocopier

Pressing the start button will switch off the photocopier after you are done using it.

Are there Any Do’s as Well as Don’ts of Utilizing a Photocopier?

The following are some general guidelines for utilizing a copy machine.


  • Observe all of the company’s safety recommendations. Wearing safety goggles, staying away from moving components, and operating the equipment in a well-ventilated location are a few examples of what this may entail.
  • Before utilizing the copier, become acquainted with its settings and functions.
  • Utilize the copier in a spotless, dry atmosphere.
  • Utilize the suggested paper format and size from the supplier.
  • Documents should be placed inside the paper conveyor tray or directly on the copier’s glass plate, pressing down.
  • Choose the appropriate copy settings, including the quantity, size, and direction, using the control center here on a photocopier.
  • The duplicating procedure may be started by pressing the “Start” and “Copy” options.
  • Whenever the duplicating is finished, take the duplicates out of the tray.
  • When you’re completed with the photocopier, switch that off.


  • If the surroundings are moist or damp, avoid using the copier there.
  • If you are weary or preoccupied, avoid using the copier.
  • Atop the copier, nothing should be put.
  • Avoid getting your fingertips or hands too close to the copier’s tray or paper conveyor, which both include working parts.
  • Please refrain from copying any unlawful or unethical papers using the copier.
  • When a copier is broken or not working properly, refrain from using it.

You can operate the color copier safely and effectively by adhering to these rules and regulations. Using a copy device to make duplicates of papers, photos, or other things must be simple if you adhere to the guidelines provided in this article.

To guarantee correct and secure operation, it’s crucial to become acquainted with the specific settings and functions of any copier equipment in addition to any security requirements. You can consult the copy machine’s instruction manual or ask a qualified expert for help when you have some queries or run into any issues.

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