How To Get In App Purchases For Free iOS – Detailed Guide

How To Get In App Purchases For Free iOS

Apple Inc. created the mobile operating system, which they call iOS. The apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch run the iOS operating system. This article will teach you how to get in app purchases for free iOS. Some people find it hard to purchase in-apps on iOS devices; by reading the article, you can learn how to do it.

The actions in a mobile application are In-app and in-app purchases, which means the amount you have to pay to get certain apps. There are also free apps that belong to the in-app purchase model; you do not have to purchase them in-app. Instead, you can get them for free by using the hacks provided in the article.

More About In-App Purchases

As mentioned in the article, In-app purchase refers to the price you have to pay after purchasing an application or getting advanced features for an already existing application. When you go to the App Store on your iOS device, you will find the price near the respective app. There will be a button with the price. In some cases, the button will say Buy or Get. You can purchase the app by clicking on the button and making the payment.

Sometimes you will be able to download the app for free, but that will not provide all the required features; hence you might have to pay and get all the In-app features, while some apps will not provide any of the features for free so to use these kinds of apps initially you will have to make a payment. But do you know how to get in app purchases for free iOS? Yes! You can get in-apps for free on your iOS device. 

Suppose you are playing a game and you are stuck in the middle without any clues; at this point, the application will offer an in-app purchase that will solve your problem within a second, making you continue playing the game.

In some applications, you will only get the basic features and in-app purchases might be there for the premium version. So for you to experience the premium version, you will have to purchase the app. If you find it challenging to afford in-app purchases and want them free, then this article will help you.

Main Types Of In-App Purchase

  • Consumable In-app Purchases

You might have come across consumable in-app purchase in most mobile games. Consumable in-app purchase means during a particular game if you want one more life (health) to continue the game, or maybe you require currency or power-up in such a situation, you will have to pay a small amount to receive them. Have you ever witnessed this type of in-app purchase?

Most of you might have played candy crush saga; when you want extra cash, life, or other gifts, they will ask you to pay $ 0.99; this is an example of a consumable in-app purchase. The main disadvantage of consumables here is that when you transfer the game to another device, maybe from your iPod touch to iPhone, all the life, cash, and power-up will be lost.

  • Non-consumable In-app Purchases

Next is the non-consumable in-app purchase, where you pay to unlock levels, remove advertisements, get extra games/ levels, or get the premium version. Here the purchase is permanent.

You can continue playing without interruption even when you change the game to another device with the same Apple ID. Once you pay and get a non-consumable in-app purchase that will be safely stored in your device even when you lose them, you can download it for free.

  • Subscriptions

The third type of in-app purchase is a subscription. For example, consider any premium apps/content that will restrict you from accessing the full content for free, but some of the content will be free; to get the full content, you will have to pay and subscribe.

Netflix, eBooks, lengthy videos, and TV Shows use this method. There are two types of subscriptions one is auto-renewable, and the other is non-renewing subscriptions.

You might often badly want the in-app purchase for free, but would have thought that it is impossible? If so, it’s time to correct your opinion, as now you will find how to get in app purchases for free iOS.

How To Get In App Purchases For Free Ios?

You can use Cydia jailbreak to get in-app purchases for free; although this will not work for all the applications, this is a good idea to get most of the in-app purchase games for free. You must also know that this will not work for the fun that you play online.

How To Use Cydia jailbreak

  • Open Cydia on your device, then add “” and “” The two sources will help you to make an in-app purchase for free. Wait patiently, as it will take around ten minutes to finish packaging.
  • Type LocallAppStore on the search bar, which will be present in the Cydia interface, and install it. Once the installation is completed, it is better to restart the device, or you can click on restart springboard.
  • Now go to setting and click on LocallAppStore; you get two options to enable both. One will say to allow the free in-app purchase, and the other will be about sending a notification once you purchase in-app; the first is mandatory, and the second is optional.
  • Now let’s check on the result. Go to any apps, coins, or health that you need to purchase, tap on it, and you will get a pop-up message requesting to type your Apple ID. Just click on cancel, and you will get your purchase successfully without paying for it. Be aware that you do not buy since you may lose money; hence click on cancel.

Make sure you backup your device as the source you added to Cydia might harm the device. To avoid the risk, it is better to backup. Most researchers say jailbreak is legal, and you can use it on your iOS devices. So why worry? Enjoy the in-app purchase for free!

We hope this article on how to get in app purchases for free iOS was informative and helped you learn something new.

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