How Long Can a PS4 Stay On? [Extend the Lifespan]

how long can a ps4 stay on

Could it be terrible to leave your PS4 in rest mode all night long, since many players say? How long can a PS4 stay on? We checked the internet for information since we were curious about the response.

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How long can a PS4 stay on? Please avoid using your PS4 for more than four hours straight at first. Different things might cause the PS4 to overheat. It includes long-term running. It is preferable to play on the PS4 for up to four hours in a row to avoid overheating.


When deciding whether to purchase a PS4, you may think about its durability and “how long can a PS4 stay on.” You may be wondering how long your PS4 console will continue to function if you already own one.

Sony recommends PS4 players adopt rest mode since it requires just 10W and therefore is identical to the nap function on computers and mobile devices. Keeping the PS4 on nightly does not pose a concern because several Reddit members have done it for decades without experiencing any problems.

Not to worry. This post might be helpful if you need help. The lifetime of the PS4 and tips for extending its life are covered in the information that follows.

Regarding PS4

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 4 (PS4), its PlayStation 3’s replacement, was unveiled on November 15, 2013. Since its debut, the PS4 has enjoyed considerable popularity among gamers. Owners of such a system have access to a wide variety of games.

The majority of electrical goods are made with a finite lifetime and maintenance period in mind. The PS5—the PlayStation 4’s replacement—was launched in November 2020. In several nations, including Japan, Sony stopped selling all PS4 variants in early 2021, with the possible exception of the Slim model.

How Long Can a PS4 Stay On?

Please refrain from using your PS4 for more than four hours straight at first. Different things might cause the PS4 to overheat. It includes long-term running. It is preferable to play on your PS4 for up to four hours in a row to avoid burning.

Nowadays, you can keep the current PlayStation system on 24/7 without worrying whatsoever about it hurting your PlayStation. The first PlayStations experienced problems with heating if they had been left on for excessively much.

Could a PS4 Get Too Hot?

Whereas if valves are obstructed, or there isn’t enough space between them and other items, your PS4 might become too hot. Whereas if PS4 is heavily dust-filled, it will also frequently overheat. Inadequate equipment or firmware, as well as the climate in the space, may have an impact.

Could a PS4 Get Too Hot?

Is Leaving the PS4 Turned on for an Extended Period of Time Terrible?

If you’re a serious player, the PlayStation system will probably be on for long durations, whether that’s nightly or otherwise. You could worry that your prolonged gaming activities will harm your system.

How likely is that to occur? The mechanical elements of such a PlayStation would begin to break down more quickly when it is never turned off, even though they are intended to be utilized for long periods of time without even any problems. It’s just how mechanical devices operate.

Its lifespan will be shortened if you utilize it more frequently in terms of years. This is not to imply that you shouldn’t use your console, as in most cases, the age of the system out far more quickly than its mechanical components do. However, if people play video games often, the system would certainly not endure as long as one used sometimes.

In terms of only keeping it together for long durations, that is a good deal as long as it is receiving the proper airflow but is not heating. It is preferable to turn off the PlayStation system so that it can cool down as well as the components can occasionally “rest” during the periods whenever you won’t be utilizing it.

How Long May PS4 Operate?

A PS4 may survive forever until it has hardware issues, like a broken fan that prevents the system from efficiently removing heat. Depending on the lifetime of essential parts, such as the hard disk, the PS4 might be left on for decades when in rest mode.

The PS4 won’t operate in an idle state when you’re not using it since operating underneath load is far more taxing on its parts than that in an idle state when it is essentially sleeping. But aside out from blowers as well as the hard drive, all of this can be changed. Your PS4 will remain in good condition if the hard drive is kept clean well as the thermally paste is changed.

Based on how it was cleaned and cared for, the PS4 may survive anywhere from six months to sixty years. The PS4’s lifespan will only become apparent with time.

How Does the PS4’s Rest Mode Work?

The PlayStation 4 now features a stabilization system that lets you pick it up exactly where you left it when you switched it on, according to Sony. It is designed to use the smallest amount of electricity necessary and has a standby mode that is quite comparable to one found on a desktop.

Instead of taking around 30 seconds to start up whenever the PS4 is entirely shut off, turning back on from the sleep state will require a maximum of two moments. Even while it uses less electricity than turning it off entirely, it still uses more power than that. It does have additional benefits, though, which could appeal to frequent gamers more.

The background platforms as well as of are both downloadable and installable when the PlayStation 4 is in a sleep state. Even better, if you purchase video games and keep them in downloading mode when you go to bed, the games will be complete when you switch on the system the following time.

Games would be put on hold when in sleep mode after System Update 2.5 is implemented. In other words, you won’t have to wait for many minutes whenever you switch to PS4 because you’ll be everywhere you left off the last time you played.

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