How to Find Saved Items on Facebook Marketplace? Revealed!

how to find saved items on facebook marketplace

Do you frequently find things on the Facebook Marketplace you’d like to store for the future but still need to prepare to purchase? No issue. We’ll demonstrate to you in this post “How to find saved items on Facebook Marketplace.” Thus, let’s begin!

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How to find saved items on Facebook marketplace?

  1. Go to the left menu and select Marketplace using the Feed.Go to the left menu and select Buying.
  2. Press ‘Saved’.


For locating and purchasing new and used things from individuals in your neighborhood, check out Facebook Marketplace. You may get almost everything you need, including electronics, apparel, furniture, and interior design. It’s simple to use.

What happens if you find a product you want but need more preparation to purchase it? There’s no issue because Facebook Marketplace offers an option that allows you to store products you’re interested in to be able to revisit them afterward. And here is the ‘how to find saved items on Facebook Marketplace.’

Facebook Marketplace: What is It?

A tool called Facebook Marketplace allowed you to trade new and used goods with individuals in your neighborhood. Users may explore and publish items for a range of things, and also as furnishing, home décor, gadgets, and apparel, on this website and via the Facebook account.

Its “Marketplace” option may be found on the left column of both the Facebook home upon that webpage, or you might hit the Marketplace symbol (which resembles a shop) there at the bottom of every display in the Facebook app.

You may browse for particular things on Marketplace, explore listings by topic, and get in touch with sellers via the application or the website to request concerns or make offers. A fast and simple method to locate and purchase goods from locals is through Facebook Marketplace.

What Functionalities are Available on Facebook Marketplace?

Buying and selling things with individuals in the neighborhood is made simple by a number of features on Facebook Marketplace.

Find Listings by Searching

You may search through ads by category, including apparel, gadgets, home improvement, vehicles, and trucks, or do a particular item search.

Call the Vendors

For inquiries or to submit a purchase on an object, you may get in touch with sellers via the app or online.

Save Things

For further reference, you can store items that pique your curiosity.

Post Classifieds

You may publish ads with pictures, descriptions, and prices for anything you wish to sell.

Observe Categories

If you would like to view new ads as they are added, you may follow particular categories, including furnishings or home décor.

Depart Safely

To guarantee a safe and straightforward purchase, Facebook gives customers and the market security through secure methods of payment.

Suppliers and Purchasers Through Message

To connect with purchasers or sellers regarding an object or a deal, use the application or the website.

In general, Facebook Marketplace is an excellent substitute for established online markets such as eBay or Craigslist, as well as a handy and simple method to purchase and sell products with individuals in your neighborhood.

How to Find Saved Items on Facebook Marketplace?

You may use the following method to discover stored products on Facebook Marketplace.

  1. Visit via the Internet browser or use the Facebook application on any smart device and sign in.
  2. In the bottom right corner of the screen, click the Marketplace symbol (which resembles a shop).
  3. To access the menus, press the triple horizontal lines inside the upper left corner of a Marketplace website.
  4. To see your stored items, select “Saved” from the navigation.

The love icon is located in the upper right corner of such Marketplace page, from where you can easily view your selected goods. This will show you a listing of all the objects you have saved.

That’s how easy it is! Then it was simple to keep a record of anything you’re intrigued by inside and return to it whenever the moment arises to make a transaction.


  1. Start Facebook first.
  2. Access the menu on the left-hand side.
  3. Select “Marketplace.”
  4. Select “Buying” from the option for the Marketplace here on the left end of your display.
  5. Click “Saved.”


  1. Launch Facebook.
  2. Enter the login information.
  3. So, in the lower right corner, select the menu.
  4. Move down, then select “Marketplace.”
  5. Select the human symbol in the top right portion of the screen.
  6. Select “Saved.”
  7. After saving several ads, you will notice a “See more” option.
  8. To view the extra stored listings, click this link.


  1. Open Facebook on the phone.
  2. Sign in using the ID as well as the username.
  3. Click the person icon on the upper right area of the screen.
  4. Click “Marketplace.”
  5. Select the human symbol located in the top right corner.
  6. Select “Saved” next to “Buying.”
  7. If you’ve saved many items, you may view them by clicking the “See More” option.

What Would It Indicate If the Stored Products Were Nowhere to be Found in Facebook Marketplace?

Your inability to locate your stored goods in Facebook Marketplace may be due to a number of factors.

That Location Doesn’t Have Access to the Marketplace

Because Facebook Marketplace isn’t available everywhere, users won’t be capable of accessing this or any stored items if they’re located in a region where it isn’t accessible.

You’re Not at Least Eighteen

You need to be at least 18 years old to utilize Facebook Marketplace. The Marketplace and any stored products will not be accessible to anybody under the age of 18.

There is Nothing You’ve Saved

There will only be stored items available for viewing if you have saved something on Facebook Marketplace.

Something Technical Went Wrong

The stored goods might not be accessible if Facebook or even the Marketplace application is having technical problems. You might log outside and log in again in this situation or check the internet access. If the issue continues, you may ask Facebook for help.

When you still need help locating the things you’ve previously saved in Facebook Marketplace, double-check that you match the product’s eligibility standards and whether you’ve saved any items previously. If you need help and are still having problems, consider calling Facebook.

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