How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile? [Easy-Peasy Steps]

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile

Among the most widely used forums for different texts is Discord. Both working for a living and socializing with others are included. Learn “how to move Discord channels on mobile” throughout this process guide to control and arrange your conversations as you see fit.

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How to move discord channels on mobile? First, touch on the name of the location to shift conversations in Discord on such a smartphone. Click “Settings” after that. Tapping “Channels” will bring up the “Server Settings” screen. Next, click on the “Sort” button. A sort mode may be selected from the submenu. Select “Done” after dragging and dropping the server ports.


Building communities, sending messages, and interacting with pals are all possible on the expansive primary interface of Discord. It enables messaging apps, voice communications, and sometimes even videoconferencing so that you may communicate using any pals. You can use Discord on a smartphone or a computer because it is a versatile program.

Because certain functions on a Discord cellphone are a little advanced, modifications could be complex. Using Discord, switching channels might be intricate for many phone devices. This article can help you figure out “how to move discord channels on mobile” if you have a similar issue.

Setting Up the Channels

Users may discover the areas they’re seeking far more quickly by classifying routes on a network, which can help a lot. Users’ experiences will be improved, and they’ll take greater pleasure in society if the stream is kept tidy and clean.

What Prerequisites Must be Met in Order to Move Conversations on Discord Phones?

The ability to move conversations on Discord is not well known to or never utilized by numerous Discord customers. However, this is one of the characteristics that you need to understand if you want to manage your own servers.

Even better, learning how to move channels on Discord mobile would make it simpler for you to control your server from your portable devices. This fantastic tool will assist you in keeping order and discipline in your network. Changing the ordering of the streams on the system will be made easier by relocating your streams.

You can quickly locate the text or audio stream you want on a network that is well-organized. You’ll be able to move across any of the streams in the sections for speech and text streams. Even switching connections among two separate servers is possible with this functionality.

What Prerequisites Must be Met in Order to Move Conversations on Discord Phones?

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile?

Despite being contradictory, the procedure is straightforward.

Step 1: Open Discord by tapping “Discord” on the smartphone. The left side column will then appear when you click the menu bar in the top left corner of the screen. It’s also possible to reach the left side menu by just swiping your thumb to the side.

Step 2: Find and choose the user’s name from the directory of servers that appears here on the left side panels.

Step 3: Click on the custom buttons on that screen that displays. Tap “Settings” because we need to rearrange Discord seats on the team. Due to its gears or cogwheel design, you kept this symbol.

Step 4: Navigate to the screen labeled “Server Settings” immediately. Click “Channels” here on the previous page.

Step 5: When you land on the “Channels” tab, you’ll be able to see all of the verbal and written streams that are currently active on the site. Though the “Sort” choice again for streams won’t be shown right away. The three horizontal lines symbol has replaced the designation of the term “Sort.” However, because the columns aren’t the same width as those on a menu bar, it is not comparable. Anyhow, hit the “Sort” icon located in the upper-right corner of the “Channels” tab.

Step 6: However, you must first choose the “Sort Mode” in order to start figuring. Pick the category-specific choice from the available three.

Step 7: When you choose “Text Channel,” sorted symbols will show up next to the titles of any Discord conversations. The channel names may then be dragged and dropped until they are correctly sorted or ordered by long-pressing first.

Step 8: Click “Done” inside the top right corner of the page, whereas if streams have already been set up how you like them.

How to Move Discord Channels on Mobile iOS?

You could also use the Discord application when you own an iPhone to join Discord. Here on the Discord application, you may also modify the channel order. This article will show you how to move channels on Discord mobile.

Step 1: Open the iPhone’s Discord application.

Step 2: Login into the system.

Step 3: The network symbols may be found on the left.

Step 4: Hold down the connection icon for a long time to see the host choices.

Step 5: Select “More Options” from the menu.

Step 6: At this point, you’ll notice various server options.

Step 7: To enter the options, click here on the gear icon.

Step 8: To modify the ordering of the stations after entering the preferences, select the networks option.

Step 9: At this point, you’ll see a list of channels.

Step 10: Select the three lines inside the upper right side by clicking.

Step 11: You may now reorganize the stations and the stream categories.

Step 12: Use the three columns to shift the streams upward and downward.

Step 13: Select the “done” button after you’re through rearranging that will save the adjustments.

How Can I Transfer Channels in Discord on My Computer?

It is simpler and much more straightforward to rearrange channels on the desktop version of Discord than it does on the mobile app. To achieve this, click and drag any word line to the desired location. The procedure is identical whether you want to rearrange voice streams or groups.

Final Reflections

The majority of users need to be made aware of Discord’s beneficial feature of moving rooms, although it exists. It allows you to rearrange the stations in the program guide for every category.

With the drag-and-drop technique, you may also switch between different channel types and locations. You may now be more interested in learning how to transfer channels on Discord on mobile as a result of its utility.

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