How to Redirect to a Tag on Tumblr? Simplify Your Tumblr Blog!

how to redirect to a tag on tumblr

On any Tumblr blog, you may tag individual posts, and Tumblr will turn those tags into pages. If someone visits your Tumblr, they may add tagged for the last part of the URL to see all the posts you’ve labeled with the tag. But how to redirect to a tag on Tumblr?

You may make unique page labels to add to your primary Tumblr site if you would like to inform your readers about these additional pages. You will learn ways to do this through this article. Learn a few tricks for Tumblr tag optimization.

What is a Tag on Tumblr?

Using tags on a website makes it simpler for users to locate entries regarding a certain subject.

You may use the hashtag #landscape to identify your landscape photos or the hashtag #butler to identify postings about your butler.

It’s as simple as you may think to tag your content. Tags should be entered in the area at the bottom of the comment form when creating a post.

  • A tag doesn’t have to be enclosed in quotes or begin with a hash (#).
  • To distinguish each tag, press enter.
  • A post’s top 20 tags are the only ones that will appear in searches. You’re simply tagging for display after that.

Tumblr hashtags can contain gaps in them. They constitute the internet’s most readable tags. Tagging your writings is a terrific way to present your material to the groups you want to target, yet they also serve as an excellent tool for organizing, collecting, and displaying your posts via blog tag pages.

Why Redirect to a Tag on Tumblr?

Tumblr is going to look for references to a topic in its posts’ tags whenever you conduct searching for it. Searches on Tumblr will provide results.

If you apply a tag to a unique post, that particular article will show up in the associated tag search. On Tumblr, anybody may do a tag search.

When a post contains a tag such as a hashtag, Tumblr only scans through the associated tags for the specific phrase you entered. Or you may manually alter the location bar’s “searching” to the “tagged” setting. Because you can use this method to filter articles by post kind, it proves more beneficial.

The option to insert the tag at a certain date is one benefit of reading a tag within the /tagged/ form. This might be helpful if you are interested in historical information regarding the tag but are unfamiliar with the most current hypes.

Why Redirect to a Tag on Tumblr

How to Redirect to a Tag on Tumblr?

You may direct traffic to an area on your website that is related to a certain tag or subject while using Tumblr. You may also use the page to connect to another website.

Here is a guide on creating a page label on Tumblr.

  • Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the Admin of the website where you wish to set up a page tag on Tumblr.
  • Simply select Customize Appearance.
  • Add a Page may be found by clicking the Pages option.
  • The Tumblr tagged page’s URL should be entered. To use an example, type
  • Choose Redirect from the drop down option under Page Type.
  • Enter the URL. Type, for instance,
  • Set the Show a Connection to Current Page checkbox to true.
  • Press Create Webpage and Saving and Quit.

Here’s a guide on how to set up a Tumblr page where postings are sorted by tag.

  • On the front page of your blog, select the Edit Design link in the top middle.
  • To display the scroll bar, position the pointer in the display’s corner.
  • Select Add a Page once you have finished scrolling all of the way down to the side.
  • The window allows you to add a page display.
  • Press Standard Layout.
  • Choose Redirect.
  • To enable the display of a link to that page. Blue should appear.
  • Give the page url a name.
  • Put at the end of the URL.
  • Put the URL that contains the tag in the ‘Redirect to’ box as Adapt as necessary.
  • Press Save.
  • Try following the link by visiting the blog.

Alternately, add URLs in the style below to the Tumblr caption.

<a href=””>


When implementing the Scaffold theme for Tumblr, it functions flawlessly.

Tips for Optimizing Tags on Tumblr

The following techniques are utilized to increase Tumblr blog traffic.

Check that Google is Able to Identify the Tumblr Blog

Make sure the blog is set up so that engines like Google can locate it.

Post Informative Material

When a piece of material offers its intended audience solutions, it is valuable.

Change the Header Tags

Adding tags to your header is a good way to make your blog’s crawling process better.

Make Unique Permalinks

Create an effort to make article URLs informative and simple to write out for possible visitors.

Use Appropriate Keywords to Tag your Articles

You should utilize your goal keywords and phrases like the tags on the articles that relate to them for SEO reasons.

Make Internal Links Between your Postings

Providing a consistent stream of good material in the shape of links is one strategy to increase viewership.

Change the Title Plus the Tag Description of your Blog

When writing your posts, use a title that appropriately expresses the topic material.

How to Search Tags on Tumblr?

  • Place the mouse in the search area on the panel.
  • This will provide a menu with your following tags.
  • You can adjust the dropdown menu’s selections by entering the word or phrase you want to search for.
  • The first selection in the options list will direct you to the tag site. The subsequent dropdown choice will redirect you to a search page. A list of websites connected to the keyword or phrase appears underneath these two alternatives.

If you search on just one tag, the results are based on every post that has that tag. However, as you search for several tags, it only returns posts that have all of the sought tags.

  • Put in the initial tag you wish to look up.
  • Once you’ve finished, add a comma to the very end of the initial tag you’ve typed. Fill in the following tag you wish to look for after leaving a solitary space.
  • To add numerous tags as well as look for posts that have all of the entered tags, restart the procedure as much as you’d like.


In conclusion, using Tumblr’s redirect feature to go to a certain tag provides a quick and simple approach to browse the platform’s extensive material. You may limit the search outcomes you see on Tumblr to particular tags by using the “tagged” option of the search bar. You can easily search and share material on Tumblr by getting the hang of these methods.

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