How To Deactivate A PS4 Account Without A System?

How To Deactivate A PS4 Account Without A System

Let’s say you no longer use your PS4 because you have it replaced, sold, or given away. In that case, you must deactivate it so that it is not linked along with your account. After that, you can configure a new PS4 with the same settings. However, the issue is that a lot of people are unaware of how to deactivate a PS4 account without a system.

Pre-ordered games are automatically linked to the main PS4, so having the right console is essential. If you subscribe to the PlayStation Plus membership, you can enjoy multiplayer games on your main PS4 while other players can start sharing games with you.

Turn Off Your Main Playstation 4 Console

It is necessary to name the right PS4 console as the main console. Pre-ordered games are immediately installed when you connect your primary PS4 to the internet.

If you have PlayStation Plus, you can use a different feature to play multiplayer games on your primary console. The countless PS4 Players who got to share games on your main PS4 may cause performance issues, but if you have PlayStation Plus, you can start taking advantage of this option.

How To Deactivate A PS4 Account Without A System?

From the PS4 console, switching to Primary PS4 mode is easy. Getting your first PS4 is in no way challenging or time-consuming.

Even if you don’t know how to deactivate a PS4 account without a system, the steps listed below will help you:

Go to “Settings” > “Account Management” > “Delete Account” to find the options, which are “Activate as Your Primary PS4” and “Deactivate.”

Make a decision, then affirm it.

Don’t worry if you forgot to disable your PS4 while you still seemed to have it and don’t have any access to it, even though Sony only permits you to deactivate consoles via their internet sites once in every six months.

You are still able to do this by visiting the Sony website.

  1. Your PlayStation has been sent away for maintenance or repair.
  2. You didn’t delete your account when you sold your old PlayStation console.
  3. Your PlayStation system was either taken or lost.
  4. Deactivating a web browser remotely
  5. Create a web account to manage it.
  6. Choosing [Management Device].
  7. Select Yes under Systems > All Units.

Once the deactivation is completed, a verification message will be appeared.

How To Disable PS4 Instantly Without Waiting Six Months 

Please be aware that Playstation support varies by region and country.

  1. Launch the PlayStation Support page.
  2. Click on the Contact Support link by scrolling down.
  3. The subsequent screen shows the pre-chats.
  4. Locate the Sony Account help button, and then click it.
  5. After that, wait for a little by selecting Chose us option.
  6. Inform the team that was chosen to provide support of your situation.
  7. The chosen support group will handle your disabled issue.

Instead of using live chat, you can also call PlayStation’s customer service, which is more responsive.

What Services Does The Playstation Offer?

A PlayStation user can contact Sony teams online through Support for Playstation, which also helps users download games, read PS blogs, get hardware and software repairs, use the PS Store, manage their accounts, and secure their systems.

Frequently Asked Questions: how to deactivate a PS4 account without a system?

  • How Long Must You Wait Before Deactivating The PS4 Once More?

The option to deactivate is available once in every six months; nevertheless, if you have previously used it, you must wait another six months. After six months, you can deactivate your account by going to the official site and following the on-screen instructions.

  • What Happens If I Turn Off My PS4?

Some PS+ features, such as uploading cloud saves, will be unavailable during this time. But there’s also some other stuff. You will receive all the information you need from it. If the PlayStation Network is unavailable, you may have difficulty playing digitally purchased games.

  • How Quickly Can A Playstation Account Be Deleted?

You still made the decision to delete a user profile from your PlayStation 4, which is essential and should only take two minutes. Before asking the question on how to deactivate PS4 account without system, consider whether you really want to do it because doing so will erase all saved data and screenshots from the console.

  • How Can I Get My Account Deleted From Another PS4?

A PS4 user can delete your account in a few different ways. The PlayStation Network is the first option for account deletion. On your PS4, select “Settings,” then “Account Management,” to carry out this action. Your account can be deleted from this page.


Sign out of your PS4 is the second option. To do this, head to the “Home” screen and click the corresponding button to bring up the “Sign Out” menu.

  • Can A Stolen PS4 Be Found?

A stolen PS4 cannot be found in any practical way. The tracking system for the console is not as strong as that of an Xbox or Nintendo Switch, and the owner cannot remotely access the console’s data without the thief’s assistance.

  • What Happens When A PS4 Is Deactivated?

A gaming console called the PS4 enables users to play games. A user must insert the game into their PS4 before turning on the console in order to play it. All you have to do to deactivate your PS4 is navigate to “Settings” on your console and select “System.” There will be a “Deactivate” button there. You can deactivate your PS4 by clicking that button.

  • Can I Check Who Has Accessed My Playstation Account?

You can check who logged into your PlayStation account by choosing “View Account Details” from the “Account” menu on the PlayStation Network. From this point, you can see who signed in, their online status, and their recent activity.

  • Can Your Phone Be Used To Lock Your PS4?

Your PS4 can indeed be locked from your phone. Select System under Settings on your PS4 to carry out this action. Choose “Lock PS4 from Network” under “User Management.” To confirm the lock, enter your PS4’s password.

  • How Long Can A PS4 Be Used For?

On average, PS4s last for five to seven years. 

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