Does your Location Turn Off When your Phone Dies? Mystery Revealed!

does your location turn off when your phone dies

Google location service is a really beneficial feature that can be applied anywhere around the world using any kind of smartphone. But you might be wondering whether a dead phone still can keep turning on location service because we are unable to use any feature of the smartphone when the phone dies.

Does your location turn off when your phone dies? Today, we are going to answer this question in this blog post. So, Keep scrolling to read the comprehensive discussion in this regard.

What is Location Service?

‘Location’ is a Google service, and every modern smartphone comes with it as a built-in feature. Google uses geographic data to provide information about a particular place through location service.

You can easily find a place around the world using Google service. The distance between your place and the destination, the estimated time to reach, and some other things can be checked using location.

Moreover, the GPS (Global Positioning System) data of your smartphone helps to identify the current place you stay. And when you have lost your device, this technology can be used to find it. In addition, Google location service is used to track the traffic as well.


How to Change your Location Settings? 

Follow these steps to change the location settings on your Android phone.

  1. Open ‘Chrome’ on your phone.
  2. Go to the menu and choose ‘Settings.’
  3. Choose ‘Site Settings’ and ‘Location’ next.
  4. There are two options, ‘Blocked’ and ‘Ask before allowing sites to know your location.’ Toggle the button you want. 

Adhere to this method if you own an iPhone.

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app.
  2. Choose the tab ‘Chrome.’
  3. Click on ‘Location.’
  4. There will be three options ‘Never,’ ‘Ask Next Time,’ or While Using the App.’ Choose the option you want. 

How to Change your Location Settings

In case you want to prevent someone from tracking you, there is no way to do it manually. Then, you have to use a third-party application such as VPN, Proxy, etc.

These apps can encrypt and route the traffic using a server in another location. Thus, it seems that you use the internet from another country. 

Does your Phone’s Location Service Remain Active When the Device is Powered Off? 

Location service is not automatically turned off when your phone dies. It can identify the last location you were when the phone is on if you have turned on the location service. And if you have enabled the feature of sharing your location, the other person can find where you are, although you are not able to communicate. This is really beneficial, especially if you are in an emergency situation.

However, if you are unable to charge the phone for around 1 to 2 days, the details of the GPS tracking of your smartphone will no longer remain. Thus, your location cannot be identified.

After you charge the phone again, location service will start to share the current location you stay.

Can you Still be Tracked or Located If your Phone is Turned Off Due to a Low Battery? 

There is a feature on your smartphone as ‘Share My Location.’ If you have enabled it to share your location with someone else, he or she can identify your location even though your phone is turned off due to the lack of battery.

The feature of sharing the location is helpful if you are in an emergency. And if you have lost your phone, this feature could be helpful.

However, remember that it is kind of a disturbance to your privacy. Thus, enable the feature whenever it is necessary.

How does your Phone’s Operating System Handle Location Data When It Shuts Down? 

When your phone is dead, the GPS connection that is connected to your phone is temporarily deactivated. Thus, there is no way to store the location data of your current place in the phone memory. But GPS can track the last location you stay when the phone is on at the last moment before dying.

After you power your phone, GPS starts to track your location and store the relevant details as usual.

How to Tell If your Phone is Off or If your Location is Turned Off? 

In case your smartphone is off due to the lack of battery, you will not be able to use any feature for communication, including voice calls, text messages, etc. And also, you cannot connect to other networks or Wi-Fi. Simply, the phone screen is not visible until you charge the phone.

In contrast, when the location is turned off on your phone, the phone is unable to identify the exact location since it cannot connect to GPS. But it is possible to go through a map using a regular Wi-Fi internet connection.

How to Keep Location Service on When your Phone Dies? 

Follow these simple steps to keep location service on. If it is possible, connect the device to a compatible charger and follow these steps. But if you do not have one, make sure to adhere to this procedure when the battery is low before the phone dies completely.

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ folder on your device.
  2. Choose ‘Privacy.’
  3. Next, you should click on the ‘Location Services’ tab.
  4. You need to toggle the button of ‘Location Services’ in order to turn it on.
  5. There are some different kinds of location services on iPhones, such as ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Find my friends.’ Thus, you can select one of them as you wish.

Are there Any Alternatives or Workarounds to Track a Phone’s Location After It Dies? 

There is no other alternative way to track your location if the phone is dead. However, there are some authorized parties in countries who are able to find the exact place where you are.

These authorized parties refer to the organizations that are related to a region’s security, such as the police and so on.

Location tracking without your permission can be illegal. But these authorized parties can get permission for that, especially when they want to find someone who has committed a crime. Then, those authorized parties track the relevant SIM card to find the exact location.

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