How to Google Bypass LG Stylo 6? (All You Need To Know)

how to google bypass lg stylo 6

Learning how to google bypass LG Stylo 6 is necessary when you forget your login username and password. Factory Reset Protection is an option Google provides to protect and prevent fraud and security breaches. This feature will be automatically activated when the phone is factory reset, and your google account is included or added to the device. You require the need to delete or remove the account to disable this feature. This bypass option is given for you to recover the device access when you forget your google account login credentials.

In this article, we will discuss what google bypass is, how to prepare your phone before the process happens and how to bypass your Stylo 6, and how to remove your google account before the FRP process.        

What is Google Bypass, and Why is it Important?                                         

Google bypass is the factory reset protection (FRP) circumventing process. This process is used to prevent any forms of unauthorized access to the devices that are reset to their factory settings.

It gets enabled automatically when the user resets the device. When this happens, users should log in through their google account used on the device previously.

The bypass methods are important when the users have forgotten their account login credentials, making accessing the device difficult. The bypass process is considered to be illegal and is reported to damage the device.

One is recommended to get help from an authorized personnel or technician to access the device. An LG Stylo 6 usually requires a google bypass when the user has forgotten their username or password during FRP.

How to Prepare Your LG Stylo 6 for Google Bypass?                       

If you are getting ready to reset your device, you need to consider and focus on the following factors to prepare your device for reset. Bypassing is required when you completely reset your device and have forgotten the credentials to log in again.

Turn Off Wifi and Cellular Data to Prevent Automatic Updates   

Before you perform a google bypass, make sure to turn off wi-fi and data on your device. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary updates of apps and software on your device, interrupting the bypass FRP.

Charge your Phone to Avoid Interruption During the Process

The next important step is to make sure your phone is fully charged or at least 90% charged. The FRP and bypass process wipes out the entire phone clean. So it takes quite some time to complete the task. To prevent the FRP from stopping during the process due to battery drain. Connecting the phone to a charger or keeping it full-charged before starting the process is important.        

Backup Important Data to Avoid Data Loss

Before carrying out a factory reset and bypass, it is essential to move certain important files and folders, as well as other apps and media, to a backup device, drive, or PC. Resetting the device means a complete reset which results in data loss that cannot be recovered.

How to Google Bypass LG Stylo 6?                         

We will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to google-bypass your LG Stylo 6. 

There are several methods available to bypass a google account. Not all of them will work for you. Sometimes certain methods don’t apply to all devices. The bypass can be done in two ways; with and without a PC.

To bypass without the PC is the easiest way to do it. Follow the below-mentioned steps;

  1. First, make sure to connect the PC and mobile to the internet using wi-fi or cellular data. And then, turn on the Stylo 6, insert a pin locked to the device, and remove the sim card.
  2. When the sim card is removed, you will notice a notification displayed on the screen with ‘not signed in.’ click on the bell icon by sliding the notification from left to right.
  3. After the notification pane has expanded, click on the Bluetooth icon and hold to turn on the Bluetooth of your LG.
  4. Next, turn on the LG wireless headset so that you can connect with your LG Stylo 6. Now click on the call button three times. And by doing so, the google assistant will open up. Click on ‘open settings’ for the settings to open.
  5. Now click on the ‘fingerprint’ option given and select the pattern to lock and unlock. Finally, restart your device. After the phone has restarted, draw the same pattern to unlock your Stylo 6.

How Do I Remove a Google Account from My LG Stylo 6

How Do I Remove a Google Account from My LG Stylo 6?                             

Follow these steps to easily remove your google account from LG Stylo 6.

  1. The first step is to navigate your phone to the settings icon and, from the settings, scroll down to the section indicating ‘accounts.’ When you click on the ‘accounts,’ all the accounts that are connected to your LG Stylo 6 will be displayed.
  2. From the list of accounts displayed, click on the specific account that you want unlinked on your mobile. Simply click on google account.
  3. Next, from the data linked to your Google account, press on the option ‘remove account’ to continue further. Once done, a message confirming the removal will appear. From this, click again on ‘remove account’ to confirm.
  4. Now all relevant data connected to the google account will be deleted from your mobile device. Now reset the phone by clicking the factory data reset option available in reset settings. All data on your phone will be completely wiped out.


Your LG Stylo 6 runs on android version 10, which is powered by the processor MediaTek MT6765. This dual sim smart device is supported by a nano sim card. The FRP has activated automatically in your phone when a google account is set up. When this happens, you can only log into the account with a google username. One will have to download a google account manager when handling it with a PC. But the above method we have mentioned is much easier and quicker to bypass an LG Stylo 6.

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