How to Program Vivitar Remote: The Ultimate Tutorial

how to program vivitar remote

The majority of popular TV, Blu-ray, DVD, VCR, broadband, satellite, plus home cinema manufacturers are compatible well with Vivitar universal remote. It uses two AAA batteries to operate itself and can control a maximum of four devices. It has buttons that are big and simple to read. How to program Vivitar remote? It’s explained in this article.

The Vivitar international remote makes it simple to control all of your home theater equipment, doing away with the need for separate remotes. You can use the remote control more efficiently if you read this article, which also discusses remote control-related issues and their fixes.

What is Vivitar Remote?

The eight-in-one Vivitar global controller does have three-digit and four-digit keys. A maximum of eight devices can be controlled by this global controller, which is called the “8 Device” model. The majority of the famous companies of TV, Blu-ray, DVDs, Video, broadband, internet, theater room, etc., can all be used with it.

Two triple-A batteries fuel this wireless remote pack. A user-friendly, ergonomic layout was used. You wouldn’t have to deal with the inconvenience of having all your remote controls in one place because this remote can handle TVs, Blu-ray users, set-top boxes, etc.

To use the international remote to operate gadgets, like a TV, switch that on. Channel-switching is done by turning on the remote, pointing it towards the Television, and pressing the CH+ as well as CH- keys. You can get a step closer to practical and effective remote control by using codes.

How to Program Vivitar Remote?

It’s not a difficult effort to program an international remote. These are the procedures.

  • To make the process run more smoothly, collect the codes listed on the manufacturer of any gear.
  • Get the electronics ready for remote programming. Turn on the equipment, and make sure your remote has fresh batteries.
  • The TV key on any controller should be pressed as you point it at your device.
  • By pressing and holding the SETUP key, you can enter learning mode and get your gadget and controller ready for coding.
  • Input and give the id out from lists that belong to the gadget that you are now configuring using the touchpad or the numerical buttons on our controller.
  • A little light will pulse four times, provided you follow the instructions correctly. The indicator will immediately go out if the right code has been entered.
  • Switch off the appliance by aiming your controller at it. Restart it to confirm that the programming is complete. If it obeys the orders, try using some of the buttons.

Method of Hand Programming without Coding

  • Toggle You should use the international remote to control the smart gadget.
  • Activate the remote by tapping the gadget button three times in a row. The gadget is prepared to program according to the LED light.
  • Use the controller to select the “CH+” and “CH-” buttons.
  • Hit your “up” or “down” key repeatedly until the device turns off.
  • By pressing “power,” you may confirm the code. It should start up. To ensure that the control is properly configured, try switching channels and see whether it still works.
  • To store the code, press the “device” option now. To verify that the code was successfully stored, your device’s LED is going to flash twice.

Automatic Search for Code

  • Through this Universal Controller, turn on the gadget you wish to program.
  • Activate the gadget icon under Settings by pressing and holding it.
  • At this point, you must insert the generic binary code “9-9-1.” Then enter the last 3 bits and keep pressing the “on/off” lever.
  • Finding the key code may take a little more time, yet it’s necessary. Once you’ve finished, your controller should operate as intended for all of its features.

Programming Vivitar Remote for Other Devices

Box with cable

  • Locate the item number that corresponds to the brand and model of the Television and broadband box inside the user guide or on the company’s website.
  • Activate your cable subscription and Television.
  • Choose the item power button control that goes with the equipment you want to configure.
  • Press the “satellite/cable” button.
  • Press and clutch the “setup” knob for a few moments.
  • Input the code you placed from the handler guide or creator’s site. Press the power or station change controls to check if it has functioned.

DVD Player

  • First, you demand to have the truthful code for your DVD brand. Guarantee you turn on the DVD performer you want to synchronize with your common remote regulator.
  • Hold the remote control close enough to your DVD player.
  • Once the five-element icons start to ignite, continue to press the “SETUP” icon.
  • Pressing the list of the installed button on the controller constitutes the following step. Your goal is to configure a DVD player, so DVD is the element key.
  • With the global controller’s keypad, enter the proper codes. As soon as you enter the right code, the item button should blink twice and then go off.
  • This DVD player will come on if you hold down the power button here on the controller.

Programming Vivitar Remote for Other Devices

Troubleshooting Vivitar Remote Programming Issues

Programming the Vivitar controller may result in a variety of potential problems.

Near is insufficient

The majority of enduring issues with international remotes are the result of setup errors.


Make sure you’ve typed in the correct specific models for the gadgets you’re attempting to control. Next, try refreshing the stored codes on your remote controller.

Does the signal make it to the device?

It can be difficult to be certain that the unseen wireless orders from the remote controller are truly reaching the sensors on the gadgets, regardless of whether all of the AV equipment is exposed or concealed behind such a cupboard.


It’s important investigating the expression levels of any problematic devices you have.

Disruption of the Signal

The proper orders are given at the proper times and in the correct order by a successful international remote control. Problems could arise from any obstruction.


While using an infrared control, you must maintain the direction of the remote till all the gadgets are operating as intended.

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