How Many Controllers Can Connect to PS5? [Read to Know 2023]

how many controllers can connect to ps5

Instead of passing a controller across while playing video games with a pal, it benefits from having extra controllers enabled on your system. Cooperative gameplay is supported by a number of Ps5 titles, giving you and your buddies the choice of participating cooperatively or in competition. Only when you have numerous controllers synchronized to your machine, you will be capable of doing that, and if it’s not completely clear, let us explain. So, how many controllers can connect to ps5? Let’s find out.

What is a PS5?

The PS 5 is the newest gaming console from Sony. The Sony PS5 is the official name of the console. This version has a considerable improvement compared to previous models, including more contemporary specifications and an amazing look. As usual, the Xbox Series X, Series S, plus, to a smaller extent, the Nintendo Switch are PlayStation’s major competitors.

The PS5 offers the same media server capabilities as earlier systems. Numerous broadcasting applications are supported, and the PS5 Multimedia Remote’s keys make them easily accessible (sold separately). You must depend on broadcasting platforms such as Spotify because it does not accept audiovisual Discs.

What is a PS5 Controller?

Playstation game controllers have never really altered all that significantly since the invention of dual sticks. The manner you engage with and play games haven’t changed significantly despite the presence of sharing buttons and other practical improvements. Sony’s DualSense joystick is intriguing because of this.

The DualSense controllers, unveiled accompanying the Ps 5, have a similar appearance. It also possesses the allure that the sensations in your fingertips might draw you deeper into a sport. The DualSense’s most notable additions are unique tactile sensations and adjustable pressure back buttons, which could mimic anything from strolling on the seaside to signaling you whenever your point guard is tired.

So, how many PS5 controllers can be connected to a ps5 console, and how to accomplish that action?

How Many Controllers are Compatible with the Playstation 5?

The PlayStation 5s system software has retained the ability to communicate with a maximum of four Bluetooth devices. That seems to be three more inputs that may be utilized in regional split-screen multiplayer games, either in tournament format or friendly form, as well as the primary control. Although sony only adds one controller and doesn’t include extra controllers for the PS5 in the box, you can always purchase a PS5 controller for your ps5 within a local retailer for 70-80$.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Controller to a PS5?

You must link a controller with the machine before using it for the initial moment.

  • Verify that the Playstation 5 machine is turned on.
  • Utilizing the supplied USB connection, attach the device to your gaming system.
  • Hit the PlayStation button to switch your joystick back on. The player indication turns on when the led strip has finished blinking.
  • You may operate your joystick remotely after its cell has adequate power by unplugging the USB cord.

Be aware that only one Playstation 5 system may be connected to the Dual Sense joystick at once. You must link your joystick to a different machine if you wish to utilize it with it.

How To Connect Extra Bluetooth Controllers?

You can remotely link a second joystick with your Playstation 5 system once you’ve done so with one.

  • If you begin connecting, make absolutely sure the led indicator on the extra device seems to be off. Keep pressing the PlayStation icon till the led line goes off if it’s on.
  • Navigate to Options and find general underneath the Accessories.
  • And go to Bluetooth Accessories while employing the associated joystick.
  • Hold down both the PlayStation key and the build key while holding the extra joystick you wish to link.
  • Choose the extra device indicated on your device using the joystick that has already been linked.

What Playstation 5 Applications Support the Use of Two Controllers?

If you possess an extra DualSense device and desire to play this multiplayer map with a buddy seated on the exact sofa, many games are supported on the PS5. There are highly popular games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Borderlands 3. 

Can a Playstation 4 Controller be Used with a Playstation 5?

Yes, but with a compromise. You may connect a Playstation 4 controller to the Playstation 5 in order to utilize it with a Playstation 4 application.

However, a Playstation 4 controller will not work with a Playstation 5 application.

Playing Playstation 5 videogames requires the Dual Sense joystick (or a comparable substitute).

Following are the instructions for connecting your Playstation 4 controller:

  • Connect your Ps 5 to a Micro – USB end of the cord.
  • Connect the PlayStation 4 controller’s MicroUSB to the console.
  • Tap and lock the Ps key on your joystick for around five seconds or until the led illumination begins to glow.
  • The Sony will prompt you to select whichever player can utilize this controller after it is attached.
  • You could become allowed to unplug the USB connection and start playing PS4 games on the PlayStation 5 with the Playstation 4 joystick.

How Could You Acquire Additional Controllers?

We enjoy both solitary and multiplayer games, and we certainly won’t deny that We were disappointed when our buddy couldn’t enjoy Borderlands with us. This made me consider how We may invite our buddy to participate again.

The solution is clear-cut and easy to understand.

Purchase an additional authentic Playstation 5 controller.

Purchasing an extra gamepad is the sole choice for playing Playstation 5 activities with pals located in the same corner and operating the same system as you.


You will only receive one controller with the PlayStation 5, except if you purchase a package. If not, prepare to spend money on, at a minimum, another controller. You will necessitate this alternative regardless of whether it’s just you playing in case your primary controller’s power runs out and has to be refilled.

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