How to Screen Record on Moto? Step By Step Guide

how to screen record on moto

You may be looking at the features of the Motorola Moto G phone either to buy or if you have already bought one. You are probably here to see how to record the screen on moto. So let’s see how to do it.

Motorola has a developing technology. It evolves every day. One of the most impressive new features they have is the default feature where you can screen record your phone. Now it is so to capture your screen, and you don’t have to download apps to record it. You can do it with a quick, simple tap.

How to Screen Record on Moto’s Default Screen Recording Feature?

You can screen record on this without closing your apps while trying to record the screen. It can start with a simple tap. This method is so easy; all you have to do is swipe down your phone, and from there, you can find the options screen record. All you need to do is tap on it.

You can always edit the quick panel if you need help finding the screen recording icon when you swipe the screen down. Ensure the fast board has the screen recording icon, as it will have much easy access.

Or else you can go to settings and select display settings. From there, click screen recording under advanced options.

You can make your screen record by using both of these methods. The first way is much easier, and you can do it while you are in another application.

How to Change the Quality of the Recording?

You all have to go to Settings and the display settings. After that, click on advanced and select screen recording. There you will be able to find the icons to change the quality, size, and resolution as well.

If you own an older Motorola phone, then they don’t have this feature on their phones. If it is the case, you also have a solution. That is to download a third-party recording app and record your screen without an issue.

How to Screen Record on Moto Using a Third-party App?

First, go to your play store and find a screen recorder that suits your phone according to your desired quality. Then download the app you chose, Then you can start recording your screen using the app.

What are the Other Additional Features of Moto?

There are some fantastic additional features on Moto. Some are screen recorders, smart view, nearby share, quick share, quick camera capture, and many more. Let’s analyze some of these features.

Smart view is a feature you can use to share your screen on a nearby TV. This also allows you to watch high-quality videos on your TV.

Nearby share, as the name suggests, allows you to share media, contacts, or videos to nearby devices. You can share things from your phone to nearby devices within a few seconds. It is just a matter of seconds.

Quick share is a feature that Motorola has provided you to share contacts, media, or videos without authorization. You can share things from your phone with any nearby devices or anyone in your contacts.

How to View Recordings on My Motorola Smartphone?

There are two ways users can view your recording just after you record. The first method is to swipe down your phone right after you stop recording to get access to the quick panel. From there, select the recent files so you can access the recent recordings.

The other method is to go to your gallery or the file manager and open the screen record folder.


I hope this article answers your question. You can use the default screen recording app or download a third-party app according to your preference. Also, there are new features on the app itself to make your life easy.

You can also record your screen along with the sounds by enabling the microphone, and if you don’t want to have sound, set the microphone off. If you own an older version of Motorola, you might have a different screen recording on your phone. If so, you must download a third-party app that matches your phone model, and you are good to go.

Motorola has provided all these new features on their phones to give you more access to new technologies and apps. 

If you are a crazy Motorola user, I hope you find this a helpful article.


What’s the Best Way to Record my Moto G8 Lite Screen?

The screen recording in the phone Motorola Moto GP Lite is super easy. You can gain access to the screen recording icon in the notification panel. To begin screen recording, press the volume up and power buttons simultaneously. Select the display option from the setting menu to configure all the settings. Then you can find the screen record button on the phone. Then go for it.

How Do I Record My Motorola Screen with Sound?

After you turn on the screen recording, you will be able to see a menu popping up. You can choose whether to keep the microphone on or off in the particular menu. screen with Turn on the microphone if you want to record your screen with sounds. As well as recording the audio, your phone will allow you to record the screen. And your phone will allow you to. It is not rocket science; you can even do it if you have the proper knowledge.

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