How To Reset Astro A50 – Comprehensive Guide

How To Reset Astro A50

The Astro A50 is undoubtedly well-known if you enjoy playing video games. The headset is renowned across the gaming universe as the monster due to its top-notch audio and perfect experience. However, this also has several drawbacks, much like many electrical products. The frequent inability of the Astro A50 to work is a common issue that consumers sometimes encounter.This post shows how to reset Astro A50  if you need to restart the headset in case of such a problem.

Frequently, there are issues while attempting to connect the headphones to the game console. Rebooting the headset is probably one of the most acceptable options in this situation to get it operating again. If you have never used an Astro 50 before and are having problems with it, you might not know how to reboot it to resolve itWe have created a guide that will address practically all of your questions on how to reset Astro A50 headset.

Quick Summary: Before you reboot your Astro A50, ensure that the power button is in the ON state. Press down the Gaming end of the Game/Voice balancing in addition to the Dolby toggle for an additional minimum of 15 secs. After a hard reboot, your headset must work adequately once again.

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There are distinct types of cordless headsets on the marketplace. However, the Astro A50 is the most expensive and the top gameplay choice. You require headphones for gameplay to block background noise and avoid having it interfere with your enjoyment of the game. The finest headphones on the marketplace for this purpose are the Astro A50 models. Its cushioned and insulating padding aids in preventing ambient sounds from entering your ears.

Even though the Astro A50 headsets offer many beneficial features, there have been several instances of consumers who have found the reset process to be frustrating. Knowing that your attempts to find a solution to reboot the headset have been ineffective has probably worn you out. So let’s look at how to reset Astro A50.

What To Know Before Resetting The Astro A50 Headset

The custom configurations you previously specified for your Astro A50 will get erased if you do a factory reset. You must be responsible for paying the expense of rebooting it, which would also erase all of your previous configurations.

Several people think the devastation to their Astro A50s is too severe to repair. Several folks even purchased a new pair whenever they required to reset them. Astro’s terrible description of the reset process is something we can hold them liable for. All of their documentation leaves that out. Follow the below process for how to reset Astro A50.

How To Reset Astro A50

Finding internet guidelines for the Astro reboot is practically impossible. Before we proceed, be aware that a complete reboot as this will erase any customized configurations you have preserved for your headset. You could probably make do with it even if it isn’t optimal because your headsets aren’t working right now.

So, if you’re experiencing trouble, you must do these actions in the hopes that they may help and solve your issue. The Astro a50 configurations must get restored to their original condition to ensure that any software problems can get swiftly resolved

  • Begin by putting your Astro on the docking station. Equally, hold down the Gaming and Dolby icon buttons for 15 seconds. It will help if you jiggle them until you notice they’re charging. The charging Indicators on the connection must begin to flicker.
  • As soon you notice the station charging, hit the Power toggle on the headsets to switch them ON. After that, remove them from the station.
  • The next step is to locate the Sourcing audio toggle. It will be on your headset’s side. It is the middle button.
  • Determine the Gaming side of the Voice balancing. The exterior ear cover of the Astro A50 headphone gets imprinted with “Gaming side.” It should be facing upwards.
  • Once you’ve located these controls, firmly press them both for approximately 15 secs.
  • Whenever the 15 moments are over, return your Astro to the charging station. As soon as the power indicator goes on, your headsets must work

It’s conceivable that this strategy didn’t succeed for some of you on occasion. Usually, this is a consequence of the headset’s design, leading to consumer mistakes when they try to reboot them. For whatever cause, you could accidentally press the Astro A50 headset’s “gaming mode” toggle due to its bumpy surface.

Customers commonly do this and accidentally convert the headset to a voice function by not pushing the button down strongly sufficient. Being exceedingly cautious to prevent this potential snare is the only way to solve this problem right now.

When To Reset The Astro A50 Headset.

You’ll likely run into quite a several issues with the Astro over the period. These headsets are without question the greatest ones on the market. However, they eventually run into problems, just like any other device.

If you encounter any issues described below, we suggest hard rebooting your headset before losing it. A simple reboot might resolve some of the most severe concerns. The Astro A50 has the following issues that a hard reboot might fix:

• Your A50 headphone won’t turn on.

• There is no power indicator on your headphone.

• The audio system isn’t working; therefore, there’s no audio.

• There is a problem with the microphone.

• You cannot link the A50 headphone to your devices.

Bottom Line

The Astro A50 is now one of the highly acclaimed gaming headphones in the industry. And for the excellent purpose have a lot of power. The Astro A50 Headphone primarily works with Playstation 4, Computer, and Mac platforms and offers high-quality audio.

It is either made for that system or at ease there. But even great things have their share of flaws. Luckily, a fast hard reboot may solve the majority of issues you’ll run across with the A50s.

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