How to Turn off SAP on Samsung TV? Updated Guide

how to turn off sap on samsung tv

Have you ever acknowledged a TV tool called SAP? It essentially serves as an additional audio function for Television programs. But it might be problematic sometimes. So, how to turn off SAP on Samsung tv?

What Exactly Is SAP?

The acoustic function known as Secondary Audio Programming, or SAP, enables you to alter the native tongue of the episodes and series you view. You may view any reality series in whatever accent or language you choose using SAP. Therefore, the SAP function is activated if you notice a tongue other than the actual one on your programs.

If you enjoy watching overseas television programs but struggle with English, the option might be extremely helpful. By activating the SAP option, you may obtain several languages in addition to your preferred version’s original translation. You may completely remove the SAP function if you want to restore the speech to its natural position.

Why Is SAP Support Significant?

The SAP method is great for those with visual impairments and watching TV. In addition to serving as a translation tool, the alternative soundtrack transmits an explanation of the graphics shown on television.

Furthermore, how photos are shown will vary depending on the panel type. Although they both show images, a screen and television have a few distinctions. The dimension of your television can also impact how much energy it consumes, just as multiple screen kinds can affect the picture that is presented.

For instance, a program generally aired in English will also be accessible via SAP to the people of France, Germany, brazil, china, and japan, as well as other countries in their tongue. Programmers occasionally broadcast news and real-time weather using the SAP program.

How to Turn off SAP on Samsung TV?

You can easily turn off SAP on your Samsung television if you don’t use it or want to enjoy the show in its natural language. So, how to turn off sap on Samsung tv? Let’s find out.

Start by looking for the SAP, Sound, or MTS icon on the Television sets remote. If your controller contains these icons, you may push one to switch SAP off or on.

You need to employ this method if your remote control doesn’t include these keys.

  • Activate the TV.
  • Locate the television controller.
  • Find the Settings button on the remote control.
  • In the Panel settings, look for and select the Sound options.
  • Then just choose the SAP tab and deactivate it. 

You can easily enjoy your show with its original audio by doing this.

The Best Way to Disable SAP on a Newer Samsung Smart Tv

SAP in the Samsung Smart TV may be disabled by:

Press the Menu icon on the Samsung Remote control.

Go to “Settings” and select “General.”

Find “Accessibility” and then select “Video Description.”

Clicking on it will turn off the feature if it is on. SAP is referred to as a video description on recent Samsung TVs; disabling this feature will toggle SAP down.

How to Disable SAP on an old Samsung TV?

It’s a somewhat distinct concept to disable SAP if you have an earlier Smart Tvs type that doesn’t enable advanced features.

  • Context settings option on the television remote for Samsung non-smart TVs.
  • Browse to this page and seek “Sound Settings.”
  • SAP settings may be found at the very below of the page.
  • Therefore, you may easily disable SAP on your old Samsung TV by toggling the switch.

How to Disable SAP on an old Samsung TV?

How Can You Enable The SAP Technology On Your Samsung TV?

You may use your tv control to easily activate the SAP function, which is convenient. The following are the procedures necessary to activate SAP if you want to watch television in your mother language.

  • First, switch on your television.
  • Click the “Settings” key on your tv’s remote.
  • The next step is to select the Options subheading.
  • Select Sound Setup.
  • Browse until the SAP suggestion appears.
  • Choose SAP in order to turn it on
  • To enable the SAP, you may need to switch your tv off then and back on.

Now you may enjoy any language programs in your language with the help of SAP.

Alter the Sap on a Samsung TV

You might be inquiring how to modify the SAP option on your Smart Tv since you’re a Samsung TV user. An acoustic station called SAP can give visually impaired people descriptive information. Here is how to modify the Samsung TV’s SAP setting:

  • Select the Home button on the tv remote
  • and choose Settings from the navigation menu.
  • Choose sound, then click SAP on the list that appears.
  • Choose on or Off using the directional buttons on your tv remote, and afterwards, press Enter.
  • If you’ve activated SAP, use the directional buttons to change the intensity before pressing Okay to complete.

How Can I Correct Sap in My Smart Tv?

There seem to be a few possible remedies you may attempt if your Samsung TV is having trouble with the SAP function. Initially, ensure that your Television set’s sound source is adjusted to “stereo” rather than “mono.” The SAP functionality won’t function if it’s configured to mono.

Next, try hitting “Reset” from the settings to retrieve the sound parameters on your television. Ultimately, you may ask for help from Samsung customer care if you continue to experience troubles.

Contact Customer Service 

Even after adjusting these settings, SAP may occasionally broadcast the incorrect sound.

In that scenario, getting in touch with Samsung Contact Center and explaining your problem is the most efficient and straightforward course.

They would be able to identify the problem and offer a speedy fix from their side.

If the situation isn’t with the television, you may need to get in touch with your television service or Cable service to check if there’s something wrong with their department.


So now you know how to turn off sap on Samsung tv and its uses. Make sure to watch your favourite shows in your language if the preset language is hard for you to understand using SAP. Even though it is very useful to watch your favourite programs on your tongue, it’s better to listen to the original version to improve your language skills.

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