Does Stockx Have Afterpay? [Comprehensive Guide]

does stockx have afterpay

Did you see the ideal matching pair of sneakers you have wished for a long time is on sale at Stockx? Or else you may be someone who is into a video game console displayed on the site. Does Stockx have Afterpay is the next question you get just as you have decided to purchase the items from the site. 

Afterpay is a platform made to overcome the interest issue of credit card payments. Here you will be allowed time for the payments on a timely basis, and it will be interest-free. You can pay biweekly when you get the money, and no credit check is required for the payment arrangements.

Many companies like Apple, Amazon, Target, Nike, Adidas (only for the UK customer base), etc., allows their customers to pay via Afterpay. This Buy Now Pay Later system (BNPL) has become popular in the US BNPL market. Customers of Afterpay are allowed to pay the total within six weeks of the purchase.

Does sStockx have Afterpay?

Stockx is a platform created to meet buyers with different desires from sellers. It includes a wide range of sneakers, casual clothing, accessories, and electrical equipment. The site is popular due to the lower range of prices. The sellers can put forward a price for their product, and buyers can negotiate it with their bid. There could be even low-priced products in Stockx than that regular shops.

Stockx charges a fee for the transaction, an amount of 10% of the sale. The product is handed over to the customer after a check done by the team of Stockx to maintain the quality and the trust of a nice-looking pair or any accessories. There are no interests added to the sum, but there will be a late payment fee when you are unable to pay the bills on time. The site has become a hit ever since it was introduced in 2015. 

Why is Stockx so Popular?

The site is a convenient media and a transparent transaction method for a supplier, and at the same, it is an easy purchase enclosed with several payment plans making it a budget-friendly sale. The site also handles the checking of the goods received from the seller before delivering them to the customer. 

Does Stockx have Afterpay? This is something we think of when we cannot afford the price of a pair of sneakers for which we felt love at first sight. The marketplace has after-payment plans, but currently, Afterpay is not supported by Stockx. With the pay-later services provided on the site, you can arrange the payment in several installments.

Does Stockx do Pay Later?  

  • You can arrange your split payments on the item you purchase from Stockx via Zip. Zip allows you to pay the amount in 4 installments with a maximum period of over six weeks per order. You will not be subjected to any credit check when using zip as the payment method. They do not charge any interest for the installments, but there is a fee for any late payment. The amount will differ according to the state of residence, and it will be an amount of $5- $10.
  • Affirm is also another after-pay service that the site offers permission to pay with. There is a biweekly option in affirm, and you can pay with 4 
  • Klarna is the other alternative payment model you can come across. This allows you a period of 60 days to complete the payment. You have the relief of biweekly payments of up to 3 such payments with Klarna. There are no hidden interests added here, but in case of any late payments, you will be charged a penalty fee of $35. Klarna runs a credit check of your account added at the beginning to confirm the ability to pay.
  • You can select any of these late payment methods when you fill in the order’s payment method.

Can you Change the Payment Method on Stockx After Purchase?

Stockx has provided the space to change the payment method even after you have chosen a payment method. Change the settings going to “my account.” There you will have to change the buying info. Click on edit, and then you are allowed to select a new payment method you wish. 

Does Stockx have Free Shipping?

Free shipping is not a feature of Stockx currently. But there may be promotions that offer you discounts or free shipping when you buy over the limit they ensure for certain regions or countries. The shipping cost is charged by a seller by reducing the amount from the total sum made from the sales.  

It is usually a period of 7-12 working days that it takes to deliver an item after the purchase in Stockx. The delivery period is a little more extended than in other cases. On their official website, they state that this is because they want to confirm and ensure that the customer receives a quality product valued at the money he spent. 

Does Stockx have Returns?

The website allows anonymous sellers and buyers on sales. For that reason, Stockx has denoted that they do not allow returns. They also do not consist of an exchange policy. But there is an option left for a person who does not need the purchased item. You can always resell unwanted purchases on the same site! 

They also have preparations for a refund if they have done a fault on the company’s side, and it is evidently confirmed. 

Does Stockx have 1-day Shipping?

Currently, express delivery is not available in Stockx. They mention in their official announcement that their process would take seven to twelve days for the delivery. This is to maintain and ensure the actual quality as it was displayed on the selling stalls of the site. 


Stockx does not present the ability to pay with Afterpay. But they have introduced three payment methods that you can split the total sum into installments. We have discussed the background information you should have when purchasing an item from Stockx.

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