How To Make Clips Longer On Tiktok – Don’t Let The App Limit You

How To Make Clips Longer On Tiktok

You can edit movies on TikTok & change the clip duration at will, thanks to the app’s built-in clipper. We’ll demonstrate how to make clips longer on TikTok in this article.

What Is The Duration Of A Video On Tiktok?

Thanks to the abundance of trends, lenses, music, and quick, hilarious clips that are available on the application, TikTok has grown to be among the top popular social networks. The duration restrictions on TikTok are one of its distinguishing qualities. On TikTok, users may choose roughly how long your clips will be, and they can upload everything from one-second to one-minute lengthy videos.

However, as the customer base expands, more individuals attempt to create their own material. Many people are unsure if there is a way to record and submit lengthier movies.

Despite the fact that TikTok is focused on shortened version material, several individuals are seeking methods to extend their films so they can fit them into more of a single post. How to make clips longer on TikTok videos without having them split up into many parts?

Does A Tiktok Video Has A Maximum Length?

The time restriction for recording and uploading clips on TikTok was initially only 15 seconds, but it was subsequently increased to one minute and then 3 minutes in response to user requests for lengthier movies so they could include more in a single video.

Even while the three-minute restriction has given, video producers with far more latitude have asked that it be increased once more. TikTok announced the launch of 10-minute clips throughout the network around February 2022.

Not everybody is capable of creating 10 minutes of TikTok straight now, even though the functionality began to roll out in late February. Your camera will open when you select the + icon at the bottom of the display. Sliding through the various time restrictions well above the pink shutter button will reveal the availability of ten min.

Why 10 Minutes Limit For A TikTok Video?

TikTok may more effectively compete alongside platforms like YouTube, which disproportionately favor long-form content, including podcasts, by producing longer clips. Additionally, it aids TikTok in attracting a more mature audience & long-term viewers.

However, moving to longer material may affect the perception of individuals who are already used to shorter format. This is so that the suggestion algorithms may be changed in response to the viewing behavior data that has been gathered. It’s possible that a person won’t remember a video they started viewing but subsequently finished as one they appreciated.

How To Make Clips Longer On Tiktok?

You must upload your videos to the CapCut software before adding the audio if you want to create your TikTok audio synchronization videos lengthier. Using this program, you can quickly sync your audio and lengthen the video. 

How To Make Clips Longer On Tiktok Using Capcut?

For direct syncing of your preferred songs, link your TikTok profile to CapCut. You must first upload the audio before beginning to add individual “Beats manually.” For the transitions to appear attractive, these beats must adhere to the audio beat decreases. To finish the procedure, you must align the sound and the visuals.

  • Install The Capcut App On Your Device

The CapCut software must first be downloaded. You may begin the process of lengthening your video for the TikTok audio synchronization once you have downloaded the program. Upon this TikTok application, you may, though, turn on “Auto Sync” if you do choose. However, there has always been a discrepancy between the clip and the audio; they won’t sync perfectly.

  • Include Videos From The Application’s Gallery

You may begin adding your clips after you’ve launched the app and are prepared. Select “+ New Project” from the application’s home screen. In the majority of instances, a new pop-up will appear requesting permission to visit the gallery.

The gallery would occur following the authorization. By touching just blank circles next to each clip, you may choose which videos you wish to include in the final film. Click “Add” after selecting the files.

  • Make Videos Lengthier On Tiktok And Add Audio To The Timelines

You must first add the audio to the films in order to synchronize it with the videos before you may lengthen or shorten them. Its “Audio” button may be found in the display’s bottom bar. Next, at the exact location, a new menu containing “Sounds, Effects, Extracted, Voiceover” would appear. To access the music section, click “Sounds.” You may find several different sound genres whenever the Sound site first loads.

Connecting the CapCut application to one TikTok profile allows users to upload particular or preferred audio files. Click “Sign in with TikTok” to accomplish this. For CapCut to be connected to any TikTok profile, hit “Authorize” immediately. After then, by tapping the “Star” symbol, you’ll be able to discover your favorite tunes.

  • Add Rhythms To The Audio To Coordinate The Audio With Videos And Lengthen Them

To add any clip, hit the “+” icon after you’ve located the one you want. It would then be included in the video timeline. To activate the music you just added, press it now. At that point, a secondary pop-up menu is there at the bottom of your screen. Toggle the “Match Cut” button. Your browser will then bring you to the webpage in which you can begin adding Sounds. 

To begin, followed by the sound, touch the “Play Icon” right away. Touch the “+ Add Beat” button to add a rhythm to the rhythmic drop of your audio. The videos can then be lengthened by adjusting their length.

  • Create The Segments Lengthier And Sound-Synchronized To Distribute The Videos On Tiktok

After including each beat in the audio sequence, you may return to the clip. Tap the confirmed symbol to verify the adjustments. Based on how lengthy your TikTok clip will be, you could now adjust the time on your videos just on the editor site.

In order to ensure that every video ends at the designated “Beat” position, modify the films as necessary. You may do this by tapping and dragging the movie’s edges to alter the timeline and length. Once you are prepared, hit the “Upload” option in the upper right corner of the window to submit the movie. To finish the procedure, click “Share to TikTok” just on the new section.

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