How to Setup Rockspace WiFi Extender? [Let’s Find Out]

how to setup rockspace wifi extender

You may customize the Wi-Fi’s parameters by enrolling with the Rockspace range extender. You can easily set up a rockspace Wi-Fi extender, even with the help of the catalog included in the box. Nevertheless, to utilize the equipment’s true capabilities, you must correctly configure it. Therefore, If you don’t know how to set it up properly: let us explain how to setup rockspace WiFi extender.

What Exactly is a WiFi Range Extender?

When extending the radius of a WLAN, a Wi-Fi range extender, also known as a range enhancer, is utilized. The gadget is placed between a core network or base station and a user that is either too far away or on the opposite side of a wall to get satisfactory service.

The Wi-Fi range extender joins with the modem or base station, takes up the signal, and then sends it out again. Users accessing via a range extender often have slower transfer rates and longer hop times than those connected directly with the base station. Users who might receive a poor signal seem to be more likely to benefit from range extenders than those who cannot.

What is a Rockspace WiFi Extender?

The RockSpace is a budget-friendly Wi-Fi extender that costs under 50$. Despite its status as an obscure brand in Britain, the rockspace is now receiving a lot of attention on eBay, making it a potentially alluring purchase for those with Elite accounts, which can swiftly order it and have it shipped the following day.

In the appropriate conditions, the Rock Space Wi-Fi extender—relatively affordable and simple to put up—could be a suitable temporary Wi-Fi option.

How to Configure the Rock Space WiFi Extender?

Users may deploy the Rock Space Wi-Fi extension in one of two ways. Either as the WPS key or an internet browser may be used for that. 

What Are the Necessities?

  • You must have the router and your Rockspace extension on hand.
  • Username and passcode for the dashboard login for the extender. You may find it on the package or beneath the extension. Use the passcode you’ve established if you’ve changed it.
  • Internet explorer on a mobile or desktop computer.

Using WPS to Configure a Rock Space WiFi Extender

You may use the Wi-Fi-protected installation (WPS) tab to expand your Wi-Fi connection. If your network has a WPS button, it must be marked “WPS” on the device. The absence of the key indicates that your device lacks it (if so, you may have to use the next option).

  • Connect your Rock Space Booster to an electric socket (Put it in the exact room’s electrical socket as the Wi-Fi.). Then, allow a short while for the Light to become completely blue. Ensure that the equipment’s transmitter is facing up and perpendicular to the floor.
  • After around 60 seconds, hit the WPS button on your router. After that, press the WPS button on the Rock space Wi-Fi extender. Then watch for the extender’s Indicator Light to become pure blue.
  • Your Wi-Fi devices should be connected after moving the extension.
  • Connect the extension to an adapter located midway between the network and the Wi-Fi kill zone for optimum operation. Nevertheless, confirm that your chosen place is accessible via your current Wi-Fi network.
  • Wait a moment for the Indicator Light to become completely blue. When it does, join it with your Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets. The SSID of your extender is the SSID of your Wi-Fi network with the prefix _EXT/5GEXT. And your Wi-Fi router’s passcode also works.

Using an Internet Browser to Configure your Rock Space WiFi Extender

As previously indicated, this is an alternative way to install a Rock rock Wi-Fi Booster. You should attempt this strategy if the first one didn’t make sense to you.

  • Insert the gadget into an electrical outlet located in the same area as the Wi-Fi and wait for the Light to become bright blue.
  • Join the extender’s wireless connection, rockspace EXT, with your Wi-Fi gadget. But make absolutely sure all cellular internet is turned off. Enter http://re.rockspace.local inside the url bar of your internet browser instantly. Additionally, you may utilize and set up a user account for future tries.
  • Choose the Wi-Fi connection you wish to expand after that. When the “Extended Successfully!” window opens, input the login details and wait a few seconds.
  • Your Wi-Fi gadgets should be connected after moving the extension.
  • Connect the extender to a socket located midway between the router and the Wi-Fi clear spot for optimum operation. But ensure that the place you pick is accessible via your current Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then, watch for a blue Indicator Light. When it does, join it with your Wi-Fi-enabled equipment. The SSID of your extender is the SSID of your Wi-Fi network with the prefix _EXT/5GEXT. The passcode is indeed identical to the one for your Wi-Fi connection.

How Can I Tell Whether the Extension is Working?

  • Check to determine if the Wi-Fi extender’s SSID is still configured to its manufacturer defaults. The application would be unsuccessful if such were the situation.  
  • Make the area a little dimmer so you can easily see the signal and check its precise color condition.
  • To verify whether the extended status is increased, sign into the Wi-Fi extender’s ui. If the modification is a triumph, you might then wish to position the antenna so that it is upright and pointed skyward. If it doesn’t work, think about altering the angle.
  • Move the router and Wi-Fi extension closer and check whether the indication turns bright blue.

What are the Options If You Lose Connectivity After the Implication?

  • Verify the device’s functionality initially. You ought to be able to tell what’s going on via the administration ui and the led sign.
  • To check if it is functioning, remove and reconnect the internet-less gadget.
  • In the event that weak signal strength is the root of the issue, think about shifting the Wi-Fi extender to a different spot.
  • Check to determine if the router has allocated the Wi-Fi extender’s SSID after the linked signal.
  • Test another Wi-Fi connection and reboot the Wi-Fi extender.


A Rockspace Wi-Fi range extender, also known as a channel enhancer, is a form of wireless extender designed to automatically extend the distance of a Wi-Fi Network. You may easily set up this with the help of this article, and you may suggest contacting Rockspace’s helpline number if you are having any issues registering in, and they could help you with your situation.

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