Ecobee Smart Sensor vs Room Sensor – (Features, Benefits & Use Cases)

ecobee smart sensor vs room sensor

The SmartSensor from Ecobee home automation brings several improvements to improve the user experience. The SmartSensor has a sleeker design, a longer battery life, a broader viewing angle, and a more excellent range than the Ecobee thermostat. The Ecobee SmartSensor and Room Sensor have different characteristics and capabilities. Let us examine this article along with their distinctions.

What is Ecobee Room Sensor?

Ecobee room sensors are additional devices that work with your smart thermostat from Ecobee to monitor and control the temperature in various areas of your house.

These sensors use built-in motion sensors to detect temperature and occupancy, giving your thermostat information about the state of each room.

The room sensors assist in keeping the entire house at a comfortable temperature by cooperating with the thermostat.

They give accurate temperature measurements and keep track of your movements, enabling the system to prioritise inhabited rooms and save energy use.

You can maximise energy efficiency and cost savings while creating a more balanced and personalised heating and cooling experience with Ecobee room sensors.

What is Ecobee Smart Sensor?

The advanced Ecobee smart sensors provide comprehensive temperature and occupancy monitoring across various rooms in your house.

These sensors determine your home’s average temperature using sophisticated algorithms, ensuring consistent and comfortable temperatures everywhere.

The sensors adjust the temperature settings as you walk about based on your preferences to maximise comfort and energy efficiency.

The sensors use an intelligent algorithm that eliminates sudden changes between the motion and no-motion states, guaranteeing precise occupancy identification.

You may design a more balanced and unique indoor environment with Ecobee smart sensors while optimising energy savings.

Do Ecobee Sensors Make a Difference?

The answer is yes. Ecobee sensors significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Ecobee thermostat.

You can accurately track room occupancy without worrying about pet-related false triggers with the Ecobee Room Sensor’s improved occupancy recognition and pet immunity.

The Ecobee Smart Sensor provides more advanced occupancy detection without pet immunity, assuring faster reaction and regularly gathering and transferring temperature and occupancy data.

Both sensors can reliably reach the thermostat because of their operation at the 915 MHz frequency.

Ecobee sensors help improve your house’s temperature management and energy efficiency by more accurately detecting occupancy.

The Difference Between the Ecobee Smart Sensor and Room Sensor

  • The Ecobee SmartSensor and the Ecobee Room Sensor are the two types of sensors Ecobee supplies. They both have the same function of monitoring temperature and occupancy in various rooms. There are a few differences between them.
  • The Ecobee Room Sensor has been replaced with the second-generation Ecobee SmartSensor. It has a new exterior and a more elegant, sturdy surface. Unlike the Room Sensor, which uses a CR-2032 coin-cell battery with a one-year lifespan, the SmartSensor has a longer battery life and uses a CR-2477 coin-cell battery that can last up to five years. Compared to the Room Sensor, which has a viewing angle of roughly 120° horizontal and 25–30° vertical. The SmartSensor has a broader viewing angle of 140° horizontal and 100°.
  • The SmartSensor’s improved occupancy detection with the ‘Pet Immunity’ function is one of the main distinctions between the two sensors. This feature guards against pet-caused erroneous occupancy readings. The SmartSensor’s communication range from the thermostat is up to 60 feet longer than the Room Sensor’s, which is only up to 45 feet.
  • The sensors must be paired differently. While the SmartSensor may be associated with using the Ecobee app from anywhere in the house by scanning the sensor’s QR code, the Room Sensor must be paired with the intelligent thermostat.
  • With dimensions of 40 mm (H) x 40 mm (W) x 26.4 mm (D), the SmartSensor is more physically appealing and smaller than the Room Sensor, which has measurements of 44 mm (H) x 44 mm (W) x 20 mm (D). The magnetic base of the SmartSensor offers a variety of installation options.

Compared to the old Room Sensor, the Ecobee SmartSensor offers more capabilities and capability. It is recommended for maximising temperature management and energy efficiency in your house since it provides improved occupancy detection, more battery life, a wider viewing angle, and a higher communication range.

Is the Ecobee SmartSensor Worth It

Is the Ecobee SmartSensor Worth It?

When determining whether it is worthwhile for you, it is essential to cost into consideration. Given that it is now offered packs of $79, the SmartSensor can be pricey compared to its rivals.

Some users might be unwilling to spend this much money on extra sensors. It is advised to compare the cost of the Ecobee SmartSensor with the advantages of improved occupancy detection and energy conservation before deciding whether it is worth it for your particular needs and budget.

Do I Need an Ecobee Sensor for Every Room?

The answer is no. Every room in your house only partially needs an Ecobee sensor. You will require a sensor in each room where Smart Vents are installed.

The Ecobee SmartSensor or Room Sensor makes more precise temperature control possible, making features like the Temperature Limit with Keen Smart Vents possible.

This feature of Smart Vents cannot be used in rooms without sensors. The number of detectors required will depend on your unique arrangement and the degree of temperature control you want in each area.

Where is the Best Place for the Ecobee Sensor?

Your particular demands and preferences will determine the ideal location for an Ecobee sensor. Best to install one sensor in the main bedroom, one in the living room, and conceivably one in an office or another regularly used space in the majority of homes.

It enables greater temperature control throughout the house and more precise temperature monitoring.

The exact location of the sensors can change depending on your home’s layout. The rooms you want to focus on controlling the temperature in and any unique comfort requirements you might have.

Experimenting and modifying the sensor placement according to your particular needs is essential.

What is the Range of Ecobee SmartSensor?

The Ecobee SmartSensor can be placed up to 60 feet from the Ecobee thermostat. The sensor can be placed far from the thermostat and yet monitor temperature and occupancy precisely.

The increased range gives you more freedom to position the SmartSensor throughout your home. The longer battery life of up to 5 years ensures lasting performance without the requirement for frequent battery replacements.

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