Are Live Wallpapers Draining Battery Life? All You Need To Know

do live wallpapers drain battery

Do live wallpapers drain battery? Do live wallpapers drain batteries? Well, the answer is a definite yes. Live wallpapers can drain your battery in two ways. One, the live wallpaper kills the battery strength by requesting your processor for frequent action; the other is by the bright illuminating images and live animations. So, the best way you can save your battery life is by changing to a dark or black wallpaper.

Even though there are many efficient and less draining live wallpapers that don’t interfere with your battery life, they can be a little hard to find sometimes.

This article will discuss what live wallpapers are, how they work, how to reduce the battery drain, and many more. We will help you clear all your related doubts and confusion.

What are Live Wallpapers?                                        

Live or dynamic wallpapers are used in smartphones, laptops, desktops, and other devices. These wallpapers can often be seen as animations, animated GIFs, and also other fluid designs with a gyroscope. Live wallpapers are cool with all their exciting features, unique and enticing compared to the boring, dull static wallpapers we usually see.

Almost all OS support live wallpapers, including windows, android, macOS, and iOS. Live wallpapers make your screen look lively and inviting with fresh new interactive backgrounds. The wallpapers include animated, interactive, and also abstract backgrounds that are mesmerizing and glowing to the eyes. Here are some of the live wallpaper apps available for easy download; Dream Night pro, minima pro, Circulux LWP, and space colony.

How do Live Wallpapers Work?                

You must be curious as to how these wallpapers work. Here is how they work; Some smartphones have built-in live wallpapers creating a unique look to their phone screen. But you can also make your own live wallpaper by capturing a live photo with your phone camera and setting it as your home or lock screen wallpaper.

Many tiny videos and live pictures are captured in our gallery, and these simple snippets can be edited and set as wallpaper through your phone settings. Many live wallpaper apps create mini-programs that can be downloaded and applied to your screen with the help of your phone’s GPU and CPU to animate and run on the screen.

Do Live Wallpapers Drain the Battery?           

Live wallpapers are a dramatic battery-chugging feature developed to keep your screen entertaining. As fun as it can be to have a vibrant, moving animation on your screen, it can also be a pain on your battery. These are known to consume about 2 to 4% of your battery compared to our regular static wallpapers. Especially the ones downloaded from Minima and Muzei apps. The OLED screens have pixels that are organic light-emitting diodes producing their own light. Usually, when the pixels are black, it doesn’t produce any light.

That’s why we recommend you use black wallpaper. And another reason to switch is these live wallpapers drain your CPU usage as well. This is because they use more resources to create GIFs and other moving objects running in the background. This requires a fair amount of energy from the CPU, GPU, and battery. The version of the software and other hardware components of your phone or PC can affect the battery drain while supporting this tool.

How can you Reduce the Battery Drain of Live Wallpapers?

Let us look into some of the simple ways to reduce the battery drain from live wallpapers;                            

  • Maybe you can reduce it by using dark or black wallpapers. This will probably work for AMOLED screens. And not sure about it working on IPS TFT LCD screens.
  • You could also use static wallpaper if your phone already has existing battery problems so you don’t make the battery drain worse.
  • You can avoid using the ones that have extreme animations, moving objects, video snippets, and transition effects. This will definitely show some big changes to battery usage.
  • Another suggestion we could give you is to limit your use of wallpaper to only certain apps and screen types. This will dramatically control battery power consumption.
  • Another way to stop your live wallpaper from chugging down your battery is to adjust the wallpaper frame by lowering the frame rate.
  • And a much simple way is to reduce your screen time while having a live wallpaper running in the background. This can save you a good amount of charge in the phone battery.

How can you reduce the battery drain of live wallpapers?

Are there any Other Factors that Affect Battery Life Besides Live Wallpapers?                       

Yes, absolutely. There are so many other factors too that are affecting your battery life. Other potential kills include the screen brightness level. Having your screen brightness level high and brighter will definitely drain your battery faster than a live wallpaper. Another common mistake we make is increasing the screen time-out as long as 10 to 15 minutes and leaving the screen idle without locking it.

You can stop it by reducing or removing the screen time-out option, and when we have games, music, and other editing apps that keep running in the background with annoying ads battery could drain. These could be such a buzz kill on the batter’s life. So, remove all those depressing unused apps running in the background.

To avoid this sulker battery draining situation, enable power-saving mode and remove unnecessary apps that you’re not even using and make sure to reduce the screen brightness as well. Don’t have too many apps sitting around in the background.


How much Battery Does a Live Wallpaper Use?                 

Not much, really, compared to how it was earlier. Nowadays, with much improvement, it is only consuming around 2 to 5 % of battery power. Many apps for live wallpaper have developed excellent power-saving wallpapers over the years to tackle this problem. Other factors, such as over usage of screen time, also affect the drain rate.

Do 4K Wallpapers Drain the Battery?                           

Thankfully no. your monitor could display only the pixels it is limited to display. The image or wallpaper is resized to adjust to the screen and its pixel content. Either way, you have nothing to fear about. 4k is a good choice to have an absolutely fine battery.

Does Live Wallpaper Reduce Performance?                         

That actually depends, and for some, it’s a definite yes. Some live wallpapers aren’t that depressing on the performance because they aren’t designed to drain the CPU or the GPU. But there are all these dramatic next-level animations and transition effects which exhaust the battery, CPU, and GPU slowing down your device’s performance.

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