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how often does your snap score update

Are you curious to know How Often Does Your Snap Score Update? Snapchat is a messaging app that can be downloaded through Google Play Store or the iOS app store. The youngsters must use the app, for it mainly features different filters to take snaps. Snapchat has quite a different style than other apps; though this is messaging app, the format is different compared to other social media apps.

You can add friends and share your moment through a snap, but it doesn’t have anything called “followers” or “following” as other social media platforms. Each Snap you send and receive, you gain a snap score.

The number of the snap score is just like gaining the number of followers you have on other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But it might get tricky to understand how often does your snap score update in your account.

For this reason, snap score has made it fun, and users are enthusiastic about sharing their moments through snaps to increase their snap score. Snapchat also has a feature to create your avatar – an animated version of yourself. The avatar can be created by the options given in Snapchat and can be used while messaging. Though this feature is now updated in other apps, Snapchat was the first platform to introduce this feature.

How Often Does Your Snap Score Update?

Points are added with each Snap you share and receive. The points you gain are counted as snap scores and increase with the number of snaps you send and open. But the trick is, it’s quite confusing to figure out how many points are added with each Snap shared and how many points are added with each Snap received. However, it is believed that the snap score increases a point when snap chat is shared and when a received snap is opened.

But the snap score does not increase if any message is sent. It only increases when a photo or video is shared as a snap, and the picture or video should not be the message format.

The Snap should be taken instantly and sent directly to the selected friends, not sharing a saved photo. It does not work that way to share a snap.

How often does your snap score update? It depends. The Snapchat developers on the platform refuse to reveal the user’s online status for privacy issues.

How Long Does it Take for the Snap Score to Update?

As previously mentioned, updating a snap score depends on how long it takes. It could update immediately, in a few minutes, hours, or sometimes a day because the Snapchat developers take account to protect the privacy of the user and refuse to reveal their online status to the public.

How to Increase Your Snap Score?

If you are an active Snapchat user, the snap score can greatly affect you. The more snap score in an account increases the value of the profile; this works the same way you have followers on other social media profiles. You must have more friends to share and receive a snap score to increase your snap score. Below are a few tips and tricks you can try to increase your snap score.

  1. Start a streak with a friend or multiple friends. A streak is when snaps are shared and received consecutively for more than a day as a streak is created. When a streak is created, a fire emoji appears in front of the friend you consecutively share and open the receiving snaps. The number of streaks increases daily when the snaps are shared and received within 24 hours. As the number of streaks increases, you keep yourself engaged to not break the streak; this way, you also increase the snap score points.
  2. Make your snaps interesting, creative, and lively, so friends are interested in receiving your snaps. In return, they might share snaps with you.
  3. Open every Snap you receive. Because your snap score does not increase with the number of snaps you receive but when you open them.
  4. Find more friends and add them. Create a larger circle of friends. Share your snaps with all your friends and open everything your receive.
  5. Create a group on Snapchat and open every Snap received.
  6. Spice up your profile by sharing Snapchat stories.
  7. Send greeting snaps in the morning and at night.
  8. Don’t share the same Snap with multiple friends; send different snaps to each. Sharing the same Snap does not increase your points.

How to Send a Snap?

Learning how to send a snap is important to gain scores. Follow the steps below to send snaps the correct way.

  1. Go to the app and open Camera. Take a picture, and use your preferred filters and emoji
  1. On the bottom left corner, click the Send to the blue icon.
  2. Select friends, groups, and stories to which you want to send the Snap.
  3. Now click the blue send icon on the bottom left corner.

You have successfully sent a snap. Check your snap score for a few minutes to see if it has increased.

Can Anyone Check my Snap Score?

The snap score is public, and any of your friends can see your snap score. But to check a user’s snap score, you must add them to your friend list. Anyone of your added friends can check your snap score, but you won’t be able to see the user who checks your snap score.


Snapchat is one of the most fun apps compared to other messaging apps on the social media platform. It also has a unique format, with vibrant colors and attractive features to make the app more enjoyable. You can share your moment instantly with your friends through a snap.

Most users may not understand the algorithm and how the snap score is calculated. Though we know it increases with every Snap we share and open the received snaps, the exact number of points added with each Snap is not sure. Hence this article brings insight into how often your snap score update contemplating how you can increase your snap score with the tips and tricks stated in the article.

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