How To Return Mattress To Amazon – Explained Step By Step

How To Return Mattress To Amazon

Even additional convenience comes from buying online using; It might be challenging and risky to purchase a mattress on Amazon. So, how to return mattress to Amazon when you’ve had one shipped and are dissatisfied with its effectiveness?

Mattress Shopping On Amazon

Everyone who has looked for one bed understands that it must be touched and examined before they are sure that it meets your demands and could be acquired. Most mattresses, particularly those sold on Amazon, cannot be felt or tested before purchase. Because of this, it’s crucial to understand how to return mattress to Amazon if you’re dissatisfied.

The selection of available mattresses on Amazon is unparalleled when shopping for a high-quality mattress. You can use the site to evaluate the features and costs of various mattresses. Since bedtime accounts for one-third of daily waking hours, it is crucial to have regulated, appreciative, and pleasant beds for resting. In the unlikely event that it isn’t, you must successfully obtain a substitute by using the refund policy.

When you’re not happy with your mattresses, you may check out this article to find out if you really can return them to Amazon. We’ll also show you how to return mattress to Amazon while following their return guidelines.

Is Amazon Mattress Returns Possible?

You certainly can! There are various mattress returning options, but they all rely on the state the mattress was in when you received it. You have 30 days from the date of purchasing, up to 100 days, based on what kind of bed you bought, to return that to Amazon.

How To Return Mattress To Amazon?

You may return a mattress in a number of ways. One alternative is to contact Amazon’s Return Center, go to the Buying Record, where all of the items you’ve bought will be shown, and click “Return or Replace Item” upon those mattresses you wish to exchange. Your return must fall within the purchaser’s 100-day returning window. 

Another option is to speak well with Amazon Seller and then let them know why you would need to replace the mattresses. It’s essential to keep in mind that some businesses provide free trials that adhere to Amazon’s guidelines, so you might have a distinct window of opportunity to get back the mattresses when you’re unhappy.

  • Amazon Mattress Returns For Unopened Products

The return process for almost any goods is quite simple, and Amazon is indeed very forgiving with its return policy. One could return mattresses that you purchased from Amazon if they later found that a different mattress had been delivered or maybe you’ve selected the incorrect size.

Customers have between 30 and 100 days to respond to bedding if it’s not been unsealed. Even so, customers now have 30 days after purchase to return the bed if they’ve already opened it. The vendor you purchased your bed to may indeed determine if you get a complete refund or otherwise, but for the most part, unopened replacements are reimbursed in full.

  • Mazon Mattress Returns With Opened And Expanded Covers

Returning any mattress that has been opened and inflated in the thrill of getting this only to find that it just doesn’t suit and doesn’t meet your needs is somewhat different from doing so for one that hasn’t been touched in any way.

After 30 days, mattresses that have been unopened, inflated, or full size cannot be decided to return. Even if you’ve never further harmed the beds, Amazon would still let you replace them and receive a refund, in accordance with their return policy.

Mattresses that have been opened and extended cannot be returned to Amazon, but you can start the return procedure. If someone purchased out of an individual vendor, certain refunds might be subject to the vendor’s authority.

Instead of genuinely returning mattresses, Amazon often enables buyers to contribute them to a good cause. If the 30-day period has passed if you failed to back your mattress, the firm urges its users to give the bed to a charitable organization. More significantly, as far as the beds are not severely damaged, the majority of charitable organizations will take them.

What Are Variables That Can Impact Mattress Returns On Amazon?

1. You can exchange and get a refund for an unused mattress.

2. You cannot refund mattresses back to Amazon that has been unpacked and extended.

3. However, unless you purchased the mattresses out of a merchant that is not affiliated with Amazon and has a refund policy that is different from Amazon’s, you will often receive a refund.

4. A mattress that is obviously destroyed cannot be returned.

What Is The Procedure For Returning Your Mattresses To Amazon?

One must adhere to a specific process if you want to refund a mattress with Amazon. Although it might vary from vendor to vendor, the standard procedure is essentially the same for all vendors.

  • Make The Mattress Ready

Prior to returning the mattresses, you must first start preparing them. Even though some mattress retains their original shape, others extend. You cannot, under any circumstances, send the bed in the very same box that it was sent in. To avoid any damage or staining while delivery, you merely need to cover the mattresses more than you can.

  • Comply With The Return Policies

You must then decide your next course of action by carefully following its return policy’s guidelines. At times, the mattresses will be taken by the vendor who will show up at your door. In contrast, if the merchant is located elsewhere, you’ll need to transport the mattresses there.

  • Freight Charges

Look into the shipping costs if either is specified inside the refund policy. Thankfully, many businesses don’t pay for a delivery, although it’s best to double-check. 

  • The Return Window

While the Amazon refund policy specifies the 30-day return period for mattresses, other vendors offer extended free trials.

  • Receive The Refund

You’ll receive the cashback once the vendor follows their return policy. While it differs from vendor to vendor, the typical time is between four and five days.


Nowadays, shopping online is a lot simpler than browsing through several establishments in quest of what will best suit your requirements because the entire world has essentially shifted digital. Though it may not seem as convenient as exchanging similar things, replacing the mattresses is possible. In this tutorial, we’ve covered how to return mattress to Amazon while noting a few tips to help the procedure go more smoothly.

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