How to Factory Reset Ecobee? Restoring Default Settings!

how to factory reset ecobee

You might occasionally need to restart your Ecobee smart thermometer. The gadget you’re using may require a reboot or reset to its factory settings for a variety of reasons. How to factory reset Ecobee?

You will learn in this post the definition of an Ecobee restore and the steps required to do a factory reset. Learn what occurs when resetting an Ecobee thermometer and if a factory reset can be reversed or undone. Learn ways to configure the Ecobee thermostat following a manufacturer’s reset.

What is Resetting an Ecobee Thermostat?

You can reboot and immediately restore the thermostat by performing a factory reset. While a hardware reset won’t affect any of your computer’s choices or settings, it must be emphasized.

By doing this, you may restore the factory setup on the thermostat in question. There will be no recovery of any saved passwords or choices. Before returning it to its original state, you can make a note of specific information.

Your Ecobee is going to be completely wiped clean and reset to its factory configuration if you choose this as your choice. The Ecobee account, including any preferences, thermostat locations, air conditioning settings, and additional arrangements, will also be deleted if you choose this choice.

Can you Factory Reset a Ecobee Thermostat?

You can, indeed. Three choices from the menu will be shown to you so that you may select the reset strategy.

  1. If you want to link the device to a cell phone or an alternate account, you can click “Reset Registration” to quickly reset the login information.
  2. If you happen to wish to start again and make new choices, you may also choose “Reset Schedule & Preferences.”
  3. If you choose the third selection, you may “Reset All.” When you wish to remove all of your data and reset the device to its factory settings, you should select that option. You can agree to the reset.

How to Factory Reset Ecobee?

The current plan and whatever settings you’ve selected, such as time and day, setting, pause action, temperatures range, etc., will be deleted if you reset the timetable and settings. The ecobee profile won’t be removed, and the ecobee will continue keeping track of its device settings.

  1. Toggle to Main Menu.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Decide to Reset Preferences as well as Schedule.

Resetting your membership will enable you to reinstate with your chosen e-mail and login if you must change the electronic address associated with your existing ecobee account. Your gadget setup, timetable, or preferences won’t be lost if you reset your login information.

  1. Toggle to Main Menu.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Go to the Reset Registration menu.

If you select “Reset All,” the ecobee is going to be cleared out and reset to its initial configuration. The timetable, preferences, and settings for your ecobee device will also be erased. The ecobee will require a fresh setup.

  1. Select Main Menu by clicking.
  2. Decide on settings.
  3. Click the Reset button.
  4. Choose Reset All.

Will a Factory Reset Delete My Ecobee Account or Data

Will a Factory Reset Delete My Ecobee Account or Data?

When you restore any Ecobee gadget to factory defaults, all previously saved choices and configurations are deleted, along with whatever registration data the device may have preserved.

Reset Every Setting

Removes all registration data from the thermostat as well as restores it back to its factory preset settings.

Delete your Registration

Connects your thermostat plus your customized Web portal once again.

Timetable and Personal Preferences Can be Reset

Restores all of your programs, preferences, and alarms to their original settings.

Your existing schedule is going to be deleted by Ecobee’s timetable, preferences, as well as thermostat resetting. Additionally, any preferences that you specify, including the date as well as time, pause action, setting, temperate range, etc., are also going to be deleted. The Ecobee won’t delete your whole profile since it will constantly recall the setup of your device.

What Happens After you Reset Ecobee Thermostat?

It’s possible that you won’t need to reset or delete any preferences. Occasionally, a straightforward reboot will kick things off. It’s similar to rebooting a computer.

You’ll have to switch your Ecobee thermostat off before turning it back on if you want to reset it remotely. The configuration menu on the application is different from the one on the actual hardware, as well as the hardware is not physically there for you to interact with. The software still allows you to switch the gadget on and off, though.

You may access the menu to switch off the gadget by touching the fire and snow symbol just above the huge temperature figures. By selecting “Off,” the device will shut off.

When it displays “Off” on the screen, wait a moment or two before touching that spot. This will bring back the menu from which you may start the device. The thermostat will perform the required rebooting procedures.

Is It Possible to Undo or Revert a Factory Reset on an Ecobee Thermostat?

A reset resets the thermostat to the default settings and erases your timetable, preferences, and device setup. Your device will need to be completely reset after completing this.

The Ecobee thermostat is prone to a number of problems, like WIFI connectivity problems or malfunctions, and it’s likely that you’ve tried several troubleshooting techniques, but the problem still continues.

Whichever version you have selected while attempting to reset the Ecobee gadget is all that is necessary to ensure success. You must additionally be aware that resetting shouldn’t serve as the initial action in solving any electronics-related problems; rather, it should be the final one.

How to Set Up Ecobee Thermostat After a Factory Reset?

Pressing the reset key on the device’s hardware will restart your Ecobee thermostat. The gadget’s bottom left side is where you’ll locate the reset button. When you examine that part of the gadget, you’ll see the hole and the button. It is simple to push to start a fresh start.

You’ll need to use the app to switch the Ecobee thermometer between on and off modes in order to reset it remotely. To access the menu where you may switch the gadget off, press the snowflake or fire icon located just above the enormous temperature figures.

By selecting “Off,” the device will shut off. When it displays “Off” on the screen, wait a moment or two before touching that spot. This will reopen the menu from which you may start the device. The thermostat will perform the required rebooting procedures.

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