How to Activate New iPhone on Sprint? [Step By Step]

how to activate new iphone on sprint

You should have Sprint register your new Sprint phone in order for it to be functional on the Sprint network. We appreciate you selecting Sprint. This guide explains “how to activate new iPhone on Sprint” to assist you in setting up your new smartphone.


A US-based telecom firm called Sprint Corporation formerly existed. It served 54.3 million users as of June 30, 2019, the world’s fourth mobile service provider in the US until its merger into T-Mobile United states on April 1, 2020.

Via its different subsidiaries, the firm also provided wireless phone, message, and broadband connections underneath the Boost Mobile as well as Open Mobile brand names, as well as wholesale connectivity to its Wi-Fi communication to the largest mobile network providers.

Upon the completion of the acquisition between Sprint Corporation as well as T-Mobile US, effective April 1, 2020, Sprint became a subsidiary functionally under T-Mobile till month of August, when the Sprint name was formally dropped. August 2, 2020, marked the final day for the Sprint brand.

How Can you Get your New Model Activated on Sprint?

The smart smartphone may be quickly activated online through your PC, and you can switch out one gadget for another.

  1. Please visit
  2. Choose “Get Started” from the menu.
  3. Make use of the login information to get into My Sprint.
  4. Obey the directions that appear on the screen.


  • Recharge the new device. When enrolling a new gadget, maintain the box close to hand throughout the event you require data from it.
  • Call *#06# or look it up on the packaging to obtain your unlock code.
  • Only the admin account or someone with account modification permissions can complete an authorization. Log in if you don’t have an authorization, and they’ll help you.

How to Activate New iPhone on Sprint?

To turn on the gadget, one of two methods can be utilized.

Activation of Connected Devices using iTunes

Before you begin, ensure sure your system is connected to the internet, and that iTunes is up to date.

  1. When the iPhone starts looking for a signal, wait until it finishes. During this time, a maximum of 90 seconds may elapse.
  2. Connect the bricked machine to the computer using the supplied cable and iTunes.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions on both the PC and the iPhone until the device is activated.
  4. Remove the iPhone.
  5. This method results in the T-Mobile Carrier update being installed immediately.

Device Activation Using iOS Setup Assistant

If one is accessible, it is advised to finish this process via a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Start the appliance.
  2. To get started, click the Start button.
  3. Choose your selection from the list of languages.
  4. Choose it from the list to represent your nation or region.
  5. When asked, select a Wi-Fi connection, input the login, and afterward hit Join. In the absence of Wi-Fi, select Use Mobile Connectivity.
  6. Put in the Apple Account as well as passcode if the phone is activated restricted.
  7. After making your selection, hit Next to continue.
  8. You can establish Touch ID immediately or during a later stage, and you can also generate a passcode.
  9. Choose a choice from the list below, then press Next.
  • Retrieve data from an iCloud backup.
  • Retrieve data from an iTunes backup.
  • Configure as the Latest smartphone.
  • Transfer the Android information.
  1. To establish or log through an Apple Account, register into iCloud, or link to any laptop, follow it is on prompts.

How do I Configure My New T-Mobile Mobile?

  1. Following the on-screen instructions, finish the basic setup after inserting the Card reader that comes with the phone and turning it on.
  2. Select Settings & Tech Specifications > Getting Underway after selecting your phone to access stage process directions.

Your eSIM: How do you Activate It?

In order to use your eSIM after switching, you must activate it.

  1. Choose Link my line from the T-Mobile app’s menu.
  2. Pick Proceed after selecting the Add Mobile Coverage pop-up for the iPhone.
  3. Pick Proceed after choosing to add your T-Mobile contract as a backup.
  4. T-Mobile will now be the primary line if you choose Secondary and continue with the next step.
  5. To set T-Mobile as the default carrier for FaceTime and iMessage, choose Secondary. Decide to go forward.
  6. The preferred data provider will now be T-Mobile; click Secondary and Done.

How Do I Enroll My eSIM with QuickStart with iPhone?

With the Quickstart Guide process, you could configure your latest smartphone while activating your new smartphone via eSIM. Do these actions to accomplish this.

  1. The pushbutton on the top of any new iPhone must be pressed and held down in order to turn it on.
  2. Move your finger up out from the display’s bottom border.
  3. Decide on a language.
  4. Pick your nation.
  5. When this display shows up, enter your PIN number and select OK. The next procedure should be taken if this display doesn’t appear.
  6. Decide on Set Up Yourself.
  7. Decide to go forward.
  8. Decide between options; therefore, in case, select Set Up Later.
  9. Enter the secure locking password.
  10. Use Because is the option you should select if this message appears. The following procedure should be taken if this display doesn’t appear.
  11. Retype the screen lock password.
  12. Choose Proceed after selecting the plan linked to your eSIM.
  13. Don’t Transfer Apps & Data would be the choice you should select in this circumstance.
  14. Provide the Apple ID in the Apple ID field.
  15. Pick Next.
  16. The passcode should be entered beneath the password.
  17. Pick Next.
  18. Click Accept after reading the conditions of the agreement.
  19. Decide to go forward.
  20. In this circumstance, choose Deactivate Location Tracking.
  21. Select OK.
  22. You should choose Wallet Set Up Later here.
  23. Throughout this scenario, choose Set Up Later from the Settings page.
  24. In this circumstance, choose Set Up Later from the Settings menu.
  25. Choose to proceed.
  26. Throughout this instance, choose a path of action. Don’t Share.
  27. After checking a box, you’ll end up picking Continue.
  28. After selecting a checkbox, click Proceed.
  29. Swipe upward from the bottom boundary of the display.
  30. Prefer Settings.
  31. Go down. Choose Cellular.
  32. The iPhone now includes your brand-new T-Mobile eSIM. Return to the home page.

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