HDMI to VGA Not Working – (Genius Guy’s Hacks)

hdmi to vga not working

You might spend money in vain if you need to grasp the underlying physics of HDMI to VGA. Even when the HDMI to VGA connection has been correctly configured, people frequently lament that the input unit is not showing — that is, there is no picture or audio or even that “HDMI to VGA not working.”

Quick Response

HDMI to VGA not working. What should I do? Inspect the electricity on display to make sure it is genuinely charged up when the HDMI to VGA converter isn’t working. Ensure you’re using an adaptor as well, not just a wire. Otherwise, it can be a problem with the controller’s ports or even the device you’re attempting to connect to that though.


A VGA to HDMI inverter and adaptor is required if you want to connect an older CPU or computer with just a VGA output to something like a screen or other exterior display which can only accept an HDMI output. The gadget could experience problems since it is a different connection, which could prohibit it from functioning correctly.

Outside appearances may be suitable for the HDMI to VGA inverters or adaptors, but if it isn’t functioning, there may be a more severe problem at hand. The issue may be one of breakage, compliance, or software. Problems brought on by compliance, or drivers can be resolved. A broken adaptor must be replaced.

HDMI to VGA not working. What for?

The following is a list of potential causes for the VGA to HDMI converter to stop working.

– Broken adapter.

– Incorrect control input.

– Faulty connector.

– Issues with clarity and refreshing rate.

– Driver problems.

HDMI to VGA not working. How do you Solve it?

A Brief Examination of the Monitor’s Power Supply

Typically, it occurs whenever your primary power cord falls unplugged from the outlet. If it’s hanging, it’s more inclined to happen. Ensure the display is powered on and plugged into a reliable power supply. We advise selecting an electrical device that can hold the power cord firmly.

Use the Appropriate Cable and Input Port

This is frequently a common fault. We erroneously utilize the incorrect connector, cause havoc, and then whine. This will not function if you’re using an HDMI to VGA connection as opposed to an adapter. It is not possible to wire up a conversion from HDMI to VGA since VGA is analog and HDMI is digital, and also because both exist on distinct electrical and digital planes.

Always ensure the VGA port is selected before inserting a VGA cable. Signals for video cannot be received by the display in any other case. The incorrect input port would never function properly, no regardless of how hard you try.

Driver for Graphics

The computer’s graphics driver may occasionally be helpful! There are two methods to go about this. Look to find the most recent graphics drivers on the laptop’s leading site. Obtain and set up.

The second way entails the subsequent. Navigate to Display Adapters from System Preferences. Integrated Graphics would be visible to you. For the driver’s upgrade, use the right-click menu. Check it out, and auto-update it instantly.

Negative Port Connection

Another typical problem that gets disregarded is this particular one. Finding the primary cause of the adapter’s malfunction frequently sends us into a panic. However, we need to examine the ports. The adapter won’t function if the port is broken. In earlier models featuring simpler layouts, the ports typically become problematic over time.

Attach the adaptor to the port in question to check for faulty ports. The port is functioning correctly if it can create a reliable connection with the computer. Not, it really is broken and has to be replaced.

Changing a Defective Cable

Should any of the aforementioned fixes don’t work, the problem is with the adaptor. The kind of VGA connection also makes a significant distinction among connectors, classifying them as either female or male. Choose the connectivity that better suits your demands after determining what kind of connectivity the VGA has.

How to Fix a Broken HDMI to VGA Converter?

If you are running Windows, regardless of edition, then you can adhere to the steps above. The Launch dialog box will appear when you press the Windows key while holding down R. Permission should be entered into the Run chat window after pressing the enter button. Enter “problem-solution” into the System Panel’s search feature, then click Troubleshooting.

Pick all items inside the left-hand menu pane of the different browsers. A drop-down choice will appear; choose devices and equipment. You can proceed with the on-screen instructions by choosing next.

Method 1: Alter the Pixel Density in Windows

One would want a digitally linked screen, television, and computer in order to use this approach, as well as an operating system. As a result, you must manually adjust the height inside the OS on several older displays since they cannot support functioning at a greater resolution.

By utilizing the constructed options in Windows, you may alter the display resolution.

– Activate “Starts” and choose “Control Panel.”

– In order to enter the configuration panel, select “Screen.”

– “Adjust screen resolution” should be selected from the option just on the left.

– Hit “Apply” after adjusting the scale to the appropriate setting in the associated pop-up box.

Method 2: Substituting an Active Converter for the Adaptor

The energy provided through the wire is typically inadequate when a laptop with much better graphics cards is attached to that an old display or HDTV. Because of this, straightforward adapters won’t provide a picture. Furthermore, they have an appropriate connecting cord, which prevents sound from being transmitted.

We advise purchasing an active conversion from the shop and rewiring it with it. These devices are unique in that they provide excess capacity to the computer via the USB port, enabling quick and accurate operation. Select an adapter with a second connection through minijack if users also have to make sounds.

The most efficient solutions are those mentioned above, and they frequently have immediate results. Nevertheless, if neither of the techniques work, try plugging the adapter into a different gadget, check the connections and processor for continuation, or speak with your dealer about a replacement.

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