How to Unmatch on Facebook Dating? – All You Need To Know 

How to Unmatch on Facebook Dating?

Facebook mobile dating app is becoming popular and more common nowadays. As good as it is at the service provided, it can become confusing when you cross paths with a match you are no longer interested in or want to disconnect with at all costs. But how to unmatch on Facebook dating? It can be a discussion. 

As we move further, we will learn how to unmatch on Facebook dating and clear up some of the other related FAQs. 

Dating apps are top-rated in the present era, and everyone uses such apps to find their ideal partners amid busy personal lives. Thus, Facebook has come up with their part to connect different people with similar interests and passions and create chances to find love.

Facebook uses their huge user network to find and connect with new people. Yes, it all sounds fantastic. But what if you lose interest in someone you have already associated with? Or what if you no longer wish to be connected with a specific person? Under such circumstances, you are required to unmatch that person from the app.

How to Unmatch on Facebook Dating? 

Unmatching someone from the app is not a complicated process. It is relatively quickly done. You can use three available methods to disconnect/ unmatch a person from Facebook dating. Let us look at each of them separately as we follow the context. 

To hop into action:

  1. Log into your Facebook dating app and find the account of the person you want to unmatch.
  2. Open the account and open the chat page.
  3. Tap on the shield icon, which is present at the top right corner of the page.

Tapping on the shield icon will open up a menu named “safety and support”. Different options in the safety and support menu will enable you to unmatch the intended person. Let us look into each of the alternatives separately and learn how you can unmatch a person using them. 

1) Delete the Conversation 

One of the options among the three in the safety and protection menu is the “delete this conversation” option, which is marked in red. By clicking this option, you will be able to cut ties with both the communication and the person altogether. Doing so will remove your chats, and you will be automatically disconnected from the person.

The conversations will remain in the other party’s inbox, though. However, be aware that there are no undo options once you click on this option. Suppose you are sure to eliminate the conversation and the person from your list. In that case, you can tap the delete this conversation option at once. 

2) Block the Person 

Yet another way to unmatch someone from a Facebook dating app is to block them. You will receive no messages and calls from them anymore by using this way. Your chats also will not be deleted. Blocking the person will prevent the intended person from seeing your profile or contacting you. 

Online dating can get stressful at many points and hinder your peace. In such a case, go ahead and block that person if you find inappropriate behavior from them directed towards you. 

  1. Report the Conversation 

When the conversation travels the wrong way, you can opt for this option to disconnect/ unmatch the person. Talking online does not always ensure safe and sound people. If you find your shoes in discomfort due to inappropriate gestures and responses from the other party, go ahead and hit the “report conversation” option. 

You will be asked the reason why you’re reporting the person. You can choose the cause from the list of reasons provided in the app, or you can enter your own. Upon successful reporting, the Facebook team will take their time to review the complaint and take necessary actions as soon as possible.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I Rematch with a Person I have Unmatched With? 

Yes, it is possible to rematch an already unmatched/ disconnected person on Facebook dating. Unlike many other dating apps, this facility is allowed in Facebook dating. Suppose you accidentally unmatch a person or change your mind after unmatching. In that case, you can find that person again and rematch with them. 

  • How to Use Facebook Dating? 

Facebook dating is not Facebook itself. It is a shortcut created by the company to help people with mutual interests find love. To start using Facebook dating, you must follow a few steps and be good to go. Log in to your Facebook app and tap the menu icon in the top corner. Browse the options and tap “shortcuts”. Scroll down and locate “dating”. By tapping on the shortcut, you will begin your Facebook dating journey. 

Sometimes in the shortcuts menu, you will not find any dating options. In that case, tap on the “see more” option to find the dating shortcut. 

  • Can I use Facebook Dating on a Desktop? 

No, you cannot access the app via a web browser. You can only use the Facebook dating app in your mobile app. Of course, in the future, maybe this will not be the case. But for now, you are restricted to only the mobile app. 

  • Can I use Facebook Dating only Without Using Facebook? 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to use Facebook dating without a Facebook account. It is because Facebook dating is not an independent app but a sub-wing of Facebook. It is a platform designed to let people on Facebook find the love of their life. So you cannot access Facebook dating without a Facebook account. Facebook serves as the central canal in this. 

  • Can you Incorporate other Connections to Facebook Dating? 

Just like Facebook and instagram allows you to incorporate one with another, so does Facebook dating. You can integrate a few things from Facebook and instagram into Facebook dating. For example, your stories. 


Facebook dating is relatively easy to be used by anyone. It provides more than one option to choose from to unmatch a person. You can unmatch and disconnect the intended person per the method you prefer. 

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