How Much Does Disney Make a Day? A Look at Spending, Profit!

how much does disney make a day

Among the most popular tourist sites worldwide is Walt Disney World. Registered here on NYSE since its initial public offering (IPO) in November 1957, Disney is among the biggest media firms in the world. But ‘how much does Disney make a day?’ We can get an idea from the data below.

How does Disney Generate Revenue?

Four customer groups make up the company’s division of its holdings.

Networked Media

ESPN, National Geographic, plus FX are among the broadcast channels that make up the Disney media company. In addition, it controls 50% of the stock inside the A&E network plus National Geographic Mag.

This area of Disney’s business generates over $6 billion annually in revenue or around 35% of the company’s total income. Notwithstanding having a number of rivals in its sector, Disney is nevertheless able to generate reliable profits from this area of its operations.

Resorts and Parks

Travel companies, hotels, and theme parks all provide money for Disney attractions and resorts. National Geographic Trips, Aulani, and Experiences by Disney are all part of this industry category. These companies make money by selling food, tickets, hotel rooms, and real estate.


15% or more of Disney’s annual income comes from its Studio Entertainment division. Upwards of 40% of all ticket revenue in the United States market are from its film industry. These brands fall under the Walt Disney Pictures, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar, Touchstone, as well as UTV segments of the Disney corporate strategy.

Merchandise Sold Directly to Consumers

Worldwide publishers and merchants have license agreements with Disney for the use of its brand names plus figures. In addition to running English language learning facilities in China, this division of the company also produces kids’ stories and publications.

Moreover, Disney maintains retail and bulk goods agreements with a number of partners. Also, it is the division of the company in charge of running the wildly popular Disney+ subscription streaming program.

How Much does Disney Make a Day?

Disney Parks brings in a substantial sum of money on a daily basis. A staggering $20.2 billion in income was generated by the company’s parks plus resorts business in 2019. This translates to an average daily income of $55.1 million for the division.

A large number of visitors to Disney’s resorts and theme parks is among the primary causes of this amazing income statistic. The company’s attractions and resorts sector had more than 157 million visitors in 2019.

Throughout the first quarterly report of 2022, the Walt Disney World Company’s Theme Park, Events, and Merchandise segment generated a staggering revenue of $7.234 billion.

This addresses the very first three months of the calendar year for those who are not financially savvy. Thus far, January, February, as well as March have passed. The daily amount comes out to $80.38 million when the total is split by the number of more sessions in the financial quarter.

In the first month of fiscal 2022, Disney World appears to have made $19.68 million a day throughout its entire network of theme parks. Walt Disney World’s theme parks bring in $20 million on a daily average.

Once expenses and costs associated with closed parks are deducted, Walt Disney World produces a daily profit of about $6 million.

How Much is Disney’s Operation Cost?

Operational costs can be viewed as the sum of all operational costs for a specific industry.

The chart below displays Disney’s annual operational costs since 2010, along with its growth rate.

  • Disney’s operational expenses came to $21.588 billion during the three months that concluded on December 31, 2022, an increase of 10.01% from the prior year.
  • Disney reported a 15.05% increase in operational expenses for the 12 months that ended December 31, 2022, totaling $78.154 billion.
  • Disney’s operational costs for the year 2022 were $76.189 billion, a rise of 18.28% over the previous year.
  • Disney’s operational costs for the year 2021 totaled $64.413 billion, down 4.33% from the previous year.
  • 2020 saw a 14.19% rise in Disney’s yearly operating costs to $67.329 billion.

Disney’s financial report for 2019 states that the cost of managing all of its attractions was $14.015 billion. If the operating expenses were divided equally among the parks, each park would pay almost $5.49 million every day.

What is the Most Profitable Division of Disney?

The Walt Disney Corporation generated overall sales of over 29 billion US dollars through its offerings of attractions, experiences, and merchandise in 2022, an increase of about 12 billion from the year before. The company’s multimedia section was its largest division, with sales of 55 billion dollars in 2022. This is an increase from the $50.9 billion in revenue this industry generated in 2021.

How Much Money does Disney Have?

The Walt Disney Company had 203.61 billion dollars in more assets in the fiscal year 2022 than the previous year, a 0.01 percent increase. Disney’s global sales climbed by 22% year on year to a record-breaking 82.7 billion dollars.

According to the company’s results report, operating profits for Disney’s current fiscal year ended October 1, 2022, were more than $82.72 billion, a 23% increase from the previous season. Net income totaled $3.5 billion, over $2.5 billion more than in 2021.

As of October 1, 2022, the total assets indicated on Disney’s income statement were $203.63 billion. According to the exact research, its debts were valued at $104.75 billion. According to this assessment, Disney’s net worth is around $98.88 billion.

How Much does It Cost to Run Disney World for a Day?

Every day, it costs about $1.93 million as well as $6.69 million to operate the Best holiday location on the planet.

A typical member of union worker at Disney works an eight-hour job earning $120 per day. That amounts to $720,000 in pay for the 6,000 cast mates who labor per day. An additional $170,800 was spent on the 1,000 experts. That works down to an approximate $890,800 daily cost.

In 2016, Disney “gave upwards of $125 million in taxes to Anaheim as well as its institutions,” as stated by the Orange County Register. That amounts to $344,000 in taxes daily. Disney currently spends roughly $10,000 per day on electricity, but as they install additional solar panels, that amount will go down in the coming years.

The average daily wage at Disneyland is $890,800. For bills, the company adds an additional $10,000. With enlargement, the government requests an additional $685,000. The Greatest location on the planet costs $1,929,800 for only a day.

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