How to Change Oculus Quest 2 Controller Batteries? Easy & Quick

how to change oculus quest 2 controller batteries

The most annoying thing any of us obsessive gamers could face is running out of battery on our oculus quest two controllers. The oculus quest 2 is actually a headset we use as a powerful VR for our VR gamers. Changing the batter on this Quest 2 controller isn’t that hard. We will teach you how to change oculus quest 2 controller batteries? This article will discuss the easiest way to remove and insert the batter on the controller. Keep reading to find out.

What Type of Batteries Do you Need for the Oculus Quest Two Controllers?

The Oculus quest-two controller is a gaming device with standard AA batteries. Each of the controllers that we use needs one AA battery to function.

We don’t use any rechargeable lithium batteries to power the controller. But standard AA isn’t the only battery we could use.

There are other disposable and rechargeable batteries that we may use. In case we are planning to use any rechargeable batteries for our oculus quest two controllers, we should remember that there is no way for direct recharging.

We will have to remove the battery from the controller and charge it from an external device or charging dock.

Our controller compartment is designed for a single battery to hold in each controller. And these are some of the batteries we use for the oculus quest two controllers; the Panasonic 3-hour quick charge plus 4AA batteries, which can store power up to 2000 mAh and maybe actually charge to around 2100 times. There are also the Panasonic Eneloop pro-AA rechargeable batteries which would store up to 2550 mAh and are rechargeable up to 500 times as well.

The others include the energizer AA universal which could retain power for up to 12 months, and the Amazon 8-pack AA batteries, which have the power of up to 2400 mAh and could be maintained at 70% for up to 6 months.

How Do you Remove the Battery Cover of the Oculus Quest 2 Controllers?

When our oculus quest two controllers are running low on battery, we look for the battery compartment to change the battery.

It isn’t that hard to remove the cover of our controller. It might be confusing at the beginning as a new user. Follow these steps to access the controller’s battery compartment.

  1. First, we should try and find the little arrow, which is the ejection button that is hard to spot. The arrow is found on the top of the battery cover.
  2. Once we have found the arrow on the controller cover, it’s time to push the battery cover in the direction of the arrow.
  3. It can be a little difficult to slide the cover off of the controller. What we should be doing is pressing our thumb on the arrow for a proper grip and leverage. As we push, the controller cover will be off the controller.

How Do you Remove the Old Batteries to the Oculus Quest 2 Controllers?

After we have followed the steps accordingly to remove the cover of the oculus quest two controllers, then the next step is to remove the old battery from the battery compartment.

All we have to do is press and push the old battery out of the battery compartment with our thumb and index finger or any other way you prefer to do it.

If the battery we used is a standard AA disposable battery, then it’s better we place a new battery by disposing of the old battery.

Otherwise, if the battery is rechargeable, we will have to push out the old battery and recharge that battery externally and place it back inside the compartment again. 

How Do you Insert the New Batteries Into Oculus Quest 2 Controller?

We should be following the same steps as before for removing the battery compartment cover of our oculus quest two controllers.

It isn’t even hard to identify, and it is just a little tricky to find the arrow sign shown on the cover for ejecting the cover.

All we need to do is just push out the already existing and drained old battery from the compartment of our oculus quest two controllers.

How Do you Insert the New Batteries Into Oculus Quest 2 Controller

Each controller has one battery placed inside the compartment. After removing the old disposable battery, we should take the new standard AA disposable battery from the package and insert it by correctly placing the positive and negative connection points. And reattach the oculus quest two controller battery cover back again onto the controller.

How Do you Reattach the Battery Cover?

There is nothing fancy in reattaching the cover back again. All we need to do is simply take the cover back onto our hand and place the cover on top of the battery compartment and slide it with our thumb in the opposite direction of the arrow that shows the direction to where we need to slide the cover to open it.

What Should you Do If the Controller Doesn’t Turn On After Changing the Batteries?

This often happens to some of the users. The most common possibility is that the battery is inserted by switching to the wrong side. So try switching the side the battery is placed and then try turning it on again.

If this doesn’t work, you could try leaving the battery out of the compartment for a few minutes before placing it back in the compartment again. We do this for the controller to reset and perform any possible updates necessary.

Sometimes the controller will not turn on when we use a used battery to the controller. This happens by mistake when the battery inserted is dead or drained. Try to always use a battery fresh from the packages.

Sometimes the battery used may not match what the controller is designed for. So make sure to use an AA alkaline battery of a good brand.

The battery may not work if the battery is a rechargeable one. Sometimes we remove the battery to recharge and forget to switch on the charger even though the battery is placed on the external charger for recharging it. And when we place such batteries onto the compartment back again, the controller won’t turn on.

Another issue for the oculus quest two controllers not turning on could be an issue with the controller itself. The problem may lie with the controller buttons, the program updates, or any other internal circuit and connection issue.

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