How to Unlock Zte Zmax Pro? – [Detailed Guide]

How to Unlock Zte Zmax Pro

The zte zmax pro is a 6″ budget smartphone that was launched in late 2016. If you owned one, you would be familiar with this device. Do you have a zte zmax pro, and you’ve forgotten your PIN, patterns lock, or pin code? We are here to help you with How to unlock zte zmax pro.

What is the ZTE Zmax Pro?

zte zmax pro is a mobile phone from 2016 which came alongside Android 6.0 (marshmallow). Additionally, it includes a 6″ IPS LCD that is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, making it a perfect choice on such days. It features a single 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, 2 GB of RAM, and a snapdragon 617 processor. Moreover, the 3400mah Li-Ion battery has enough power to last a whole day.

How to Unlock Zte Zmax Pro?

If you forgot your mobile password, you cant log in to your phone. So here are some examples of how to unlock a zte zmax pro smartphone. 

  • Using Google Find My Device to unlock the ZTE ZMax Pro.
  • Hard reset to unlock the ZTE ZMax Pro.
  • Using Android Multi Tools to recover the ZTE ZMax Pro
  • Unlocking a ZTE ZMax Pro with Gmail Security Questions
  • Using the Android Data Recovery Software to decode
  • Utilizing Google Account to open up ZTE ZMax Pro

How to Use Google Find My Device to Unlock the ZTE ZMax Pro?

You may quickly recover your smartphone using Google Find My Device or the Android Device Manager. All of your data is likewise deleted using this way.

With such a feature, you can quickly locate your Android smartphone.

The Reset choice will delete all of the information on your phone. After a reboot, data cannot be recovered. Additionally, you are unable to locate your phone.

Open the Android Phone Manager on a computer or mobile device.

Log into the same Gmail account that you used to set up your phone to log in.

Afterward, you see some options; select Erase Device to get the Clear All Data options.

Finally, select Erase from the menu.

Your phone has been unlocked.

Hard Reset to Unlock the ZTE ZMax Pro

Your whole smartphone data is deleted using the hard reset approach. After the reset, you cannot get it back. Your mobile device could also be ramped up Using this technique.

  • Switch off the ZTE mobile phone
  • Press and hold both the On and Volume Up buttons. and Volume Down + On Buttons
  • Start releasing all the Keys when you notice the ZTE logo.
  • You’ll then notice the Android mark at the end.
  • Simply click and then let go of the volume Up button while keeping the Power switch up a little bit.
  • Then, utilizing Volume Buttons, choose the “clear data/factory reboot” selection and hit the Power switch to finalize.
  • Next, choose “Affirmative to delete all user information” using volume controls and click the power button to ensure.

Last, on the ZTE phone, choose Reboot System, and the Reset is Done.

How to Use Android Multi Tools to Recover the ZTE ZMax Pro?

You may unlock your cell phone, restore Email, deactivate password and Passcode protections, and do other operations using Android Utilities and Drivers.

  • Open the web after turning on your PC.
  • Get the Android Multi Tools app.
  • Launch the Android Tools after setup.
  • After that, turn on USB debug for your phone.
  • Hold your phone’s volume up or down while pressing the power switch.
  • Once you see an Android boot option, attach your phone via USB to the pc.

Using Android Multi Tools to Erase Data

Follow the instructions below once your mobile device has been properly connected to your PC.

Choose the fifth option in the menu.

Click Continue to unlock your device after that.

The procedure to unlock the phone was finally finished.

Unlocking a ZTE ZMax Pro with Gmail Security Questions

Only specific models respond to these techniques. Use this technique to recover your ZTE Smartphone if Google Security Questions appear on the locked screen.

Pressing down the Power key would first switch on the smartphone.

When you have repeatedly attempted to enter your smartphone, the choice “Forgot pattern” will appear.

Next, choose Forgot pattern from the menu.

Next, choose the response choice.

Enter the Google security response after that.

Then select the enable button.

You will be given the YES or NO choice and Choose YES choice.

If you establish a new Password or pattern in this stage,

Your phone is appropriately activated.

Using the Android Data Recovery Software to Decode

With the help of the Android Data Recovery application, you may open up your ZTE Smartphone. Additionally, you may get back any deleted information.

Utilizing Google Account to open up ZTE ZMax Pro

Your ZTE smartphone may be unlocked using a Gmail id. To access your phone, enter your Mail login and password.

Power up the phone.

After a certain number of failed tries, access your cell phone, The choice labeled “Forgot pattern” will appear.

Select “Forgot pattern” from the menu.

The user could be able to sign in using a Gmail account or a rescue PIN.

Then, input your Gmail login information or the alternative PIN.

Your device will then be unlocked at this point.

If you’ve forgotten your email account, retrieve your passwords using the Gmail account recovery website.

Factory reset for the ZTE ZMax Pro to make it faster.

This isn’t a technique to unlock a phone. You can utilize this technique if your mobile feels slow and you know your cellphone password.

All of your cellphone data, including photographs, applications, and preferences, is erased with this reset approach.

Power on the ZTE smartphone.

Select the Settings button.

Locate and choose the Restore & Reset tab afterward.

Then choose Factory Data Reset from the menu.

Then, choose Reset Mobile from the menu.

And choose the choice to delete all.

Your mobile device reset is completed.


Here we have seen ZTE zmax pro mobile and how to unlock the zte zmax pro if you accidentally forget your password. 

You can use several options like Gmail ‘forgot password’ to hard factory reset, depending on your situation. Some solutions might clear your images, personal detail, contacts, etc. So think twice before choosing your remedy.

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