How Much Storage Does Roblox Take Up? (Quick Guide)

how much storage does roblox take up

Roblox is an online platform for playing games where users can design and play games made by other users. Roblox was a relatively small firm and platform. In 2010, Roblox started to grow wider, sped further by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 164 million people are using Roblox now, including over half of all US kids under 16. In this article, we will inform you how much storage Roblox takes up.

After observing how the game looks, people typically ignore the storage needs of Roblox. It’s no secret that the main game’s data won’t take up tens of gigabytes, but the amount of disk space needed can grow and become a problem over time. The main reason for this is that Roblox is a multiplayer website that provides users with the materials and tools they need to develop their games and share them with others.

System Requirements for Roblox

  1. Graphics Card: The Roblox app needs DirectX 10 or above feature-level compatibility on PC/Windows. We advise either a laptop that is under three years old with an integrated video card or a computer that is under five years old with a dedicated video card for the best performance.
  2. Processor: Roblox advises that you have a modern processor (from 2005 or later) with a clock speed of at least 1.6 GHz.
  3. RAM or Memory: According to the recommendation of Roblox, at least you should have 1 GB of memory on Windows 7 and later.
  4. Storage Space: To install Roblox, you should have a minimum of 20 Mb available on your machine.

Roblox Game Size

The typical size needed for the installation of Roblex and to run the application varies from device to device. However, according to the information we’ve gone through, it is not more than 1GB. And for the RAM, it is recommended to use at least about 2GB memory.

There are numerous game modes, each with dozens of servers. Therefore, you may estimate how many 3D & 2D models of the player characters and other things you might need to download.

Certain servers require you to download a variety of items to eliminate slowness and texture loading, though, if you never use them in-game. Game files may remain huge and unoptimized because not all developers are talented or have the resources to hire help.

After prolonged use, the game may grow to a file size of around 50 GB. You should occasionally reinstall the game prior to downloading new files since your crucial data is secure.

The programmers update their game modes and servers often to adapt to the time being. But, if you elect to rejoin a server, the game never deletes files. While Roblox maintains critical information on its servers and in the cloud, users gather a variety of cache files and objects in-game resources.

How Much Storage Does Roblox Take Up?

Roblox is accessible on Windows and Mac. Mobile devices currently support the Amazon Appstore, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.


Nowadays, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10 can all install Roblox.

You must launch Roblox in Desktop Mode on Windows 8 or 8.1 because Metro Mode is not yet supported. After installing, Roblox takes up approximately 240 MB – 300 MB on your machine, based on the game setting.


The Roblox Studio requires Mac OS 10.11 or later to install, whereas the Roblox Client requires Mac OS 10.10 or higher. The minimum amount of disk space needed for a Mac is 4 GB.


You need 106 MB of free space to download from the Amazon Appstore. This goes to your tablet, Smart TV, mobile device, and Smart TV box. Also, users haven’t noticed a significant rise in storage space needs since downloading Roblox. The resolution is lower, the servers use fewer resources, and the graphics are less complex.


You must give up 128 MB of storage capacity in order to play Roblox on an Android device running version 5.0 or higher. The amount of storage needed will change as you keep your game updated, which is always advised. Keeping about 90 MB to 135 MB of storage free was a requirement for older versions of Roblox.


If you choose to download Roblox on your Apple device, you will need 300 MB of storage space. Apple iPhone & Apple iPad devices are compatible with the game. Moreover, starting with version 9.0, the size is the same for iOS and iPadOS.

How to Check How Much Storage Roblox is Taking Up?

To check how much storage Roblox is taking up, you need to consider the following facts.

Size of the Games

This has a significant effect on storage. You will only use a little data overall if you play a few quick games. Your data usage and cache capacity will increase if you often play big games with plenty of assets.

Frequency of Using Roblox

The amount of data used will be less if you only occasionally play a game playing it daily. This is since every time you play the game; your device needs to download the entire game’s contents again.

Graphics Settings and Resolution

Models and textures with higher resolutions will require more storage space. Similar to how your graphics options affect how much data Roblox uses to generate the game environment if you have them turned up.

The Number of Your Avatars

If you have more than one avatar, you have to store it all on your device. Avatars need roughly 1MB of storage each. Hence, if you’ve got ten avatars, the total amount of data you will need is 10MB.

Stuff you Have in Your Inventory

The size and functionality of each avatar will determine how much room it occupies. A basic shirt, for instance, would occupy a few kilobytes, whereas a more complicated item, such as a sword or an automobile, might occupy a few megabytes.

From taking care of the above facts, you could conclude how much storage Roblox take up. And go to the place where the app is stored on each device, and check their data and cache storage from time to time. Then take the following precautions to manage the space if necessary.

Tips for Reducing Roblox Storage Space

Tips for Reducing Roblox Storage Space

Uninstall Games If you are Not Playing

delete games that you aren’t currently playing. Simply navigate to the settings on your smartphone, then look for the “Apps” or “Applications” area. Choose “Uninstall” after finding the Roblox app.

Remove Unused Avatars or Items

You can clear up some storage by deleting things in your inventory that aren’t being used. Go to the inventory and choose the avatar or item you want to be removed. Then, select “Delete” from the menu.

Reduce the Quality of Graphics

To accomplish this, go to settings and seek “Graphics” or “Video” to accomplish this. Select the setting that enables you to lower the graphics quality from there. That will help you to free up some storage space.

Clear the Cache

Every time you use Roblox, a large amount of data is cached on your device. This cache will use plenty of space over time. In app settings, seek the “Cache” or “Storage” and clear the cache.


Everyone of any age can enjoy Roblox. On your device, it does consume plenty of storage, though. Storage space needs vary depending on the processing system. For the optimal gameplay experience, Roblox has included its suggested system requirements.

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